Sunday, July 26, 2015

My Walt Disney World Bucket List

As you may know if you have seen my Twitter for the last...65 days, I am heading back to Walt Disney World in now only 24 days! 

Yes, I have been counting for over 70 days. No, I am not ashamed. Yes, I am extremely excited! 

I have figured this out to be about my 8th trip, but the numbers may not be entirely accurate. And, as I am sure many of you will ask, I am not sick of it!

We are doing things slightly differently this time. We are still staying at the Port Orleans French Quarter, near-ish Downtown Disney for all you Disnerds out there. 

But this time we get to fly in a bit more luxury as we are going with Virgin Atlantic again! We haven't flown with them in so long (I not-so-secretly have my fingers crossed for their new Dream Liner!). 

Thanks to My Disney Experience we have been able to use the FastPass+ service and have actually booked all our FastPasses for our entire 2 week visit. So if you are heading there any time soon I would definitely recommend it - either online or on their app (Apple and Android compatible). 

So, I sat down in my crazily excited mood and wrote out 28 things I want to do over the two weeks in Disney. Once I am back I will do an updated bucket list with pictures, and I am also hoping to do a few videos whilst I am over there, so watch this space! 

1. Go on the Magical Express

2. See the Magic Kingdom rope drop

3. Do a round trip on the monorail

4. Eat lunch and watch Sunny Eclipse at Cosmic Rays

5. Buy a pair of Mickey ears

6. Stay in a park until close

7. Experience a character dining

8. Explore New Fantasyland

9. Eat a Mickey pretzel

10. See the Festival of Fantasy parade

11. Ride some new rides

12. See all the firework shows

13. Do all the mountains in one day

14. Watch Wishes from Splash Mountain

15. Explore all the countries at World Showcase

16. Go to DisneyQuest

17. Rent a bike at BoardWalk

18. Brave the Tower of Terror

19. Get the front row on Expedition Everest

20. Park hop to all 4 parks in one day

21. Find some hidden Mickey's 

22. Use my Disney's Hidden Secrets book

23. Play Sorcerer's of the Magic Kingdom

24. Become a Galactic Hero

25. Swim with the sharks at Typhoon Lagoon

26. Eat a Mickey bar

27. Find some of the rare characters

28. Visit the Japan gift shop 

So that is my bucket list for Disney! 

Let me know in the comments what your top 3 must-do things are for the Disney Parks!


Thursday, July 02, 2015

15 Signs You're Growing Up

Traditionally you're viewed as an adult when you hit 18 years old (or 21 in the USA, sorry!). However, as an almost-22-year-old I would like to dispute this. 

It is only now that I am starting to feel like I can almost fend for myself...sort of. 

Although, parts of my brain are still under construction and development...the Disney aspect of my brain still holds a lot of control.

However, as of recently there have been small things I have begun to notice that show I am not really the youngster my brain seems to think I am. 

So, I have decided that there are about 15 signs that really show when you are getting out of that stage of your life, and gradually progressing on to becoming an adult. 

1. You make your own doctors appointments 

2. And go to them on your own

3. You find yourself turning down the music

4. New slang words go over your head

5. Muscles and joints you didn't know you have start to ache

6. Chart music is somewhat a mystery 

7. Phrases such as "when I was younger" are creeping into your everyday vocabulary 

8. Christmas has lost some of its magic

9. But socks are suddenly the best present 

10. Early nights are appealing

11. Because long nights out are too much effort

12. And nights in with Netflix are better anyway

13. You realise the big 3-0 isn't too far away

14. People are starting to ask you when you plan on settling down

15. But most of all, you wish you were 6 again. 

I think that pretty much sums up how I have felt over the last few weeks. It would appear that growing up and getting older is pretty freaking scary! 

So, tell me in the comments below when did you first realise you were growing up, or what are you least looking forward to?