Monday, January 18, 2016

The Tea Monologues | Disney's Epcot

Epcot has to be my favourite Disney World park. I love the contrasts between Future World and World Showcase. 

There is a little for everyone, from big thrill rides, to smaller flat rides, and a nice stroll around the world - all in one park!

You must admit the setting for Spaceship Earth is still spectacular - especially in golden hour!

The fountain behind Spaceship Earth is actually a show! It plays very Disney style music and the jets dance along. It looks very pretty in the early evening when it begins to be lit.

Club Cool is a new discovery for me, thanks to SeeYaReelSoon on YouTube. We always have by-passed it thinking it was just another place to get a drink.

Club Cool is actually sponsored by Coca-Cola! Inside you can try different sodas from around the world, all for free!

I dare you to try Beverly!

This is the first time I have been on the newly revamped Test Track - it was previously presented by General Motors and was slightly different to this version.

It definitely was the modernisation it needed! It reminds me slightly of Tron. I quite like the new bit when you design your own car to go against the new tests. It is quite a good way of staggering the queues.

Talking of queues, it seems to be a much quicker queue line. We queued as every time we used our FastPass the ride was shut down due to "inclement weather". The wait time was 65 minutes but we queued no longer than 30! 

I adore the Finding Nemo pavilion. I have seen it as both The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and as The Living Seas. 

I love how it brings the story to life! 

This is the only good picture I took of the ride! I love how it crosses over with Animal Kingdom's Finding Nemo: The Musical with the final song in the ride.

We actually managed to see some of the divers this time. 

Next to (sort of) the Nemo pavilion is Journey into Imagination where you can find Figment!

Kids (and big kids) enjoy this ride, and it is pretty good for a quick sit down to escape the heat!

The queue line is really cute with the posters below of the 3 professors. Later on you walk past their offices - look out for Flubber!

I do love Figment!

On the outside of the Imagination pavilion is a fountain that flows upwards! It looks particularly dazzling at night when it is all lit up.

I found a teeny tiny little frog on the sign for The Land pavilion.

Inside The Land you can find rides such as Sorain', but my particular favourite is Living with the Land. 

Fun fact: I once met Santa Claus in the queue for this ride. He had an official ID and everything!

Over in World Showcase there is a teeny hidden ride in Mexico! No one seems to know about it, and I have never waited to get on it!

I am still absolutely gutted they have closed down Maelstrom! For all of you who may not know, they are converting it to a Frozen ride. 

Luckily, the waterfall is still there. What is now boarded up used to be a part where your Maelstrom boat would point out before going backwards!

There are some really great replicas of significant landmarks from all around the world throughout World Showcase. 

A lot of people seem to not bother with World Showcase. There are a lot of awesome shops, hidden character meet and greets, and some great photo opportunities. 

If you still aren't interested, you can try to either eat or drink around the world!

On the way out I made friends with a squirrel. 

So that was a walk around Walt Disney World's Epcot.

Tell me below in the comments what your favourite part of Epcot is.

Have you ever eaten or drank around the world at World Showcase?