Saturday, March 19, 2016

The Tea Monologues | Disney's Hollywood Studios

Afternoon, all!

Hollywood Studios has changed rapidly over the last few years, with even more changes to happen!

The main entrance (above) and the main walkway into the park really feel very Hollywood to me. Obviously I am basing this on the TV view of Hollywood style considering I have never set foot there outside of the Disney version. I am clearly not very well travelled. 

I am still yet to go on the Tower of Terror... But I love standing to watch the doors open and see the lifts plummet! I will go on this one day, when everyone else decides they aren't too scared of it...

 I adore the Great Movie Ride! This has had a new sponsor since I was last here, as you can see by the below shot, it is now sponsored by TCM. As sceptical as I was, I quite enjoyed the added scenes at the final part. Even if, obviously, there was a slight Frozen takeover.

Clearly Frozen Fever is still spreading like wildfire! 

Frozen Summer fun was in full force in its last few days whilst we were there. This involved Olaf's Summer Cool Down. As much as I did enjoy the film when it came out, there is only so much Frozen craziness you can take *echem, Maelstrom, echem*. Sorry, I appear to have developed a cough.

Although I do miss the Sorcerer's Hat, I love the fact that the Chinese Theatre is back to being the main focus of the park. It is such a lovely building (and of course, houses The Great Movie Ride). You can also find a few of Mickey's friends hanging out around here.

 I first saw Lights, Motors, Action in Disneyland Paris in the early 2000's. Not so surprisingly, Disney announced it would be closing to make way for Star Wars land. At least, as far as I am aware, there are no plans to close the one at Disneyland Paris, so it will still be an available experience.

I am not sure on the addition of Lightning McQueen, but I guess that adds something for the younger ones in the audience. 

This was the first time I had ever done Rock n Roller Coaster as it had a very short queue. So much so that we managed to get back on a few times.

Back to everything Frozen! 

It would appear the normal parade was binned in favour for a new smaller Frozen spectacle. Although I am gutted to see the normal parade go, the Frozen one wasn't too out of place, although I am not sure on that Kristoff. 

In place of the American Idol Experience (I never saw this so not too fussed) is the Frozen Sing Along Celebration. 

I was typically expecting to be unimpressed. For me, the narrators (or storytellers) made this show. They were funny, and there were parts in there for the adults to have a giggle at. I quite enjoyed it. 

Yes, I sang along.

 To end the evening, we saw Fantasmic. 

It is still as awesome as usual. 

As part of the Frozen Summer Fun, Hollywood Studios had fireworks set to the Frozen music (much alike the same style as Wishes in Magic Kingdom).

These were actually really good. However, I was stood next to the bloody traffic light on the main path that dings every 3 minutes. Silly mistake.

It even snowed!

Although we didn't manage to get this in on our first day in Hollywood Studios, we went back to do Pixar Place.

I still love Toy Story Mania and I cannot wait for the added track!

What trip to Hollywood Studios is complete without a bit of Pizza Planet and a bit of the Muppets?! I will be intrigued to see if they do anything with the refurbishment of Pizza Planet. It does seem a little dated now. I would personally like to see it resemble the one in the films a lot better.

Besides the likes of Indiana Jones and Beauty and the Beast (which I did see), there isn't particularly much else in Hollywood Studios at the moment.

There are rumours of another rename (sigh). To me it will always be Disney's MGM Studios, but whatever they call it I am sure will be fine.

I am looking forward to seeing the developments of Hollywood Studios in the next few years. I just really hope it doesn't lose the old feel, and become too Star Wars orientated. Only one way to see, I guess.

Until next time.