Thursday, October 23, 2014

Things students really think

1. Let me just set this alarm for my 9am lecture.

2. Ok, maybe multiple alarms.

3. Ergh, just 10 more minutes!

4.'s 8.30...back to bed.

5. Zzzzzzzzzzzz...

6. Is it socially acceptable to drink before midday?

7. It'll only be one drink though...

8. Right, maybe I need to do some work.

9. What's this "library" building I keep walking past?

10. As long as I get over 40% I'll be fine.

11. Fuck it, I'll take the 40%.

12. But I promise myself that I won't leave it until the night before again.

13. Shit. Hello, all nighter.

14. Ah, coffee. You old friend.



17. This was such a bad idea.

18. Can't afford to eat, can afford to drink!

19. But I'll only take a tenner out, and spend nothing else.

20. *dancing wildly drunk* Life is gooooooood!

21. * screaming at your best friend* I LOVE THIS SONG! I LOVE YOU GUYS! I LOVE EVERYTHING!

22. *drunkenly stumbles home and passes out*

23. I hate everything.

24. I am never drinking again.

25. Oh, balls. I had a 9am lecture....I'll go next time. 

26. Casual drinks?...Oh go on then. 

For anyone who has been to university, or who is there at the moment, I expect that this sort of rings a few bells. There is nothing better than waking up in the morning, admitting you are never drinking again, and then going out the following night. 

Get used to it, kids. That's uni life!

Keep swimming <3