Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I have some news!....

Hello there, buddies!

I have some really cool news for you all!

If you read my posts a lot then you will know that I am a student at university. Also, if you follow me on Twitter you will know that you have the option to view my posts from there. 

Through this I have been given an amazing opportunity to write for an online student magazine called student Noodles. You can view the site by clicking here

Student Noodles is an awesome magazine for university students with so much cool stuff on it from posts all about uni, some amazing discounts on items, and also reviews on things. It really is an awesome site and you should definitely check it out.

They have given me the opportunity to write a series of articles about university entitled "University Survival Guide". How cool is that?!

Basically, a few times every week there will be a new post about one aspect of uni. My planned posts rang from before you go to uni right up to your last day, so there is something for Freshers and returning students. Of course, my lovely readers who don't go to university don't miss out because there will be some bits in there for everyone. 

The planned way I am going to do it is use my introductory paragraph direct to my blog, then give you guys the link for the full article over on the Student Noodles website. Panic not, there are no viruses or spam that I will be leading you to, it is simply to give you an opportunity to read my entire article and to have a rummage around the website!

So, when you see the banner like the one above, you know that you are going to be seeing some of my featured work!

My first post may be debuting any time soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it!

I am so happy and very lucky to be offered this amazing experience and I definitely want to take you guys along with me on this journey.

I would absolutely love to get you guys involved, so do please leave comments if you are going to uni and you are worried about something,or you just simply want to ask a university-related question, as I will be sure to answer them and I might even do a Q and A post where you can be featured on the post also.

You can do that by either tweeting me @LovelyChubly with the hash tag #UniQnA so that I know it is related to that! 

Hope to hear from you guys soon, and I hope that you will all read my posts!


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