Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Tea Monologues | Disney's Magic Kingdom

It is known for being the happiest place on earth where dreams come true, and I simply must agree. 

Walking in to Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is like stepping right in to a fairytale. Everything is all lights, and amazing smells, and perfect buildings. 

And then you look up and smack bam right in front of you there it is..The fairytale princess castle every (not so) little girl wanted.

So let me waltz you through the Magic Kingdom. Together we can battle pirates (although not this time because it was closed), wave to princesses, and dine like royalty! All of this whilst traipsing around in 98 degree heat...let's do this!

Let's start off with breakfast in this gorgeous place.

This is New Fantasyland's new restaurant, Be Our Guest. It is really difficult to get a reservation here, but I managed to get three separate reservations the night before! It is so pretty, and the food is really good. 

Now we are nice and full from breakfast, lets head on over to Tomorrowland - possibly my most favourite land in all of Magic Kingdom. 

Although maybe not the best idea right after breakfast, there's nothing like a journey into space on Space Mountain to kick your day off. Don't forget your photo at the end!

Right across the street is Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin where we can check in with Star Command for a quick meet up with Buzz to defeat the evil emperor Zurg!

Turns out Buzz quite likes me. Then it's time to hop on the Peoplemover or the Carousel of Progress for a sit down (or a nap...).

Then it is only a short walk over to Fantasyland, where you can see the new expansion of New Fantasyland. Here you can see classics such as Peter Pan, it's a small world, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh. Now you can see some newer additions such as The Journey of the Little Mermaid and the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train!

On the way over to Frontierland and Adventureland you can visit Master Gracie and the 999 happy haunts who live in the Haunted Mansion. Don't forget your death certificate! 

On my way over to Frontierland I spotted this little guy. Bit of a cutie, but he was being guarded by some Cast Members! See if you can spot any Disney animals outside of the Jungle Cruise - they're a rare sight!

Now we are in Frontierland let's jump on the wildest ride in the wilderness on Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and go find our laughing place on Splash Mountain. Doing Splash then Thunder might mean you dry off a little bit! Or if you're a bit of a daredevil, see how many times you can do both mountains! I took on the challenge of doing all 4 mountains in an hour - completed!

Now can also be a good time for a sit down, and Frontierland has a stop for the Walt Disney World Railroad. Don't worry, this one isn't like Thunder Mountain!

We watched the Festival of Fantasy parade from both Liberty Square and Mainstreet USA - both had great views! If you have little ones you might benefit better from Liberty Square as there are less people and they can stand better at the front!

 I think it might be time for a quick stop off at Adventureland for the Magic Carpets of Aladdin and a walk up the Swiss Family Tree House. You get some pretty good views at the top of the tree house for all of you looking for a good photo.

 After a long day of running around Magic Kingdom like maniacs, it's time to head back over to Tomorrowland for dinner at Cosmic Ray's Starlight Cafe. It's a nice little quick service place, and I would recommend sitting in the main lounge and watching Sonny Eclipse!

 By now it'll probably start to get dark, and there's quite a nice view from Cosmic Ray's. The picture of Cinderella's Castle at the start was also taken from here!

It'll soon be time for the Mainstreet Electrical Parade! Although you can get a brilliant view on Mainstreet, I like to go over the bridge towards Liberty Square and Adventureland. There is a little spot by some drinking fountains facing the bridge as it goes over it. It's a nice spot, and not many people seem to go over that way!

Although this is a nice spot for the parade, I would recommend getting in front of the castle for the Celebrate the Magic and the Wishes fireworks. Although Liberty Square is also a good spot for the fireworks, and I have watched them from my bus stop to go back to my hotel before! 

So now you've spent a whole day in Magic Kingdom. If you're lucky enough it might be open until 11pm, or you might even have Extra Magic Hours until 2am! Or you can go back, lay down on your bed, and sleep for several days!

Please also know that these photos are in no way conclusive of the scale of Magic Kingdom - there are loads more I have but this post was ridiculously long as it is! Stay tuned for diaries from the other Disney parks as well as Universal Studios!

As always thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed this picture filled diary through an entire day at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom!

Let me know in the comments your favourite parts of the Magic Kingdom!

Have a lovely day and I will speak to you again soon!