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The terrifying world of a fangirl

Hello there, buddies.

As you all know, I am a keen member of many different fandoms on the internet. I am even considering writing about fandoms in a separate post. With belonging to a fandom comes the act of fangirling, which can be taken to the extreme of ultimate fangirling.

For all of you who do not know, I have made my own definition of what fangirling is:

The process by which a person belonging to a fandom becomes increasingly excited about the object they obsess over, whether this be over the internet, in person, or simply by an act, that they become overly excited. The symptoms of fangirling can include obsession, extreme high pitched squealing, melting at the mention of the object of admiration, stalking, constant mentioning, explosion of feels, loss of concentration for anything else, and sexual attraction. This process is almost irreversible and is the leading cause of internet addiction in teenage girls.
NOTE: one does not have to be of the female gender to participate in the act of fangirling, and this act can also be involuntary and can occur at any given moment.

I think this is the most accurate definition of fangirling ever and that I should submit it to be entered into the dictionary.

Ok, well the world of fangirling is actually terrifying (mainly for the people who have to witness it). I am pretty sure that Vikki and I have scared my old flatmates silly by our high pitched screeching and complete obsession over certain people on the internet (names have no need to be mentioned as I am sure you can guess....). Also in previous times where we have just been sat chilling with some other friends including +Ryan Steppel and +James Martin where YouTube has been put on and Vikki and I just go slightly nuts over one yeah, we can be pretty scary.

So long story short, I want to tell you about the things in our world in the hope that you might find it slightly amusing. 

First of all there is the issue of fandoms. I love the fandoms I belong to - they are like my second family! Then you have the fact that there are literally thousands of fangirls in this fandom and when we all come together the world may as well end. Anywhere that we are just explodes. Genuinely goes nuts. There are images, feels and GIFs flying everywhere. Then everyone just comments on everything and you will see loads of "I can't", "the feels", "slakdopAKDP[AL" wtc everywhere. The best bit is, I can actually understand exactly what is being said here...if you are reading this and all you are thinking is "what the fuck?" then you are not a fangirl! This might be a good thing as it probably means you have a life outside the internet.. 

Then there is Tumblr. The HQ for all fangirling. Go to Tumblr and if you don't have an account then create one....then type in the name of anything you know is popular and behold the fangirls. Tumblr is like a zoo for fangirls....I imagine David Attenborough commentating like "and here we have the typical fangirl. Once an endangered species, now something left to roam free. The fangirl is typically most active at night and can often be seen attached to a laptop or giggling uncontrollably". This is not an exaggeration. My dashboard is a typical example of this....let me see if I can get it all in one screenshot to show you. This is a screenshot about 3 minutes after amazingphil's new video was uploaded.....yup....fangirling.  

Then there is Twitter. As you all probably know, especially if you follow me, I am a Twitter addict. I also follow several people who are the object of my fangirling - this means I can tweet them! Yay! To be honest, I only do that to usually get my followers to watch their videos. However, if you do search for things on Twitter you can see the crazy fangirling of so many people. Usually like "omgfosdkfops *insert name here* is so hot, OMG, I love him, he's perfect" etc. Then there is the fangirling when people retweet or favourite your tweets. This occurred to me when I got retweeted by Tyler Oakley, Sprinkleofglitter and favourited by Tanya Burr. I sorts just freaked out, and I still think this is the best thing that has ever happened to me! If you click on their names you will get directed to their YouTube channels, so please do check them out!

I also have a little thing about scheduling my day around things I know happen. For example, every Sunday between 7pm and 9pm I am completely unavailable to anyone other than Vikki and Dan and Phil (again click on their names!) have their Radio One show which you can watch online on the BBC Radio One website! I literally split screen my laptop to have one side playing their radio show and the other with Facebook and Twitter open - priorities! Then with other things like TV shows e.g. Glee and whatnot, I scheduled my day around the fact that I could watch it when it was on! That really is terrible isn't it? if you ever do this, let me know in the comments!

Then we have those people who completely hyperventilate and go crazy when they meet the object of their fangirling. I have seen videos of people who break down in crazy tears and be unable to speak the entire time that they are with them. Then their picture is all tear stained and they have a red face! Now I can understand, but I have never had the pleasure of meeting any of mine *sniff sniff* apart from a couple of the bands that I like, so I have never had the chance to react. But when you really are a hardcore fan this is the reaction! So if you see someone in the street acting like that around someone, they are probably a fangirl!

Fanfiction, as I think you have heard me mention before, is a bit part of being a fangirl. If you don't know what it is, you can read about it here. Fangirls either read or write fanfic, and I have to say there are some pretty amazing ones out there. But there are also the really weird ones and I shit you not, I have read some weird shit out there, but you can never stop reading it! I love fanfic! It is probably the biggest and most interesting part of the world of a fangirl. Anyone can read it, but it might seem really random to you guys. Fans who write fanfic usually advertise on Tumblr, so get searching for fanfic for your fandom if you haven't already!

I am going to combine the last three elements of fangirling in to one big point because they sort of link. These are Google stalking, feels, and dying. I think they also relate to fanfic...Well I have to say, any fangirl who says there are no feels for the object of their fangirling is just lying. Then fanfic creates this sort of frenzy of feels which leads to "OMG, I am dying" which can be all like "holy shit" sort of dying or "what the fuck did I read?" dying. These can be both good and bad I guess, but mainly good!! Then you get to the stage where you just Google search the shit out of the person or thing. Raise your hands if you have done this.....*raises hand*. Yes, I have done all the Googling and whatnot. If you haven't got to this stage yet....good luck.

Well that is basically the terrifying world of a fangirl in a nutshell. If you liked this post then please do subscribe by hitting "join this site" at the top left of the page! It is quick and easy and a better way for you to get my posts!

Please let me know the things you fangirl over, or if you don't fangirl at all by commenting below, or tweeting me @LovelyChubly #FangirlExtremes and let me know your stories!

Speak tomorrow, folks!


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