Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Introducing....Jordan Grayson!

Hello there, buddies.

Just a quick little post following on from the end of yesterdays where I did a quick introduction of a YouTuber!

This is some fan art of him:

This is actually him:

I expect all you girlies to flock in his direction....Just sayin'

Ok first thing is first....Twitter! If you could all click here and follow him on there you can find out more about all the things he gets up to and whatnot! So click there!

In case you didn't see the link to his channel last night, here it is again! Click here to hop on over there and hit that awesome button that says "subscribe"!

So here are a few facts about Jordan:

  • He is 18 years old
  • He is hoping to go to university in September 
  • I think he might be more addicted to Twitter than I am
  • His YouTube videos are pretty awesome
  • Jordan might be as bad at drawing as I am (sorry :P)
  • You should tweet him and tell him to do a video about me because I am awesome

So I have run out of facts....oops.

Jordan's YouTube channel has similar things to my blog so I am pretty sure you guys will really like him! You will have the pleasure of seeing this in his videos - I think we share the same sense of humour so enjoooooy!

I thought I would share some direct links to some of his videos here so that you can just click away and be all happy! If I can figure out how to do it, then you will be able to click on the pictures to go to his videos....but I am slightly retarded in doing that...I can code my blog but I can't link a picture...deary me. Turns out you just need to click play as I embedded the video - clever me!

Jordan Grayson - Draw My Life

Shit Girls Do That Guys Find Weird

5 Things Girls Hate About Guys

Jordan Failing At Accents (AKA I Suck At Accents)

Dumb Shit That People Do

To see more of his awesome videos the head on over to his channel!

Hope you guys to head over cause you will be missing out if you aren't!

Thanks for reading - don't forget to subscribe!


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