Sunday, June 30, 2013

I hate "text talk"

Hello there, buddies!

Ok, I am now going to sound extremely old and bitter so please refrain your judgement until after you have finished reading. Of if you can't be bothered to read, then hi!

Today I want to talk about "text talk".

Now I don't know about you, but I HATE it. I mean seriously hate it. I am not sure if this is because I simply just do not understand it, or whether it is because I am just not "cool" enough to use it. Despite this, I have an utterly strong dislike for it.

I have now come to the conclusion that I dislike it so much as I have a real sort of OCD obsession with perfect grammar. It really riles me if someone's grammar isn't right. The main example being people not using the correct form of "your". Gah, it is annoying me just talking about it. Rambled off topic there....

This generation seems to have developed a new form of language simply referred to as "slang" or "text talk". This is probably due to the increasing amount of social media sites that they are being exposed to. Now I don't know about you, but I do like my fair share of social media, but I don't feel like I need to talk like an idiot.

Now I apologise in advance if you do talk like this, but this is literally just me letting off steam. I will not dislike you if you write like this, unless you do it to piss me off....then there might be trouble!

There have now been numerous occasions where I have had to resort to my trusty Google (thank you for inventing this), or asking my sister when someone has abbreviated a word and I have been sat there like "whaaaaaat?!". Please tell me if you do this so that I don't feel like such a loner.

For exmaple, here are a few abbreviations that I have had to look up:

  • SMH
  • IMO
  • HMU
  • NVM

They are just a few. And I shit you not, I had to google them when someone said them to me. I might just be really out the loop or something, but I had no idea.

There were just simple ones when I was younger. Anyone around my age will probably have experienced an AOL chat room. If you haven't then you had no childhood. The only abbreviations there were ASL, BRB and GTG. That is literally all I ever used.

Now I am guilty of using some abbreviations sometimes. This usually occurs when I am being ironic or sarcastic, or if I am too drunk to write out the whole thing. I can use like FTW, TBH, LOL etc. But everyone probably does this at some point. I mean, I am sure I will tag this post using "lol" as so many people use it these days.

But what I don't get is when people are full on chatting away (we are talking in person here) and then they just chuck in a "lol" or something like that. Now that ruffles my feathers, ladies and gentlemen. It's just like they can't be bothered to laugh! What on earth is wrong with people?!

Now there is one abbreviation which I have had a long term problem with. That abbreviation is YOLO. I do not understand this, and the incorrect usage of it. What I would call "YOLO" is someone like a soldier, a firefighter that sort of thing, where they risk their lives on a daily basis. What I would not call "YOLO" is having two drinks on a Tuesday night......Gah. 

I just don't understand, I really don't.

Now, if you have any ruffled feathers because of so called "text talk" then feel free to rant in the comments and I will join you.

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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Introduction: My posts


So I have told you a little tiny bit about the Ultimate Blog Challenge (UBC from now on as I am lazy). Now because I have told you about it, I can finally tell you a bit about what my posts are going to be about! Yay!

After much deliberation and research, I found a little page on the old inter-web. It was full of awesome holidays from all over the year. I know what you're thinking, but we aren't talking about your bog standard holidays like Christmas, bla bla bla. We are talking about crazy, random things here!

From this, I decided that I would be focusing my UBC on the random holidays I found for July!

Each day will correspond to the holiday I found, with the exception of the 16th which will be a post dedicated to Vikki as it will be her birthday!

Each post will include information about the day, things you could do and my ridiculous ramble about it - you all know how much I like to ramble.

In addition to these I will be starting my new segment of "A Day In The Life" where I will be boring you with the non events of my life. I am sure you will enjoy it.

So stay tuned over the next month for my 2 daily posts!


More Q&A about me!

Hello there, buddies!

Since my last Q&A went down so well, I thought I should do another one (hopefully this will make up for not posting last night. Sowwwyy).

So without further ado, here is random questions alllll about me, yay! These are probably more random than the last ones....

Do you have Netflix?
Erm nope, can't say that I do.
What are you doing tonight?
Blogging, YouTube-ing, Facebook-ing. As you can see, I have no life.
In winter, would you rather wear a jacket or hoodie?
Hoodie all the way!
Do you wish you were somewhere else right now?
Somewhere really really hot. Like Australia? 
Are you excited for the future?
I am excited for after uni! Got looooads of plans going on!
How old do you look?
My age?....I do not know. 
Where are your siblings?
My little sister is downstairs with my 'rents watching TV I do believe.
What are you going to do after this?
Blog some more I think! Should probably write something else to make up for last night.
What color shirt are you wearing?
Brown-y colour with a lion on it!
What are you doing tomorrow?
Absolutely nothinnnnng - I am going to have a lazy day.
Do you know anything about baseball?
I know that it is an American game that we don't play here in the UK.
Have you watched a movie today?
I have not, which is weird for me.
Do you use those little kitchen clips to close bags of chips that you’ve opened?
No because I eat them all in one go.
If you made your own survey, would it piss you off if you saw people giving smart ass answers as if you were asking stupid questions?
No because it is something I would do. I have done it in the past - so go ahead. Not that I would ever make my own one of these.
Have you ever voluntarily read the Bible?
Erm, no.
If you have a personal blog not used for surveys, how often do you update it?
This is my "personal" blog.
Why do you think most teenagers don’t enjoy reading?
Most teenagers don't think it is "cool" to read. That is exactly what is wrong with this generation - everyone thinks that reading is a "geeky" thing to do, whereas I fucking love reading. Can't think of anything better than getting into a good book.
How much is gas where you live?
Far too expensive.
Last test your memory, what were you wearing during your last kiss?
Probably my PJs haha.
Do you take walks often?
I go for a walk at least once a day.
What kind of underwear do you wear?
Some that fit?
Do you think someone is thinking about you right now?
Definitely not.
What kind of condoms do you use?
Whatever is about?.....
Were you happy when you woke up today?
I was excited and nervous, so I guess that is a type of happiness?
Do you draw on your binders/notes when you’re bored in class?
Hell yes. I do doodles all the time.
Do you have any gay friends?
Quite a few.
How many good friends do you have?
I have a close bunch of like 8 friends I would say.
Do you like the state you live in?
I don't live in a state lol.
When was the last time you were on the phone?
Earlier on today when I was ringing my boss.
Are you good at writing?
I like to think so - you guys may dispute that!
Can you keep secrets?
I try to, yes.
What’s your favorite holiday?
Christmas? I don't actually like Christmas. Something that doesn't involve people buying me anything. NEW YEAR. 
What is the last thing you ate?
A cheese and beans pasty. Yup, you heard me.
Did you get any compliments today?
I got told I am good at my job? I don't know.
Have you ever gone to court?
Only to view a trial.
What towns have you lived in?
Swindon and Plymouth.
When was the last time you drove more than 15 minutes?
This evening. 
Have you ever thrown up from drinking?
Never! Sounds like I don't get drunk. I do, I just have a very strong stomach. Touch wood.
What’s your favorite kind of ice cream?
Cookie Dough, you just cannot beat that shit.
When’s the last time you got your eyebrows waxed?
I have never got them waxed.
Have you ever gotten a spray tan?
Why did you last cry?
I cried at Eastenders last night. Yes, I am that sad. 
What is something you hate?
Being skint.
What is making you angry right now?Hay fever. Such a mother fucking bitch.
Did your last kiss take place on a bed?
I think so?
What are you most anxious/excited for?
Excited to get back to uni! Can't say I am anxious about anything.
Are you satisfied with what you currently have in life?
I am indeed.
Did you watch the Super Bowl?
Do you like Chinese food?
Hell to the yes!
Are you texting anyone right now?
Nope, my phone is dying slowly.
Is anyone else in the room with you?
There is not.
How are you feeling right now?
Shite - hay fever will be the death of me.
Are your parents strict?
Not really? Define strict? I sort of lead my own life when I am here.
Are you a virgin?
I am not.
How many people can you trust?
About 4. I am really bad at trusting people. 
Do you use hand sanitizer constantly?
I don't. 
Have you ever been on a train?
Yus, I use trains quite a lot.
Who was the last person who held your hand?
I do not know.
Have you kissed someone with braces?
Nope - they kind of put me off. Is that bad?
If you could change your eye color, what would it be?
I don't want to change my eye colour! My eyes are like a turquoise colour. I like them.
What is the wallpaper on your phone?
Danisnotonfire, Amazingphil, and JacksGap. Ultimate YouTube fan girl.
How many pillows are on your bed?
About 10. I like pillows.
Have you ever had a surprise birthday party?
I have had a surprise birthday meal if that counts?
When’s the last time you cried?
Did I not just answer this?
Who was the last person that made you laugh?
Meg, Becky and Andy this afternoon.
What’s the longest you’ve ever talked on the phone?
I have spoken on the phone for like 4 hours, but that's it.
Where did you last go out to eat?
Bottelinos last night for Butler In The Buff...mmmmmmm.
Do you have a hard time admitting you’re wrong?I do. I don't know why, but I always have.
What’s your favorite season?
Summer - if I am on holiday.
Have you ever thought that your life was so bad you wanted to give up?
There have been some moments when I have thought about this. But these moments are all from my past. I am very happy with the life I lead now and the person I have become. Every weak moment has made me a stronger person.
Do you have any tattoos?
I do indeed. 
Do you prefer to take showers at night or in the mornings?
As a rule, I like them at night so I can lounge around in my towel for hours.
When is the last time you had pizza?
About 2 months ago?
Have you ever fallen asleep upside down?
Do I look like a bat to you?
Who was the last person you hugged?
My grampy!
Did you have a dream last night?I did indeed. 
If you could have something right now, what would it be?
What body part(s) do you wash first thing in the shower?
My hair is always first port of call.
Do you prefer hot or cold weather?
Hot, like boiling hot. 
Have you ever made someone so mad that they broke something?
I expect so.
What is your favorite color?
I love the colour blue. 
How do you feel when someone kisses you on the forehead?
Are you dating the last person you kissed on the lips?
Not anymore. 
How old are you?
Almost 20.
Last place you kissed someone?
My flat.
How is your ex doing?
He is good :)
Have you ever done a Chinese fire drill?
A what?
Have you ever attended a school dance?
Does prom count?
Have you ever been fired from a job?
I have not.
What color are your bedroom walls?
Do you have a chair in your room?
I do indeed. It is all cool and funky like.
What kind of phone do you have?
I have an iPhone 5 :) 

Weeeeelllll, there you have it. More boring info about me.

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Final city list for my world tour!

Hello there, buddies!

So if you are a regular reader you will be aware that I am planning on travelling the world with my trusty companions +James Martin (Blog God), +Ryan Steppel (Mr Milk), and +Vikki Lamb. We had an extremely long conversation the other day where we have finally managed to put together a final list of all the cities we will be visiting! So naturally, I thought I would share this with you guys! 

We have also decided to pitch our idea of travelling with a few companies who might be interested so that we can get both publicity for the company and more expertise on travelling! As you might have heard, the 2015-2016 budget cuts have been announced and the departments with the most cuts are the criminal justice system and the Ministry of Justice - which kinda screws me over as these are the industries I will be trying to work in and 2015 is the year I graduate from uni, so I am kinda stuck. So I am going to attempt to get a job. save for a few years and go travelling to make me more employable - and because I am an ultimate tourist!

Here is an awesome map I spent hours putting together with all our destinations on it:

Thank you to Google Maps for allowing me to do that!

As you can see, we are going to be extremely busy bee's.

We have come to the conclusion that we are going to take two years to travel this, including spending approximately 6 months in Australia as we want to travel the entirety of the country instead of just select cities like in the other countries.

We also came to the idea that we could drive through Europe. We would love to travel in one of those old VW Campers, but then had a bit of a reality check as we found out they are like £10 000 each.....bit over expensive for us we are back to flying and trains and whatnot.

And we thought that as we have shared all this stuff with you guys already that we should document the entire thing on YouTube! We came up with a name for our channel: 730 Days In Transit! My travelling section of my blog will now be under that name and anything about our trip will be found on there. This includes updates between now and going, and when we are on the move!

Above is the banner for our channel! Go onto YouTube and search for 730DaysInTransit and hit the subscribe button! I can promise you our videos will be insane!

Now, here are a selection of the cities we will be travelling to. I can't include them all as there are hundreds and it would make the post very long and boring.

Paris (France)
Lapland (Finland)
Barcelona (Spain)
Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)
Easter Island (Chile)
Ifaty (Madagascar)
Serengeti (Africa)
Melbourne (Australia)
Queenstown (New Zealand)
Rotuma (Fiji)
Bangkok (Thailand)
Marina Bay Sands (Singapore)
Instabul (Turkey)
Mumbai (India)
Las Vegas (USA)
Arenal (Costa Rica)
Honolulu (Hawaii)
Moscow (Russia)

These are such a small selection of cities, and we have so many more!

Feel free to contact me if you actually want to know more on this, I am more than happy to answer any questions.

If you live in any of the cities above, or think it would be awesome for us to visit your hometown, then comment below!

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That's all for now, but stay tuned for more updates!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

10 ways how to procrastinate like a pro

Hello there, buddies!

If you know me you will know that I am extremely good at procrastinating. I also always fall to doing my work the last minute after procrastinating for about 2 months then panicking. I am pretty sure this applies more to uni students, but I did this at A Level also, and it could apply to GCSE's; listen up kiddies! So without further ado here are my awesome 10 ways how I procrastinate.

1. Sit down to do work, write the title, have a break.
I am guilty of doing this. All the time. I always get the motivation to do my work then sit down to do it, write only the title and poof, motivation gone. I have no idea why this happens but it always does. Then I do it consistently for 6 weeks then realise that my essay is due in the next day. Then do it again for a few hours and then finally write it.

2. Tidy your entire room, including your wardrobe (even if it is spotless).
Yes, I do this also. My room is usually relatively tidy, but when I have work to do it looks as if a bomb has hit it. I will find any little tiny thing to tidy - including the pins on my pin board. Then I will go through my entire wardrobe sorting it out in a bid to make everything tidier. Gah this sounds like I have OCD - I don't. Deary me. I need a life.

3. Watch an entire TV series.
Last time I needed to do an essay I ended up watching an entire season of Man V Food. Then True Blood. Then Desperate Housewives. Then realised that I should do some work. But didn't do work - oopsie. I also stopped watching Eastenders in a bid to stop doing work, but now I actually like it and I still watch it. Oh well. This way has probably been the reason that I didn't do as well as I could have done on a couple of my essays. So I would recommend that you do this one carefully, haha!

4. Have a nap.
Yup, you read that right. Grab some shut eye! Even if this is a good method of procrastination it can actually help. I know, I am actually trying to help now! Sleep can help refresh your brain which means that you might actually be able to write your essay when you wake up.

5. Browse the internet.
Another one which I fall victim to all the time. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Daily Mail, 9gag, BBC iplayer - all reasons why I don't ever get anything done. It's all technology's fault. Stupid modern times. Stupid brain getting sidetracked by everything.

6. Start a blog.
I started my original blog (on Walt Disney World in Florida) as a means of procrastination. I spent like hours a day doing research for it - I still do with this blog, but it requires slightly less research. Starting a blog is also a great way to let off steam. I know what the first year can be like; new home, new people, stress of living on your own bla bla bla. So you can write all your feelings down on a blog and feel so much better about it! Just try not to let it get too much in the way of your work, because you won't get anywhere if you don't try!

7. Download a new app and play it for hours.
This happened to me and Temple Run 2, Fruit Ninja and Fall Down 2. Jeez, they are so addictive. Well done, app creators. This can be seriously bad, as you can see. I played Temple Run 2 continuously for like 2 hours 4 days before my essay was due in. Whoops. Don't follow in my footsteps, dudes.

8. Organise your work.
I know that both Vikki and I do this. When our final essays were due in, our work was in a much better condition and was all filed away than what it had been throughout the entire year. That is awful, isn't it?....Wow. This procrastination tip can work both ways: it means that you aren't doing your work, but you are organising it at the same time. Yay!

9. Go shopping, buy a new video game, play it for hours.
Two tips in one here, dudes. Going shopping is a great break, but a great procrastination tip. I did this, then went to buy a new game (in the form of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3) and then continued to play it for about 12 hours before realising I had an essay due in. Genius, Danielle, absolutely wonderful. I still managed to get the work done though. Impressed? You should be,

10. Panic about not having done your work.
I have been victim to doing all of these in one go, then done this one right at the end. This is the worst one I think. It means that your brain goes into "holy shit" mode and you will never get anywhere and will never get anything done. So try and chill, buddies.

Having now said this, I am shocked I passed my first year....

Disclaimer: I am not promoting not doing your work! Please make sure that you actually do your work!

If you do any of these, or have any different ones then leave a comment in the box below!

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That's all for now, so speak laters.


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My memory box

Hello there, buddies!

As it would appear that my blogger challenge of 50 questions went down extremely well with you guys, that it would be nice to share some more of my personal stuff with you guys.

So today I am going to be sharing with you certain parts of my memory box! We aren't talking of some metaphorical box that I made up in my head, I genuinely have a box (well 6 big cardboard boxes) full of random bits of crap that I like to keep from places I go. So sit back, relax, and hopefully enjoy.

I haven't chosen everything that I have, but only a few little bits. I also haven't included any photographs in case people in them don't want to be included in my blog, but I might do a photo thing a bit later on if I get permission from people :)

The first is this souvenir picture book from Walt Disney World. I got this is like 2007 I think, so it has some pictures of rides and whatnot that don't exist anymore which is really cool. I would show you some pictures from the inside of here but I already packed the book away at like the bottom of the box...oops. But it includes pictures of rides, shows, hotels etc. I think it is really cool.

This is a card I got after my French GCSE in 2010 from my French teacher. This is very special to me as I absolutely LOVED my French teacher. I moved schools at the end of my GCSE's due to personal reasons, so I do cherish this card really. Which sounds extremely sad....

This is my special edition Busted CD! For anyone who doesn't know who Busted are, they were a pop/rock band from the early 2000's. I was luck enough to have the chance to meet them on the set of an old show called Ministry of Mayhem. I don't know if you know what that is but it was so cool and I got the chance to be on it for a year or so. I may or may not still have this CD on my iPod.....

This is my Harry Potter world massive cup/mug thingy that I got given as a present by an old friend. It is soooooo cool, and it weighs a ton! I love it, and have frequently had a massive cup of tea out of it. The lid says "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" on it and it has various images from the books and films around the edges. The backdrop is set like a bridge with the Hogwarts Express on it. I believe you can still buy these from Harry Potter World if you do want one.

This is a bag from Harry Potter World. Yes, I kept a bag. But look at it, it is so awesome! Not many people get the chance to visit Harry Potter World, so keeping this as a memory is awesome for me.

This is the world's shittiest photo....These are my signed JLS pictures from their tour a few years back. Yes, they are cheesy, and yes, I am sad for owning them, but JLS were awesome. I am actually quite sad that they broke up *sniff sniff*. If you don't know who they are, they are a British boy band who rose to fame after finishing runner up on the X Factor. i am currently considering putting these up on my wall...

These are some stupid doodles from the back of my GCSE chemistry book....Shockingly I did pass with a B - not sure how I did that. These were done with a few friends who sat near me, and as you can see, the immature minds of 16 year olds came out here (this is from 2010). I literally have no idea.....

Here is my limited edition 101 Dalmatians mug! It is so cute and I have only ever used it for decorative purposes, so maybe I can sell it one day? It has this design round it, but it sorta wraps around and had Roger and Anita on the other side with Pongo and Perdy. Not really sure when I got this. I think it is from like 1998?

Ah, now this is the message written in my leaver's book by my physics teacher. It reads "To Dani, You know that secretly you love physics - don't fight it. Good luck. Mr D". I would like to point out that I do not love physics at all. I was good at it though, and he wanted me to do it at A Level, but it was just not happening. Sorry, Mr Daws.

EXPECTO PATRONUM! This is my Harry Potter World wand - it is Professor McGonagall's wand! Yes it is real. Yes I can do spells. My patronas is an elephant.

As you can tell, I really like Harry Potter. These were limited edition coins that you got when they sold Chocolate Frogs (back in the day when the Philosopher's Stone was out and Harry Potter World in Florida was not even thought of). Not sure if they did these around the world, but they are so cool! This one is the Gryffindor crest.

I went to see Steps (twice) last year. I also saw them in like 1999 and have their iconic devil horns from then, so I got a new pair. These light up - oh yes. And they flash. I wore them. For hours. So much so that they gave me a headache. There is also the tour book there which has loads of info about the tour and the member of Steps. 

The last thing I am going to share with you is this autograph. This is Nadine from Girls Aloud's autograph! Something I acquired on the set of Ministry of Mayhem in an ad break! Something I am very proud of!

So that was my memory box (sort of). I hope you enjoyed it! Post in the comments box below with things from your memory box - or you can tag me in your post and I will read it and comment!

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Speak to you laters!


Monday, June 24, 2013

Old Disney Channel rocks

Hello there, buddies!

Have you ever wondered what  the hell happened to Disney Channel? Yes, this means I have recently watched the Disney channel. This is going to be one hell of a rant. So enjoy.

Let's first talk about the original Disney Channel shows. These will be reference to the ones broadcast in the UK as we do get slightly different shows than the US.

The first I want to talk about is Cory In The House. This was a spin off from That's So Raven where Cory moved in to the White House. I LOVED this program! There were so many little quirks and jokes which were hilarious! The portrayal of the President was really good, too! This show ran from 2007 until 2008. BRING IT BACK!! 

Then there was the Suite Life of Zack and Cody. I much preferred this to the most recent spin off of Suite Life on Deck. This in mainly due to the characters of Maddie, Carey, Arwin and Estaban. They were so funny, and Arwin's obsession with Carey had me in stitches (mainly as I can now relate to it as an ultimate fan girl!). It also has had a feature length movie, and longer episodes including Hannah Montana and Raven. The show ran from 2005 until 2008 when it branched out to the newest series. 

Now the ULTIMATE Disney Channel show, That's So Raven. I think this show had some of the best role models for girls my age when i watched it as there were loads of references to the fact that women come in all different shapes and sizes, whereas shows now seem to promote skinny girls. Raven is just simply awesome! The show ran from 2003 until 2007. If they don't start showing reruns of this I will lose my mind.

And now are are going to encounter Even Stevens. This show moved to a different channel after some time, but was so freaking awesome! No one would ever recognise Shia LaBoeuf now would they? The show ran from 2000 until 2003, so is one of the oldest shows on my list I think. There is also a movie!

Now we shall be talking about Lizzie McGuire! Hilary Duff's big break! The show follows Lizzie through her journey of high school with all the typical teenage girl issues. There is also her alter-ego in the form of a cartoon version of herself. There is also the Lizzie McGuire movie (which I am now going to watch for the millionth time) where the gang abroad on a school trip! The show ran from 2001 until 2004. They need to make reruns of this ASAP.

Then there is the amazing series of Recess. This still runs sometimes as a rerun, and I LOVW IT. Such an awesome series though. Some of my favourite Disney Channel memories revolve around this show. It ran from 1997 to 2001 and I love the fact I can catch reruns here there and everywhere. 

Now, there is the issue of Art Attack. The original series was so much better than this new crappy thing they have on Disney Channel. Get it together! There were so many things I made because of this show as a kid. Now, it is just a bit shit. The old series ran from 1990 until 2007 and was presented by Neil Buchanan. The new series launched in 2007 and still runs now.

Now for the BEST series on Disney Channel - Bear in the Big Blue House! I have actually met Bear whilst in Disney World when he used to feature in a show there. It ran from 1997 until 2007. They don't do reruns of this anymore I don't think but omg they really should. I am almost 20 but I would watch this.

We are going seriously retro now with PepperAnn, a cartoon which ran from 1997 until 2000. It to this day remains one of my favourite cartoons. I might write a thing on my favourite cartoons after this. A lot of kids these days have no idea what this is, which makes me sad as it was so awesome! I do believe you can watch it online somewhere.

Timon and Pumbaa had their own spin off show, if you remember! It was awesome, and I have a few of my favourite episodes of it recorded on a video tape. Yup, a VIDEO tape. No DVDs back in my day, kids. The show only had 3 seasons and ran from 1995 until 1999.

Another cartoon which not many people know existed is The Weekenders. This has to be in my top cartoons! Although it seems to have disappeared all together and I cannot find it anywhere! The show ran from 1999 until 2004, so it wasn't too long ago but no one remembers it!

I am going to stop this post now as I could go on for ages...

So this was a list of my favourite old school Disney Channel shows. If you have any others then comment below!

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