Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing....Jordan Grayson!

Hello there, buddies.

Just a quick little post following on from the end of yesterdays where I did a quick introduction of a YouTuber!

This is some fan art of him:

This is actually him:

I expect all you girlies to flock in his direction....Just sayin'

Ok first thing is first....Twitter! If you could all click here and follow him on there you can find out more about all the things he gets up to and whatnot! So click there!

In case you didn't see the link to his channel last night, here it is again! Click here to hop on over there and hit that awesome button that says "subscribe"!

So here are a few facts about Jordan:

  • He is 18 years old
  • He is hoping to go to university in September 
  • I think he might be more addicted to Twitter than I am
  • His YouTube videos are pretty awesome
  • Jordan might be as bad at drawing as I am (sorry :P)
  • You should tweet him and tell him to do a video about me because I am awesome

So I have run out of facts....oops.

Jordan's YouTube channel has similar things to my blog so I am pretty sure you guys will really like him! You will have the pleasure of seeing this in his videos - I think we share the same sense of humour so enjoooooy!

I thought I would share some direct links to some of his videos here so that you can just click away and be all happy! If I can figure out how to do it, then you will be able to click on the pictures to go to his videos....but I am slightly retarded in doing that...I can code my blog but I can't link a picture...deary me. Turns out you just need to click play as I embedded the video - clever me!

Jordan Grayson - Draw My Life

Shit Girls Do That Guys Find Weird

5 Things Girls Hate About Guys

Jordan Failing At Accents (AKA I Suck At Accents)

Dumb Shit That People Do

To see more of his awesome videos the head on over to his channel!

Hope you guys to head over cause you will be missing out if you aren't!

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Off to Neverland

Hello there, buddies.

After the crazy success of yesterday's rant, I thought I would treat you to another one! This one definitely won't be as verbally aggressive as that one, but will probably be along the same lines.

I have come to the conclusion recently that growing up really does suck. I am starting to think that Peter Pan was seriously on to something with this whole never growing up thing - it would definitely be easier. Now I don't want to hear how I sound really spoiled by writing something like this, because I am really not. I have seen some people write about this sort of thing all over the internet and have loads of people older than them call them brats and whatnot. I am not like that! This is just my uni student brain being all ranty by saying life was easier as a kid. I am not saying that growing up is shit or anything because I am pretty happy with my grown-up life, but it is fucking difficult!  

So sit back, relax and enjoy my rant.

First of all, you have to pay bills and rent and everything and it fucking sucks, dude. I have to pay rent out of my student loan at the moment, but I still have to pay bills and whatnot. They don't prepare you for this shit in school, do they? No, no they do not! There are so many things that you don't get told about life when you're at school. No one tells you how much money gets spent on bills - it is crazy! 

Then there is the fact that you have to do your own food shopping. If you have never lived on your own you are probably thinking that I am stupid for getting annoyed about that. But I literally have no idea how my parents do food shopping because I never know what I want to buy when I go shopping. In my head I think that I want to eat these sort of things to eat, but then I don't buy the shit I need to make them. Why do I do that?! I never know what to buy anymore. Food shopping is so hard! 

I haaaaaaaaaaate cleaning so much. I really don't like it. Cleaning your own house is so much work and oh my God it makes you tired. Hoovering is so much effort, too. I like to live in a clean house and whatnot, but seriously, when you are on your own you just don't want to clean all the time. I am lucky enough to be able to live with people who aren't majorly messy, thank God! 

The worst part about growing up is that I now need an excuse to watch kids stuff, or do childish things! Like watch the Disney Channel or go to somewhere like Legoland.....Luckily for me I have younger cousins so I am just going to use that as an excuse. But I really do wish that I was younger so I could do these all again without feeling that I am being immature!

Then there is the money situation. This is not something that I will go in to because people just get shitty all the fucking time. But growing up means that you need to seriously manage your money. Gone are the times when I can willy-nilly buy something like a gig ticket, or a new DVD, or a magazine. I now have to think about what I am buying and what things the money could do towards. Which in some ways is really good but it means that I am not treating myself to little things as much as I would like to. I even have to budget for things like going out for a £2 coffee...that is terrible.

A downside about growing up is that all the things you believed in when you were little are all thrown out the window. Things like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny are gone - all these things that made being a kid magical. Which sounds really stupid coming from an adult, but being a child was so exciting, there were no responsibilities for anything and the worst thing that could happen was that I would lose a Barbie doll. I miss those times.

Then you have to start thinking about what you want to do with your life, where you want to be in 5 years, and what sort of things you are interested in. This seems like a piece of cake, right? Wrong. I changed my mine 5 times in the space of a year before going to university. I could never decide on what I wanted to do. I have always had a keen interest in crime and stuff (studying it, not committing it!) so I decided on Criminology and Criminal Justice Studies. I am still happy with this decision, but look at me, I am a criminology student writing a blog about completely unrelated things! I keep getting told I should have gone in to journalism, or worked in teaching or something. Bit late to be telling me that, people. 

Also, life becomes ten times more real, which sounds ridiculous. But when you grow up and get past the age of about 17 you have to start thinking realistically about everything. If you haven't got to that point yet then I am very jealous. You have to start making realistic plans for your life, not that you want to be an astronaut and create a new species of dinosaur on the moon...Then everything hits you hard and you realise that life is difficult and that you are never handed anything in life. If you don't work for it then you will never get anywhere in life. I really hate people who think they can just sail through life and get handed everything on a gold plate, because it really doesn't work like that. Life is a bitch.

I have also found that things don't excite you as much as when you were a child. I used to get crazily excited about going on holiday and stuff, but now it doesn't interest me as much. I want to go travelling and things, not sit on a deckchair on a beach. I think I am just becoming really anti-social or something, but I start to dread contact with people that I don't know. I literally have no idea why....I blame the internet. Things like Christmas and birthdays and things really don't excite me anymore either. That makes me sound really sad....The things that I like are things such as going on day trips to museums (I am getting old), or seeing the world and doing challenges and stuff. 

Despite all these downsides of growing up, there are some pretty awesome things, too. It isn't all doom and gloom!

For example, growing up means moving out! Some people may find this daunting, but I moved three hours away from my family home and I love it - it is the best decision I have ever made! I have the experience of living on my own, and I have met the most amazing group of friends I could ever ask for. They are all going to get such an ego boost from this....

You also get more freedom as you grow up, you get to do more things with your life. This is like university, going out, driving, staying out late, going on holiday, everything. It means you can be independent from everything else and organise your life how you want.

Sort of leading on from this, you get offered way more experiences as you get to around my age. I am planning to go travelling after university - something that I could not have done on my own before I got to this age.

Life is very short, and although growing up does suck, there are some awesome things. People need to remember that everyone grows up. Shit will happen and there will be some really shitty times that you will have to go through. But take every opportunity that you can, and be independent! Embrace life!

Well that is me done with sounding crazily old.....

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Inappropriate life rant

Hello there, buddies.

Prepare your brains for one monster of a rant. This is going to be extremely blunt and very harsh to be honest, which isn't my usual style, but I need to let off some steam and you guys seem to enjoy my rants.

There have been several different things that I have realised as I have grown up. My younger readers will probably read the following and think that it is all a load of fucking bullshit, and that it will never happen to you. It is likely that at some point in your life something similar will happen to you. Whether you deal with it in the way I have (by sharing everything with the internet) or deal with it in a different way, but I am afraid growing up sucks. If none of this ever happens to you then you are one lucky fucker, I tell you that.

DISCLAIMER: these are just my opinions and in no way should they apply to everyone else. If you are offended by what I am writing then I am sorry, but please do not take this personally or to heart, I simply need a place to de-stress before I drive myself completely insane. I honestly ask that you really don't take this personally as these are all things that I have experienced either recently or in the past, and they may not apply to your life - remember, everyone is different and people deal with things in totally different manners. It is likely that there will be a reasonable amount of swearing in this post, so this is a warning if you are easily offended. Thank you for reading and understanding.  Danielle x

I will start by telling you a little bit about trust. I don't know about you, but trust is generally a very important thing in any relationship whether that be a romantic one or a friendship. When someone breaks trust it is very hard to repair that brokenness. I am a strong believer in second chances, and it is rare that I won't give anyone a second chance in pretty much anything - if I have never given you a second chance than you have clearly done something pretty fucking bad that pissed me off incredibly. I have a very hard time trusting people as it is, so when I do trust someone it is a pretty fucking big deal for me. However, I either am really bad at judging people, or I am just seriously unlucky at life, but I tend to end up trusting the wrong people; this applies in both friendships and relationships for me. The more I have grown older (this makes me sound like an old woman...) the more I am trusting fewer people in my life. I am now really wary of who I fully let in to my life, yet I still seem to be doing a bad job sometimes. I have a very close-knit group of friends now, and I am pretty sure they are stuck with me for life. I would pretty much trust them with anything even though they probably don't appreciate that all the time because I ramble about everything! So I have to say, growing up and trusting the wrong people has probably worked out a bit better for me now as I am wary who I trust, but I am sure that will be a bad move in years to come.

Ok, something that is clearly not working for me, but will never change, is the fact that I wear my heart on my sleeve. Always have, always will. Not to the point where I am all like PDA-ing and there is shit all over Facebook cause I realllllly hate that, it's fucking gross. But to the point where I will openly admit if I like someone, and if I am in a relationship with someone, I like to let them know how much they mean to me, etc. This is quite clearly just fucking up for me to be honest. But what really fucking ruffles my feathers is people who are all like lovey-dovey when it is just you two, then act the complete opposite when they are with people. I'm not on about like all the shitty "I love you" all the time, but the fact that they won't hold your hand, nout. Now that bugs me. I bet I sound like the ultra-bitch right now, eh? I am thinking that I probably should just not act interested, but that won't get me anywhere either!

I have to say I am a bit of a competitive person in general, I like to be the best at the things I do, or if I think I could have done better in something then it will forever piss me off until I can change it. A good example of this is probably my GCSE's. I got what everyone views as "really good grades" but I still think I could have got more than 3 A*s quite easily, but there is nothing I can do about it anymore. See what I mean? I know the likes of +James Martin are the same as we have recently had a conversation about this. But it really gets me nowhere in life. I have learned that I should stop this shit, but it still hasn't happened. Even at uni I am the same. Fuck my life.

I think most my friends would say that I am too caring about everything. I mean literally anything - but we are talking mainly people here I think. I don't care about what people think about me, but more what I think of other people if that makes any sense whatsoever? Which it probably doesn't......I really fucking hate it when people know that you are like this and they use it to their advantage. There have been some points in my life in general that I have felt really used by people. Which fucking sucks, I tell ya. I knew it was happening, yet I still carried on doing pretty much anything they all wanted. Which in hindsight was a bad idea as it got me nowhere. Then when people end up throwing it all back in your face at the end. Like it is as if you never even tried for God knows how long and it is all like "I am putting in all the effort" or "you never do anything for me" ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! I am sorry, but what did I spend the last however long doing? Fuuuuck ooooofffffff.

I also have unbelievably high expectations of my life. No matter how much I know that they are never in a million years going to happen, I still stick by them. They are so unrealistic that dinosaurs will be reincarnated before my plans happen. I won't bore you with all the details of them, but it involves my "love life" (like the sarcasm there?), career, money, the works. The main thing I know is completely unrealistic now is that I really want to go travelling after uni with Vikki and the boys (that sounds like a 70s band) where we take like 2 years or so out and go travelling round the world. But with my ridiculous amount of uni fucking loans, that won't happen until I am 90. Yay. 

I am trying my hardest here to not go off on a rant about relationships. But I will do a mini one right now. I used to think that there was such thing as "true love". I was brought up in the Disney fantasy generation where all Disney films implied the fact that there was a Prince Charming who would come and sweep me off my feet. Well, 20 years later I am still fucking waiting. Where is this dude? I have now had the harsh realisation that I don't think anyone will ever be able to put up with me or like me enough to ever marry me *sniff sniff*. I mean, in an ideal world I wanted to be married by 27. That gives me 7 years to find a lush guy, get him to magically fall head over heels for me and marry me. Then do that hard bit and get him to stay with me and be faithful. So where is my Fairy Godmother? I am having a fucking crisis here, woman. 

That leads me on to the position I am in life at the moment. Generally I am happy with where I am in life. I have an awesome group of friends and I am studying a really interesting course at a brilliant university where I (shockingly) have a really good social life. But then it gets to the fact I am fucking skint. Now don't go all fucking snobby on me and say that it is my choice etc because I will probably be pissed at you for eternity for being such an idiot. People don't realise that to get the best jobs these days you need a degree. So think before you speak. Money rant over - look at my student rant for that by clicking here

I am also really shit at taking advice and asking for help. I seem to give really good advice, but I can never take it. If I could then I bet you I would be in a much better situation in my life, but oh well. One day I will learn to take advice about my life, but until that point I should probably learn to deal with the shit I get myself in to.

It has also come to my attention that there is a select group of people in my life who have completely changed over the last four or so years, and not in a good way. After I changed schools when I was 16, I lost a lot of the people who were my close friends at the time. Only a few people actually kept in contact, and I still talk to them now. But since going to uni, I have found that a lot of people's opinions about things and me seem to have changed. I don't think I have changed as a person, but my outlook on life definitely has. For example, I appreciate money a lot more having lived on my own for a year, so I don't like to spend it on unnecessary things. 98% of my friends from where I lived before university didn't go to uni, so they have money to spend (jealous) and so they can do more things. Which sucks for me because I can't really do anything. Don't tell me to get a job, because I have a few after having done 60 applications (where I only got 4 replies). The thing is, people don't want to employ a student who is only here for like 4 months out of 12 as they want someone who is there all year. Which is fucking shit because I really needed money for Freshers Week, but oh well.

Lastly (thank God) I just find that I am going round in circles with everything at the moment. I seem to be having the same conversations day in and day out with my parents who tell me to do something other than sit on my laptop. Or the fact that I still end up getting hurt by people in the long run. Or that I come in to some money and then it goes right back to my mum after I had to borrow money from her. So I am not liking life here at the moment, I am looking forward to going back to university and seeing my buddies!

Well that is all on this completely unnecessary rant about life. I hope I didn't offend any of you - I just really needed to rant.

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One more thing before I disappear off my blog for tonight is that I have a person for you guys to meet! His name is Jordan Grayson and he has a YouTube channel! Yay! I'd really appreciate it if you guys could check his channel out and subscribe to him! His videos are awesome, and he is a cutie! If you tune back in tomorrow I will do a post about him so you can find out more! So click here to hop on over there.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My addictions

Hello there, buddies.

For some strange reason I have really struggled with ideas of things to write today. Then I had a bit of a (shit) brainwave to tell you all about the things that I am completely addicted to. These aren't like lighthearted addictions either, these are mostly things that I cannot go a single day without. I do love all these things, but I do apologise if any of you end up getting addicted to them too! Sorry! Also, I sort of slacked a bit yesterday and only did one of the two posts I promised as I got sidetracked with a different project, so I will be doing two today at some point.

I am 100% addicted to Tumblr. I mean seriously addicted to it. Most people read the news first thing in the morning, not me, I go directly to my Tumblr dash. I follow so many different accounts that my dash is so beyond varied. I get over 100 new posts every 4 minutes so I can promise you I am never bored. You can check my Tumblr out by clicking the link at the end of the post :)

Again, I check YouTube like five or six times a day...seriously. I don't know if any of you guys are like this, but I absolutely love YouTube. My Tumblr sort of links in with it too, which is cool. I am hoping one day to finally get around to my own YouTube videos of some of these blog posts, so stay tuned!!

I think you guys know how addicted I am to my blog. I basically eat, sleep and breathe blogging. I am constantly thinking of new things to post for you guys, and different sections I could start. I am hoping one day to get my blog published some how, so you never know, I could be famous one day. Ha, that would be awesome, but it is never going to happen. Sad times.

Pepsi Max
Yeah, I am addicted to Pepsi Max. I go through so much of it, and I used to drink like 5 cans a day at uni - minimum! It is sooooo lush. It also mixes well with yeah I drink this like all the time. I am currently drinking the bottled stuff and I have decided it tastes ten times better out of a can. And then I don't drink a whole bottle in one go. I only got some yesterday and I am already having to go and buy some more tomorrow.

Taking pictures
I am lucky enough to have the iPhone 5 so I don't have to take my camera everywhere with me, but I take pictures of absolutely everything. I even take pictures when I go for a run. I don't know why because I probably will never look at those pictures ever again, but you know.

Most people really like Nandos, but I really like Nandos. I will never turn down a Nandos, and I even have Nandos sauce at home and I put it on almost everything.....I really should get a job at Nandos, shouldn't I?

Studio Ghibli
I love Studio Ghibli. If you don't know what it is then shame on you! They are a Japanese animation company who make awesome movies like "My Neighbour Totoro", "Spirited Away", "Howl's Moving Castle" and so many more. Please go watch them! If you have seen them, comment in the comments box!

Nail polish
I have got myself so many new nail polishes recently, I am starting to think I should stop. I think this might be because I worked in a restaurant for 3 years so I have never been able to paint my nails because of that, so I am making up for lost time.

Murder mystery/crime fiction books
I LOVE this type of book so much, maybe because of the fact that it related to my university course. I got 4 new books today to read whilst I am lonely over the summer.
I love Buzzfeed, it keeps me entertained every single day. There are some awesome articles on there! If you haven't seen it, then click here.

Jeremy Kyle
I am home alone a lot during the day, so I have turned to daytime TV, which means a bit of Jezza! I have come to the conclusion that Jeremy Kyle is proof that being fat and ugly doesn't stop you getting laid.

LA Ink
I am blaming Kat Von D for the fact I want another tattoo. I love watching it every day at 4pm then sitting there and thinking of all the things I want inked on me. Deary me, I am addicted.

Old cartoons
If you weren't born in the 90s then you have never experienced proper cartoons. The likes of Dexter's Laboratory, Ah Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, etc. were just fucking awesome. I feel sorry for the likes of this generation who are stuck with the worst kids TV ever.

Minion Mayhem
I am completely addicted to this game on my phone. I have now also got Vikki addicted to it! It doesn't help that you play as a minion because I just end up giggling the entire way through. It is so cool! If you have an iPhone or operate Android on your phone, then download it and play! It's free!

This sort of works with the fact I am addicted to YouTube I think, but I love YouTubers. I would give ANYTHING to go to Vid Con and meet them. I am ever so slightly in love with Phil Lester too, which probably doesn't help.

We have only just started to get these here in the UK, but they are little fish shaped cheesy crispy things. I can't describe them, but they are so much better over in the USA. You can get them in rainbow colours and everything, but OMG they are so nice. I bring loads back every time I go over there.

Well then, peeps, those are my addictions! If you have any of the same addictions, or if you have different ones then comment below!

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Thank you for reading, folks.


Monday, July 29, 2013

Reasons why I am an annoying person

Hello there, buddies.

I did have a slightly more interesting post planned for today, but it is absolutely hammering it down outside so I thought that I might treat you to two posts today! Aren't you lucky! I thought I might start with this one as it is slightly more upbeat given that my other one is a monster of a rant, so you have that to look forward to.

The title of this post is slightly weird and deceiving, isn't it? I promise you I am not going to sit here and tell you all the bloody reasons why you shouldn't be friends with me (although that is probably what you're thinking?). I am going to do a post about all my annoying little habits that I have.

This could go two ways: you could either think "ah yay, I do these things too, lets be friends!" or you could think "you are a freak, never talk to me". Soooo.....I am hoping that it is the first one, but you can't please everyone I guess.

So here we go!

I have road rage
Yeah, I get really bad road rage. Not to the point where I zoom around like a fucking idiot in my car, but I just scream at everyone. Especially if there is traffic. I hate traffic. I hate traffic even more if there are people who insist on cutting you up - that really ruffles my feathers. I'd say I am a pretty good driver, and I don't let my screaming affect that, but I have sworn at a few people who have been driving badly.....Sorry.

I almost never turn my laptop off
I have a feeling that it might be why my last one broke....but I am pretty much on my laptop for every single moment that I am awake (blogger problems) so I never really have reason to turn it off. It does really get its use, doesn't it? I sometimes turn it off at night, but not all the time. I have a feeling all you tech people are probably screaming at me right now...I am sorry, I will try to turn it off every day.

I make lists for everything
This is not an exaggeration. My room is full of lists of pretty much anything. It does keep me organised though because if it is written down then I feel I have an obligation to do it. It has to be handwritten though, it can't be on my phone otherwise it just won't get done. Terrible, I know. You should see the millions of lists I have for my blog. 

I correct grammar all the time
My friends refer to be as a "grammar Nazi" because everywhere I go, if I see incorrect grammar it will just bug me for ages until it is set right. I think I might have OCD about grammar or something? I literally have no idea why, it might have something to do with the fact that I do like to write? As a rule, I am a well-spoken person (having been told this consistently the other night by loads of people) so things like slang and whatnot really piss me off. I am awful. Even if I don't know you, or I have just met you, I will correct your grammar. It has its pluses though as I get to do a lot of proofreading for things to make sure everyone's grammar is up to scratch.

I have to have my duvet dead straight
I don't know why this is, but if I am making my bed I have to make sure my duvet is completely flat and straight. There can't be any crinkles in it and it can't be half on the floor. It just has to be showroom perfect. Please tell me you guys are like this, too?

I am addicted to Nandos
I drove 40 minutes to get to a Nandos once...dedication. I need to get a discount there or something. If there is a possibility of going to a Nandos then I am right on it. I don't think I will ever turn down a Nandos.

I am never off my laptop or the internet
I think this might be a blogger problem....maybe I should do a post about this? I am never off the internet. If I am not on my laptop then I am on my phone - it is seriously that bad. My dad told me the other day to get a life and get off my laptop, to which I replied that I had a life on the internet. I often wonder how I have any friends. Maybe this is the reason why I am single?

I plan everything
I am a big planner and I like to have my day organised and know what I am doing. It's terrible - I even plan my days when I am on holiday. I really hate being caught off-guard like today. I had a day planned out where I went shopping to get some food after taking the dog out, then I woke up to a I can't do any of those things and I was sort of stumped on what to do. I am really starting to think I have OCD....

I live in a sort of dream world
In my head I like to think that certain scenarios are actually possible, like marrying a YouTuber or actually being able to afford to go travelling after university. But in reality I am never going to meet a YouTuber to the point where it forms a relationship, am I? And I will be up to my eyeballs in debt after university with little chance of getting a job anyway given the economic climate, so I am just going to sit here and watch my dreams sail out the window.

I get depressed when my rugby team lose
I am a big supporter of the Welsh rugby team, and on the odd occasion that they lose a match, I get very depressed. For example, last autumn when we were playing Australia and we lost in the last 30 seconds of the match, I got so depressed that I went home and drank a whole bottle of vodka to forget about the fact that we lost. Then again, I did the same thing when we won the Six Nations, so it goes either way really.

I don't like bacon
Please don't kill me. I just don't like it. I like bacon flavoured things though, just not bacon itself. I don't know why. I am going to run away now before you all kill me.

I dust around objects rather than move them
This might be laziness, but when I am dusting my room I dust around things rather than move them to dust everywhere. I probably should move them considering the fact that I have really bad allergies but I just cannot be bothered.

I drink a lot of Pepsi Max
I am addicted and everyone knows it. I even get given Pepsi Max as birthday and Christmas presents, and my entire family knows that they need to stock it if I am going round. If I don't have at least one glass a day I get really cranky and I get shaky. That is how bad my addiction goes. Pepsi, if you are reading this I think I should be given some sort of free Pepsi for my addiction. Just saying.

I would rather stay in bed and do nothing than see people
I am not even anti-social, but I would rather lounge at home sometimes than go out my house and interact with real people. This is the sign of a true internet addict...

Well then, folks, I hope you don't hate me after that....

If you do the same as me on any of those then leave your comments below or tweet me @LovelyChubly telling me all about it so that I don't feel like such a loser.

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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Writers block

Hello there, buddies.

First of all, by the time I probably finally get around to publishing this it will probably be Sunday....I am terrible, sorry. But it has been a long day; I have been to my lovely cousin's wedding! I want nothing more than to jump in to my bed and blare a bit of One Direction until I go to bed (don't judge me). So apologies in advance.

Since getting home from the wedding I have been constantly saying to myself that I should probably write my blog post today but then every time I have gone and done something different. Don't hate me. Then I finally nagged myself to sit down and do it....then when it did come to writing my post, I genuinely had NO idea what to write. Writers block is a bitch. Even now I am struggling with writing this. This might have something to do with the levels of alcohol in my system....(my under 18 viewers, this is not encouraging you to drink, tut tut). So naturally I thought I would tell you about all the things I have done since getting in to avoid writing my post.

Well, here we go!

Yes, this is so beyond typical of me. Every time I get on the internet (all the time) I tell myself that I will take a quick look on Tumblr then get off it and do something productive. Then every time I am on Tumblr for about 4 exaggeration. Although today I have only been on Tumblr for like 2 proud.

To be honest I do have an excuse for this considering I was at a wedding today! But I did look through my pictures of the wedding, then upload them...then tag them...then look through it again. Then I messages my mum to let her know the pictures are there. Yeah I really went out of my way with those pictures didn't I?

I can guarantee you aren't shocked at this either, right? You guys already know what I am like with YouTube. I started off by watching Caspar Lee's new video (click on his name!) then it escalated by watching a video of Dan's then Vikki told me to go drool over Phil I did. Yeah....I spent a lot of time on YouTube tonight....

I made a rather nice cup of tea in an attempt to cure my writers block. As you can guess, it didn't work.

I reheated some of the curry I had a couple of days ago, and made some extra rice. I thought my brain might need some food after a long day. Bear in mind it was already about half past midnight by this point.

In a bid to give my brain some more juice, I had another cup of tea. Turns out this just makes me really need to pee instead. Too much information, Danielle. Sorry.

For some reason, my brain did not comprehend the fact that as a rule I really don't like reheated food. So as you can see, my brain is really scrambled at this point! I just thew the curry in the bin 'cause it didn't taste as good as when I made it in the first place. 

I am quite an organised person so I have two notepads full of stuff related to my blog. One of them I use for planning each blog post, and the other has loads of stray pieces of paper on it with ideas on. So I organised the two so they they sort of correspond properly to each post. Yep, I was really avoiding writing at this point.

I ran the hoover round my living room. I didn't even need to considering I did it during the day and both the dog and I had been out all day. Procrastination like a pro. For more ways to procrastinate like a pro, you can read my 10 ways how to here!

Yes, this happened. 

After a day at a wedding filled with couples, I sat and contemplated where I am in my life, and where I want to be in a few years time. Shit got real deep here, folks.

Following that contemplation I complained to my dog about where I am in life. My dog looked at me as if I am mad. Then again, I was talking to a dog...

Maybe walking would inspire me to write something? I did have the idea about writing something about stairs. Be glad that didn't happen.

You would think that I had watched every video on YouTube by now, wouldn't you?

I can't even explain why I did this.

Yeah, since having loads of my hair cut off, I can't plait my hair properly. Not that I ever plaited my hair in the first place.

Yes, I have Spongebob PJs. I am just that cool, guys. They are also from the mens section in Primark..... 

By this point I felt really bad about keeping you guys waiting for my post and that I am an idiot because I have so many things written down that I could write about.

By the time I finally sat down to actually write something, and having looked through my list of about 100 ideas, I had no idea what to write. Still. Sorry.

I literally gave up and thought I would bore you with this shit....not my best work, I know. But maybe you might enjoy reading what I do when I get writers bloc

So then guys, I hope you enjoyed this terrible post. If you did then don't forget to hit "join this site" to subscribe to me, that would mean a lot!

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Do comment if you ever get writers block, and any tips you might have for anyone!

Thanks for reading!

Toodle-oo, peeps.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

The terrifying world of a fangirl

Hello there, buddies.

As you all know, I am a keen member of many different fandoms on the internet. I am even considering writing about fandoms in a separate post. With belonging to a fandom comes the act of fangirling, which can be taken to the extreme of ultimate fangirling.

For all of you who do not know, I have made my own definition of what fangirling is:

The process by which a person belonging to a fandom becomes increasingly excited about the object they obsess over, whether this be over the internet, in person, or simply by an act, that they become overly excited. The symptoms of fangirling can include obsession, extreme high pitched squealing, melting at the mention of the object of admiration, stalking, constant mentioning, explosion of feels, loss of concentration for anything else, and sexual attraction. This process is almost irreversible and is the leading cause of internet addiction in teenage girls.
NOTE: one does not have to be of the female gender to participate in the act of fangirling, and this act can also be involuntary and can occur at any given moment.

I think this is the most accurate definition of fangirling ever and that I should submit it to be entered into the dictionary.

Ok, well the world of fangirling is actually terrifying (mainly for the people who have to witness it). I am pretty sure that Vikki and I have scared my old flatmates silly by our high pitched screeching and complete obsession over certain people on the internet (names have no need to be mentioned as I am sure you can guess....). Also in previous times where we have just been sat chilling with some other friends including +Ryan Steppel and +James Martin where YouTube has been put on and Vikki and I just go slightly nuts over one yeah, we can be pretty scary.

So long story short, I want to tell you about the things in our world in the hope that you might find it slightly amusing. 

First of all there is the issue of fandoms. I love the fandoms I belong to - they are like my second family! Then you have the fact that there are literally thousands of fangirls in this fandom and when we all come together the world may as well end. Anywhere that we are just explodes. Genuinely goes nuts. There are images, feels and GIFs flying everywhere. Then everyone just comments on everything and you will see loads of "I can't", "the feels", "slakdopAKDP[AL" wtc everywhere. The best bit is, I can actually understand exactly what is being said here...if you are reading this and all you are thinking is "what the fuck?" then you are not a fangirl! This might be a good thing as it probably means you have a life outside the internet.. 

Then there is Tumblr. The HQ for all fangirling. Go to Tumblr and if you don't have an account then create one....then type in the name of anything you know is popular and behold the fangirls. Tumblr is like a zoo for fangirls....I imagine David Attenborough commentating like "and here we have the typical fangirl. Once an endangered species, now something left to roam free. The fangirl is typically most active at night and can often be seen attached to a laptop or giggling uncontrollably". This is not an exaggeration. My dashboard is a typical example of this....let me see if I can get it all in one screenshot to show you. This is a screenshot about 3 minutes after amazingphil's new video was uploaded.....yup....fangirling.  

Then there is Twitter. As you all probably know, especially if you follow me, I am a Twitter addict. I also follow several people who are the object of my fangirling - this means I can tweet them! Yay! To be honest, I only do that to usually get my followers to watch their videos. However, if you do search for things on Twitter you can see the crazy fangirling of so many people. Usually like "omgfosdkfops *insert name here* is so hot, OMG, I love him, he's perfect" etc. Then there is the fangirling when people retweet or favourite your tweets. This occurred to me when I got retweeted by Tyler Oakley, Sprinkleofglitter and favourited by Tanya Burr. I sorts just freaked out, and I still think this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! If you click on their names you will get directed to their YouTube channels, so please do check them out!

I also have a little thing about scheduling my day around things I know happen. For example, every Sunday between 7pm and 9pm I am completely unavailable to anyone other than Vikki and Dan and Phil (again click on their names!) have their Radio One show which you can watch online on the BBC Radio One website! I literally split screen my laptop to have one side playing their radio show and the other with Facebook and Twitter open - priorities! Then with other things like TV shows e.g. Glee and whatnot, I scheduled my day around the fact that I could watch it when it was on! That really is terrible isn't it? if you ever do this, let me know in the comments!

Then we have those people who completely hyperventilate and go crazy when they meet the object of their fangirling. I have seen videos of people who break down in crazy tears and be unable to speak the entire time that they are with them. Then their picture is all tear stained and they have a red face! Now I can understand, but I have never had the pleasure of meeting any of mine *sniff sniff* apart from a couple of the bands that I like, so I have never had the chance to react. But when you really are a hardcore fan this is the reaction! So if you see someone in the street acting like that around someone, they are probably a fangirl!

Fanfiction, as I think you have heard me mention before, is a bit part of being a fangirl. If you don't know what it is, you can read about it here. Fangirls either read or write fanfic, and I have to say there are some pretty amazing ones out there. But there are also the really weird ones and I shit you not, I have read some weird shit out there, but you can never stop reading it! I love fanfic! It is probably the biggest and most interesting part of the world of a fangirl. Anyone can read it, but it might seem really random to you guys. Fans who write fanfic usually advertise on Tumblr, so get searching for fanfic for your fandom if you haven't already!

I am going to combine the last three elements of fangirling in to one big point because they sort of link. These are Google stalking, feels, and dying. I think they also relate to fanfic...Well I have to say, any fangirl who says there are no feels for the object of their fangirling is just lying. Then fanfic creates this sort of frenzy of feels which leads to "OMG, I am dying" which can be all like "holy shit" sort of dying or "what the fuck did I read?" dying. These can be both good and bad I guess, but mainly good!! Then you get to the stage where you just Google search the shit out of the person or thing. Raise your hands if you have done this.....*raises hand*. Yes, I have done all the Googling and whatnot. If you haven't got to this stage yet....good luck.

Well that is basically the terrifying world of a fangirl in a nutshell. If you liked this post then please do subscribe by hitting "join this site" at the top left of the page! It is quick and easy and a better way for you to get my posts!

Please let me know the things you fangirl over, or if you don't fangirl at all by commenting below, or tweeting me @LovelyChubly #FangirlExtremes and let me know your stories!

Speak tomorrow, folks!


Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have some news!....

Hello there, buddies!

I have some really cool news for you all!

If you read my posts a lot then you will know that I am a student at university. Also, if you follow me on Twitter you will know that you have the option to view my posts from there. 

Through this I have been given an amazing opportunity to write for an online student magazine called student Noodles. You can view the site by clicking here

Student Noodles is an awesome magazine for university students with so much cool stuff on it from posts all about uni, some amazing discounts on items, and also reviews on things. It really is an awesome site and you should definitely check it out.

They have given me the opportunity to write a series of articles about university entitled "University Survival Guide". How cool is that?!

Basically, a few times every week there will be a new post about one aspect of uni. My planned posts rang from before you go to uni right up to your last day, so there is something for Freshers and returning students. Of course, my lovely readers who don't go to university don't miss out because there will be some bits in there for everyone. 

The planned way I am going to do it is use my introductory paragraph direct to my blog, then give you guys the link for the full article over on the Student Noodles website. Panic not, there are no viruses or spam that I will be leading you to, it is simply to give you an opportunity to read my entire article and to have a rummage around the website!

So, when you see the banner like the one above, you know that you are going to be seeing some of my featured work!

My first post may be debuting any time soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

I am so happy and very lucky to be offered this amazing experience and I definitely want to take you guys along with me on this journey.

I would absolutely love to get you guys involved, so do please leave comments if you are going to uni and you are worried about something,or you just simply want to ask a university-related question, as I will be sure to answer them and I might even do a Q and A post where you can be featured on the post also.

You can do that by either tweeting me @LovelyChubly with the hash tag #UniQnA so that I know it is related to that! 

Hope to hear from you guys soon, and I hope that you will all read my posts!


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31 things I don't understand

Hello there, buddies.

As you well know by know, I really do like things "Things" lists and I seem to be creating a lot of right now....well I am afraid to say that here is another one. You may or may not be thinking that it is a good idea, but you are here so hi!

Today I will be telling you all about the things in life that I don't understand. If you are as perplexed about this things as I am then tell me in the comments box below! Or if you are a lovely person on the Twittersphere, you can tweet me @LovelyChubly with #LifePerplexes!

So without me further boring you with my intro, here are 31 things that I just don't understand.

1. How I know all the words to a song, but I don't know the artist or song title

2. How I can spend all day on the internet and never get bored

3. The fact that my friends like me despite the fact I spend all my time on my laptop

4. How there can be a thunder storm then look like nothing happened 5 minutes later

5. How we can have had a heatwave in the UK

6. How Honey Boo Boo's mother has a boyfriend and I do not

7. How the journey home from somewhere is always quicker

8. How people become so famous

9. How people on Jeremy Kyle can be so ugly and fat but still get laid

10. How a skinny person can eat more than I do but still be skinny

11. How university students can afford a massive holiday after their first year

12. How I am expected to pay back my £9K uni fees whilst eating three meals a day and having a roof over my head

13. How I am not best friends with YouTubers

14. How I am not in a relationship with Phil Lester

15. How I cannot draw anything other than stick men

16. How I can't ever eat just one pringle

17. How Vikki is not in a relationship with Dan Howell

18. Why Starbucks is way more expensive than Costa when Costa is so much nicer

19. Why the hover car still hasn't been invented yet

20. Why I love orange juice but hate oranges

21. Why Americans put syrup on eggs and bacon

22. Why things are priced so you get 1p change

23. Why "tear" and "tear" are pronounced differently

24. Why people think it is cool to say "swag"

25. How some people pass their driving tests when they are awful drivers

26. Why girls think that duck faces are attractive

27. Iced coffee

28. People who don't like Nandos

29. People who don't like to read, or think that it is uncool to read

30. Why Sunny D no longer exists in the UK

31. Why the Disney Channel has gone really awful

Well they are the top 31 things that I really don't get about everything. If you enjoyed this then please do share it on Twitter or Google+, or even your Facebook's! If it gets enough hits then I might make a part 2 soon!

Thank you for reading! Don't forget to subscribe by clicking "join this site" on the top left of the page, and all my social media links and whatnot are below!