Friday, June 27, 2014

Where do I go from here?

As many of you possibly know, mainly from previous posts, I am having one of those existential crisis moments. I have no idea what career to embark upon when I leave university...which is in a years time *yelp*.

When I graduate in 2015 I will have studied criminology and criminal justice studies for 3 years, which is an extremely long time to stick at something that puts you about £60k in debt and that you have learned to absolutely hate. 

When I first started university I thought it would be a great subject to study, but it fell a close second to my preferred subject of law - something I adored from A Level's but did not think I would get the grades to study. In true form I got considerably more than the required grades to study law but had applied to study criminology so I settled with that.

Over the last two years I have grown very sick of it, and frankly do not wish to have a career in the criminal justice system or any related field. This has now posed a little bit of a problem for me, as I am back to square one; something I thought I had escaped 3 years ago! 

I put logic to this situation and wrote a list of what I enjoy and what I am passionate about. It went a little something like this:

1. Writing
2. My blog
3. Social media
4. The internet
5. Travel

The obvious thing that jumped out to me from all this was that the first and second things on my list essentially combined into one main aspect surrounding writing. 

So where could I go from here?

I thought a career at Google would have been fantastic, then upon further research discovered that there basically isn't an opportunity there for someone graduating with a criminology degree.

I considered other aspects such as Maker Studios - something I have seen from the Shaytards vlogs (take a look if you haven't heard of them, Shay Carl and his family are AMAZING). Yet again I came to a dead end because they recruit talent based on YouTube content - shockingly something I also lack.

Maybe I could go towards a Twitter or Tumblr career? I do not know. The possibilities are endless, I just need help in finding something I completely enjoy doing.

My ideal career would involve travelling and documenting it on my blog, but doing so for a big social media company. Obviously this is such a far-fetched idea that even I am aware it is pretty impossible. But it's worth a shot right?

What would your dream career be if anything were possible? 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

22 love stories better than Twilight

Everyone loves a good love story, and rom-coms must be the most heavily made movies of all time, and there have been some incredible love stories in our time. But I think it's safe to say that some of them just aren't up to scratch - I'm looking at you, Twilight. 

After the extreme success as my previous post, 22 fictional deaths I'll never get over, I thought it was about time I did another one!

Now, before you go mad at me I have seen and read Twilight, so I do actually know what I am saying! Don't get me wrong, they aren't awful films or books (mostly), but that "love" story is shocking. I won't go in to the whole thing, but it is just awful. 

There are so many better love stories out there, so here are 22 of them!

1. Ellie and Carl | "UP"

 Ellie and Carl have the ultimate love story, I don't think anything beats this. Their love story doesn't even have any words all throughout it yet it can reduce even a grown man to tears. This has to top the list for pure brilliance.

2. Snape and Lily | "Harry Potter"

 There is one word I need to say to sum this up - always.

3. Romeo and Juliet | "Romeo and Juliet"

  Romeo and Juliet cannot be denied as an awesome love story. Both of them die, but it still beats Twilight - at least they were both alive at some point.

4. The Cookie Monster and Cookies | "Sesame Street"

 No one loves cookies more than the Cookie Monster. Even Edward and Bella can't beat this soul mate pairing, and one party is a food.

5. Ross and Rachel | "Friends"

  Ross and Rachel had a better love story even when they were on a break!

6. Emmet and awesome | "The LEGO Movie"

 Emmet loves awesome more than the Twilight Emmett loves Rosalie. I don't think stupid shiny vampire Emmett would pay $46 for a coffee for Roaslie now, would he?

7. Kermit the Frog and Miss Piggy | "The Muppets"

 Kermit and Miss Piggy's wedding day didn't end with a killer vampire baby...

8. Gnomeo and Juliet | "Gnomeo and Juliet"

 A rip off of the traditional Romeo and Juliet is still better than Twilight...and they're freaking gnomes!

9. Hazel and Gus | "The Fault in Our Stars"

 There aren't words to describe the love story here. Okay? Okay.

10. Katniss and Peeta | "The Hunger Games"

 The whole thing was fake at the start, yet it was still better and cuter than vampire love. They managed to survive the Hunger Games too, try that one sparkly vampire!

11. Hermione and Ron | "Harry Potter"

 They might be the most predictable, yet wrong relationship during Harry Potter, but I still prefer it to Edward and Bella. I mean, they were friends for years and didn't meet over the fact that she dropped an apple in the school canteen.

12. Captain Jack Sparrow and rum | "Pirates of the Caribbean"

 Yup, still better than Twilight.

13. Drogo and Daenerys | "Game of Thrones"

 Oh gosh, I love this one. The moon and the stars, not a spider monkey.

14. ET and home | "ET the Extra-Terrestrial"

 ET wants to go home to escape the ridiculousness of the Twilight love story. I don't blame you, dude. 

15. Rocky and Ginger | "Chicken Run"

 Animated chickens learning to fly > badly CGI'd vampires.

16. Carrie and Big | "Sex and the City"

 The biggest "will they, won't they" couple of Sex and the City is so much better than Twilight. He even jilted her and I prefer it to that weird garden wedding scene.

17. Edward and Vivian | "Pretty Woman"

 He picked her up off the side of the road, she was a prostitute. He was a pale person who couldn't go out in the sun, and she was a terribly grumpy bitch. I know which one is better. Do you?

18. Harry and Ginny | "Harry Potter"

 Harry and Ginny's first kiss was significantly less awkward and cringy than Edward and Bella's whole 4 movie relationship crusade.

19. Gollum and the ring | "The Lord of the Rings"

 Gollum adores the ring so much that he would die for it. Edward tried to kill himself because he is a crying little bitch. Even Carlisle couldn't revive the awfulness of Bella and Edward's relation-shit.

20. Ron and Lavender | "Harry Potter"

 Their whole relationship was because of a love potion yet it still worked better than a vampire and a human.

21. Kristoff and Anna | "Frozen"

 Well aren't they unbelievably cute?! He saved her life completely selflessly, and she is a Princess. Need I say more? No.

22. Homer and Marge | "The Simpsons"

 The ultimate TV power couple makes Edward and Bella seem like a silly schoolgirl crush. Oh, wait....

BONUS. Draco and Hermione | "Harry Potter"

 Photo credit: Judy Depp on DeviantArt
 This isn't even a real thing! It doesn't exist! Yet their fictional relationship within a fictional relationship is just completely flawless. 

Well there we have it, 22 love stories that completely blow "Twilight" out of the water. If you have any more then let me know in the comments below!

As always thank you for reading.

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Until next time, my lovelies.

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Tuesday, June 03, 2014

The Disney tag

Well then, isn't this a fantastic tag! Thanks to Little Boots for tagging me in this! If any of you are regular readers, or happen to know me well, you will be well informed that I am an avid Disney fan. So as you can image, I am very excited to be doing this tag; and I think you can expect some rather interesting answers for the next however long it takes for me to do this tag!

So without further ado, here we go!

1. Favourite Disney film
My all time favourite Disney film is actually a Disney/Pixar film and it is "Finding Nemo". If you know me this will not come as a shock to you. I own so much "Finding Nemo" merchandise...even my phone case is Nemo. I can't even tell you why I love it so much, it just captured me beyond the explanation provided by words. I have seen the film so many times that it may be possible that I know the entire script by heart. If I don't go to the Finding Dory premiere I will be gutted - Ellen need to know this. I'll be waiting at P. Sherman, 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney.

2. Favourite Disney character
My favourite character happens to not be from any of the Disney movies, but actually from the original gang - Goofy! I love his absentmindedness and complete clumsiness...reminds me of someone... His laugh sure does make me giggle (if you didn't hear his laugh in your head and read that in his voice then tut tut). He also happens to be pretty much best friends with Mickey Mouse, so you don't get much cooler than that do you?

3. Favourite Disney princess
Without a doubt my favourite princess is Mulan; I happen to think that movie is extremely underrated and isn't given enough credit in the Disney line of things. The song Reflection in the movie happens to have one of the best lyrics in a Disney film. I love the fact she is independent, which I know can be argued with many of the princesses, especially the modern ones. But in the case of Mulan, she gives up pretty much everything for her family and proves everyone wrong, something I admire quite a lot.

4. Would you rather be Aurora or Cinderella?
Although both princesses have some pretty good aspects, I am set on Cinderella. I think that might be just because Prince Charming is a million times better looking than Prince Phillip. Having said that, Charming forgot Cinderella's face within 24 hours...but she does have a nicer dress. I just don't quite comprehend the whole "I have slept for 100 years but woken up looking like I have just come off a runway, and I haven't eaten or whatever in ages" thing - and the original storyline doesn't quite help Aurora's case.

5. Would you rather be Hercules or Tarzan?
Most definitely Tarzan. I mean, who doesn't want to swing from trees and vines, and goddammit that man has abs. Sorry Hercules, even if you have a flying horse and a God as a dad, I want to be able to speak to elephants and sing awesome catchy songs in someone else's campsite. 

6. Would you rather be Lizzie McGuire or Raven Baxter?
I grew up watching more of Lizzie McGuire, and didn't she have the coolest 90s hairstyles? I would have to say her, mainly because she has an awesome group of friends. Oh and her movie....*sings badly* this is what dreeeeaaams are made of!

7. Favourite Disney song
Kiss The Girl from "The Little Mermaid". Such an amazing song (even Peter Andre's version was good). If you can recreate Prince Eric as a real human being, smack a few tattoos on his body, and make him sing that song to me...he can kiss me as much as he likes.

8. Which Disney character would be your ideal best friend?
I can seriously see myself being friends with someone like Ana from "Frozen" - and no I am not just jumping on the hype here (although it's a fabulous film). I was sold within a few minutes of her main appearance when she woke up looking normal with her hair poking in all directions and still half asleep. The fact she is completely crazy probably helps matters and her could definitely build a snowman. 

9. Which Disney character would be your pet?
If you want me to be incredibly precise, I would have Roly from "101 Dalmatians". If you don't know which puppy that is, he is the fat one who always says funny things. I just want to cuddle him aaaallll day, and we can sit and watch Thunderbolt together. Life would be awesome.

10. Have you been to Disneyland?
Oh yes! Well, Walt Disney World in Florida many times (I am going back next year, yay!). I have also been to Disneyland Paris more times than I can count on one hand! My mission is to venture out to Disneyland in California, Disneyland in Tokyo, DisneySea, and a the others that I have missed due to it being 11pm. I will have been to them all before I die!

That, my lovelies, was the Disney tag. I challenge any of you guys to do this tag. Let me know you've done it so that I can see it too!

As always thank you for reading, stay tuned for a few more posts coming soon. All my social media is over there on the right so click away!

Speak to you next time, lovelies.