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22 fictional deaths I will never get over

Have you ever got so attached to a character that you see in a film or on TV, or even a book character that you get so upset when they die? Well I have experienced this SO MANY TIMES.

Many of these fictional deaths actually moved me to tears (don't judge me) because they are so sad!

If you have not experienced this yet then you haven't ever gotten in to something so much that you feel for the characters (technical terms....character empathy, look at that!). 

I have chosen 22 of the characters that have been killed or have died that I will never, ever, ever get over. They are in no particular order and I believe the saddest one is a lot further in than number one!

Please be warned: there may be spoilers in here for people who have not seen some of the things, so please don't get mad at me!

1. Mufasa - The Lion King
How sad is this? *sobs uncontrollably*. Mufasa is killed by his own brother who then send Simba down there. "Wake up, dad". Gah, so sad. If you are saying that you didn't tear up at this well then you are just lying. This is the saddest moment in any Disney movie ever.

2. Dumbledore - Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
I have to say, I was in two minds about adding Dumbledore. He is not my favourite Harry Potter character, but his death was sad, especially in the books. By far, it is not the saddest death of all the Harry Potter characters, but it is up there. I found this considerably more moving in the books (maybe because you didn't know the back story to him), therefore this is referring to the book death, not the movie death.

3. Dobby - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
I bawled like a baby when Dobby died, in both the book and the film adaptation. This has to be one of the saddest deaths in the Harry Potter series. Poor little, Dobby :( He did not mean to kill, only to maim or seriously injure. Oh so sad *sniffle*. At least Dobby is now a free elf.

4. Hedwig - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows

Another Harry Potter death, I know. But how sad is it that Hedwig protects Harry?! Such a loyal little owl. I did cry when Hedwig died, shockingly I found this a lot more sad in the movie version. RIP Hedwig <3

5. Rue - The Hunger Games
The saddest death in the series I think. It is so sad how Katniss sings to her and decorates her body with the flowers. Oh, little Rue. I genuinely have a strong hatred for the characters who killed her (yes, I am serious. I have a hatred for fictional people). 

6. Coral - Finding Nemo
Coral dies to protect her little babies - how sad is that? This scene does make me tear up a little bit. Just how her eyes flick from the fish to the eggs and back again before she darts down to them. Gah. 

7. Marley - Marley and Me
The saddest fictional death of all time. I sob uncontrollably every time I watch this film. Poor little, Marley :( Never have I been as attached to a fictional character as I was with Marley. If you say that you don't cry at this scene then you are either a liar or you have no heart.

8. Ellie - Up
This has to be the saddest death in Disney history. There are absolutely no words in the scene showing Carl and Ellie's relationship yet it still moves so many people to tears. Still a better love story than Twilight.

9. Siruis Black - Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Another one of the saddest deaths in Harry Potter. Sirius was all Harry had left of his family and the stupid people kill him. Oh stupid veil, why would you do that?! Come back, Sirius :(

10. Severus Snape - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
We have reached the saddest death in Harry Potter history. Snape is my all time favourite character ever and I love him lots, still to this day. The thing that makes this scene even sadder is the montage of his memories Harry collects from his tears after. Right in the feels.

11. Noah and Allie - The Notebook
This really does hit right in the feels. So sad that he has been reading her the story of their love all throughout and she only realises it is him right at the end. Then they die together. OMG :(

12. Jenny - Forrest Gump
I hate the fact that it is an unknown virus that kills her. Poor Forrest. This scene is so sad because he just stands at her grave. Genuinely love Forrest Gump so much.

13. Agent Coulson - Avengers Assemble
Agent Coulson was my favourite character, how dare Loki kill him! Does he not have a heart?! His dying words....gah the feels. 

14. Bubba - Forrest Gump
After babbling on about how he wants to go into the shrimp business after the war, Bubba dies in the arms of Forrest. SO SO SO SAD. Then Forrest starts the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company in memory of him (you can visit this in Universal Studios Orlando).

15. Satine - Moulin Rouge
Yes, you see it coming, no it doesn't make it any less emotional. Despite the whole come what may thing, this still hits me every time! Ewan McGreggor's rendition of the song at this point is so sad, too!

16. Gaston - Beauty and the Beast
Yes, I will not get over the death of a Disney villain. How can you not love Gaston? He was so funny! And for him to get chucked over the edge of a castle.....really, Disney, really?

17. Kerchak - Tarzan
Just as him and Tarzan see eye to eye, he gets killed. Another WTF moment here, Disney. Why would you do that to him?! He wasn't a bad guy, he didn't deserve to die!!

18. Raj - 90210
The saddest moment in 90210 history. Raj has cancer and him and Ivy get married to mean that they get to spend their last days together. Then Raj takes a large concoction of pills in the hospital after saying he doesn't want to suffer and put Ivy through it. This really killed me when I watched it; I didn't want him to die!

19. Mike Delfino - Desperate Housewives
Mike was killed in a rive by shooting after finally opening up to Susan. HOW HORRIBLE IS THAT?! Why would you do that, Desperate Housewives?! He was one of my favourite characters. WHYYYYYY?!

20. Karen McCluskey - Desperate Housewives
Karen McCluskey died after she had a battle with cancer. Although she was not my favourite character in Desperate Housewives, I will never ever ever ever ever get over her death. It was so beyond emotional :(

21. Maude Flanders - The Simpsons
Was this not the saddest and most unexpected Simpsons death of all time? I genuinely shouted "no!" and the TV when it happened! I genuinely never expected this! Then the series of episodes that follow it are equally as sad.

22. Piggy - The Lord of the Flies
I studied this book for my GCSE many moons ago, and developed a strong sense of protection over little Piggy! He was so bullied by everyone, and the fact that they kill him is so sad (and made me very angry at the other characters!).

Well, that is my 22 fictional deaths that I will never get over. I hope this post didn't arouse too many bad memories for you (it did for me)!

Post below in the comments if there are any fictional deaths you will never get over, I know there are loads out there!

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