Wednesday, July 24, 2013

31 things I don't understand

Hello there, buddies.

As you well know by know, I really do like things "Things" lists and I seem to be creating a lot of right now....well I am afraid to say that here is another one. You may or may not be thinking that it is a good idea, but you are here so hi!

Today I will be telling you all about the things in life that I don't understand. If you are as perplexed about this things as I am then tell me in the comments box below! Or if you are a lovely person on the Twittersphere, you can tweet me @LovelyChubly with #LifePerplexes!

So without me further boring you with my intro, here are 31 things that I just don't understand.

1. How I know all the words to a song, but I don't know the artist or song title

2. How I can spend all day on the internet and never get bored

3. The fact that my friends like me despite the fact I spend all my time on my laptop

4. How there can be a thunder storm then look like nothing happened 5 minutes later

5. How we can have had a heatwave in the UK

6. How Honey Boo Boo's mother has a boyfriend and I do not

7. How the journey home from somewhere is always quicker

8. How people become so famous

9. How people on Jeremy Kyle can be so ugly and fat but still get laid

10. How a skinny person can eat more than I do but still be skinny

11. How university students can afford a massive holiday after their first year

12. How I am expected to pay back my £9K uni fees whilst eating three meals a day and having a roof over my head

13. How I am not best friends with YouTubers

14. How I am not in a relationship with Phil Lester

15. How I cannot draw anything other than stick men

16. How I can't ever eat just one pringle

17. How Vikki is not in a relationship with Dan Howell

18. Why Starbucks is way more expensive than Costa when Costa is so much nicer

19. Why the hover car still hasn't been invented yet

20. Why I love orange juice but hate oranges

21. Why Americans put syrup on eggs and bacon

22. Why things are priced so you get 1p change

23. Why "tear" and "tear" are pronounced differently

24. Why people think it is cool to say "swag"

25. How some people pass their driving tests when they are awful drivers

26. Why girls think that duck faces are attractive

27. Iced coffee

28. People who don't like Nandos

29. People who don't like to read, or think that it is uncool to read

30. Why Sunny D no longer exists in the UK

31. Why the Disney Channel has gone really awful

Well they are the top 31 things that I really don't get about everything. If you enjoyed this then please do share it on Twitter or Google+, or even your Facebook's! If it gets enough hits then I might make a part 2 soon!

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