Tuesday, June 25, 2013

My memory box

Hello there, buddies!

As it would appear that my blogger challenge of 50 questions went down extremely well with you guys, that it would be nice to share some more of my personal stuff with you guys.

So today I am going to be sharing with you certain parts of my memory box! We aren't talking of some metaphorical box that I made up in my head, I genuinely have a box (well 6 big cardboard boxes) full of random bits of crap that I like to keep from places I go. So sit back, relax, and hopefully enjoy.

I haven't chosen everything that I have, but only a few little bits. I also haven't included any photographs in case people in them don't want to be included in my blog, but I might do a photo thing a bit later on if I get permission from people :)

The first is this souvenir picture book from Walt Disney World. I got this is like 2007 I think, so it has some pictures of rides and whatnot that don't exist anymore which is really cool. I would show you some pictures from the inside of here but I already packed the book away at like the bottom of the box...oops. But it includes pictures of rides, shows, hotels etc. I think it is really cool.

This is a card I got after my French GCSE in 2010 from my French teacher. This is very special to me as I absolutely LOVED my French teacher. I moved schools at the end of my GCSE's due to personal reasons, so I do cherish this card really. Which sounds extremely sad....

This is my special edition Busted CD! For anyone who doesn't know who Busted are, they were a pop/rock band from the early 2000's. I was luck enough to have the chance to meet them on the set of an old show called Ministry of Mayhem. I don't know if you know what that is but it was so cool and I got the chance to be on it for a year or so. I may or may not still have this CD on my iPod.....

This is my Harry Potter world massive cup/mug thingy that I got given as a present by an old friend. It is soooooo cool, and it weighs a ton! I love it, and have frequently had a massive cup of tea out of it. The lid says "The Wizarding World of Harry Potter" on it and it has various images from the books and films around the edges. The backdrop is set like a bridge with the Hogwarts Express on it. I believe you can still buy these from Harry Potter World if you do want one.

This is a bag from Harry Potter World. Yes, I kept a bag. But look at it, it is so awesome! Not many people get the chance to visit Harry Potter World, so keeping this as a memory is awesome for me.

This is the world's shittiest photo....These are my signed JLS pictures from their tour a few years back. Yes, they are cheesy, and yes, I am sad for owning them, but JLS were awesome. I am actually quite sad that they broke up *sniff sniff*. If you don't know who they are, they are a British boy band who rose to fame after finishing runner up on the X Factor. i am currently considering putting these up on my wall...

These are some stupid doodles from the back of my GCSE chemistry book....Shockingly I did pass with a B - not sure how I did that. These were done with a few friends who sat near me, and as you can see, the immature minds of 16 year olds came out here (this is from 2010). I literally have no idea.....

Here is my limited edition 101 Dalmatians mug! It is so cute and I have only ever used it for decorative purposes, so maybe I can sell it one day? It has this design round it, but it sorta wraps around and had Roger and Anita on the other side with Pongo and Perdy. Not really sure when I got this. I think it is from like 1998?

Ah, now this is the message written in my leaver's book by my physics teacher. It reads "To Dani, You know that secretly you love physics - don't fight it. Good luck. Mr D". I would like to point out that I do not love physics at all. I was good at it though, and he wanted me to do it at A Level, but it was just not happening. Sorry, Mr Daws.

EXPECTO PATRONUM! This is my Harry Potter World wand - it is Professor McGonagall's wand! Yes it is real. Yes I can do spells. My patronas is an elephant.

As you can tell, I really like Harry Potter. These were limited edition coins that you got when they sold Chocolate Frogs (back in the day when the Philosopher's Stone was out and Harry Potter World in Florida was not even thought of). Not sure if they did these around the world, but they are so cool! This one is the Gryffindor crest.

I went to see Steps (twice) last year. I also saw them in like 1999 and have their iconic devil horns from then, so I got a new pair. These light up - oh yes. And they flash. I wore them. For hours. So much so that they gave me a headache. There is also the tour book there which has loads of info about the tour and the member of Steps. 

The last thing I am going to share with you is this autograph. This is Nadine from Girls Aloud's autograph! Something I acquired on the set of Ministry of Mayhem in an ad break! Something I am very proud of!

So that was my memory box (sort of). I hope you enjoyed it! Post in the comments box below with things from your memory box - or you can tag me in your post and I will read it and comment!

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Speak to you laters!


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