Tuesday, July 30, 2013

My addictions

Hello there, buddies.

For some strange reason I have really struggled with ideas of things to write today. Then I had a bit of a (shit) brainwave to tell you all about the things that I am completely addicted to. These aren't like lighthearted addictions either, these are mostly things that I cannot go a single day without. I do love all these things, but I do apologise if any of you end up getting addicted to them too! Sorry! Also, I sort of slacked a bit yesterday and only did one of the two posts I promised as I got sidetracked with a different project, so I will be doing two today at some point.

I am 100% addicted to Tumblr. I mean seriously addicted to it. Most people read the news first thing in the morning, not me, I go directly to my Tumblr dash. I follow so many different accounts that my dash is so beyond varied. I get over 100 new posts every 4 minutes so I can promise you I am never bored. You can check my Tumblr out by clicking the link at the end of the post :)

Again, I check YouTube like five or six times a day...seriously. I don't know if any of you guys are like this, but I absolutely love YouTube. My Tumblr sort of links in with it too, which is cool. I am hoping one day to finally get around to my own YouTube videos of some of these blog posts, so stay tuned!!

I think you guys know how addicted I am to my blog. I basically eat, sleep and breathe blogging. I am constantly thinking of new things to post for you guys, and different sections I could start. I am hoping one day to get my blog published some how, so you never know, I could be famous one day. Ha, that would be awesome, but it is never going to happen. Sad times.

Pepsi Max
Yeah, I am addicted to Pepsi Max. I go through so much of it, and I used to drink like 5 cans a day at uni - minimum! It is sooooo lush. It also mixes well with vodka....so yeah I drink this like all the time. I am currently drinking the bottled stuff and I have decided it tastes ten times better out of a can. And then I don't drink a whole bottle in one go. I only got some yesterday and I am already having to go and buy some more tomorrow.

Taking pictures
I am lucky enough to have the iPhone 5 so I don't have to take my camera everywhere with me, but I take pictures of absolutely everything. I even take pictures when I go for a run. I don't know why because I probably will never look at those pictures ever again, but you know.

Most people really like Nandos, but I really like Nandos. I will never turn down a Nandos, and I even have Nandos sauce at home and I put it on almost everything.....I really should get a job at Nandos, shouldn't I?

Studio Ghibli
I love Studio Ghibli. If you don't know what it is then shame on you! They are a Japanese animation company who make awesome movies like "My Neighbour Totoro", "Spirited Away", "Howl's Moving Castle" and so many more. Please go watch them! If you have seen them, comment in the comments box!

Nail polish
I have got myself so many new nail polishes recently, I am starting to think I should stop. I think this might be because I worked in a restaurant for 3 years so I have never been able to paint my nails because of that, so I am making up for lost time.

Murder mystery/crime fiction books
I LOVE this type of book so much, maybe because of the fact that it related to my university course. I got 4 new books today to read whilst I am lonely over the summer.

I love Buzzfeed, it keeps me entertained every single day. There are some awesome articles on there! If you haven't seen it, then click here.

Jeremy Kyle
I am home alone a lot during the day, so I have turned to daytime TV, which means a bit of Jezza! I have come to the conclusion that Jeremy Kyle is proof that being fat and ugly doesn't stop you getting laid.

LA Ink
I am blaming Kat Von D for the fact I want another tattoo. I love watching it every day at 4pm then sitting there and thinking of all the things I want inked on me. Deary me, I am addicted.

Old cartoons
If you weren't born in the 90s then you have never experienced proper cartoons. The likes of Dexter's Laboratory, Ah Real Monsters, Hey Arnold, etc. were just fucking awesome. I feel sorry for the likes of this generation who are stuck with the worst kids TV ever.

Minion Mayhem
I am completely addicted to this game on my phone. I have now also got Vikki addicted to it! It doesn't help that you play as a minion because I just end up giggling the entire way through. It is so cool! If you have an iPhone or operate Android on your phone, then download it and play! It's free!

This sort of works with the fact I am addicted to YouTube I think, but I love YouTubers. I would give ANYTHING to go to Vid Con and meet them. I am ever so slightly in love with Phil Lester too, which probably doesn't help.

We have only just started to get these here in the UK, but they are little fish shaped cheesy crispy things. I can't describe them, but they are so much better over in the USA. You can get them in rainbow colours and everything, but OMG they are so nice. I bring loads back every time I go over there.

Well then, peeps, those are my addictions! If you have any of the same addictions, or if you have different ones then comment below!

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Thank you for reading, folks.


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