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10 ways how to procrastinate like a pro

Hello there, buddies!

If you know me you will know that I am extremely good at procrastinating. I also always fall to doing my work the last minute after procrastinating for about 2 months then panicking. I am pretty sure this applies more to uni students, but I did this at A Level also, and it could apply to GCSE's; listen up kiddies! So without further ado here are my awesome 10 ways how I procrastinate.

1. Sit down to do work, write the title, have a break.
I am guilty of doing this. All the time. I always get the motivation to do my work then sit down to do it, write only the title and poof, motivation gone. I have no idea why this happens but it always does. Then I do it consistently for 6 weeks then realise that my essay is due in the next day. Then do it again for a few hours and then finally write it.

2. Tidy your entire room, including your wardrobe (even if it is spotless).
Yes, I do this also. My room is usually relatively tidy, but when I have work to do it looks as if a bomb has hit it. I will find any little tiny thing to tidy - including the pins on my pin board. Then I will go through my entire wardrobe sorting it out in a bid to make everything tidier. Gah this sounds like I have OCD - I don't. Deary me. I need a life.

3. Watch an entire TV series.
Last time I needed to do an essay I ended up watching an entire season of Man V Food. Then True Blood. Then Desperate Housewives. Then realised that I should do some work. But didn't do work - oopsie. I also stopped watching Eastenders in a bid to stop doing work, but now I actually like it and I still watch it. Oh well. This way has probably been the reason that I didn't do as well as I could have done on a couple of my essays. So I would recommend that you do this one carefully, haha!

4. Have a nap.
Yup, you read that right. Grab some shut eye! Even if this is a good method of procrastination it can actually help. I know, I am actually trying to help now! Sleep can help refresh your brain which means that you might actually be able to write your essay when you wake up.

5. Browse the internet.
Another one which I fall victim to all the time. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Daily Mail, 9gag, BBC iplayer - all reasons why I don't ever get anything done. It's all technology's fault. Stupid modern times. Stupid brain getting sidetracked by everything.

6. Start a blog.
I started my original blog (on Walt Disney World in Florida) as a means of procrastination. I spent like hours a day doing research for it - I still do with this blog, but it requires slightly less research. Starting a blog is also a great way to let off steam. I know what the first year can be like; new home, new people, stress of living on your own bla bla bla. So you can write all your feelings down on a blog and feel so much better about it! Just try not to let it get too much in the way of your work, because you won't get anywhere if you don't try!

7. Download a new app and play it for hours.
This happened to me and Temple Run 2, Fruit Ninja and Fall Down 2. Jeez, they are so addictive. Well done, app creators. This can be seriously bad, as you can see. I played Temple Run 2 continuously for like 2 hours 4 days before my essay was due in. Whoops. Don't follow in my footsteps, dudes.

8. Organise your work.
I know that both Vikki and I do this. When our final essays were due in, our work was in a much better condition and was all filed away than what it had been throughout the entire year. That is awful, isn't it?....Wow. This procrastination tip can work both ways: it means that you aren't doing your work, but you are organising it at the same time. Yay!

9. Go shopping, buy a new video game, play it for hours.
Two tips in one here, dudes. Going shopping is a great break, but a great procrastination tip. I did this, then went to buy a new game (in the form of Roller Coaster Tycoon 3) and then continued to play it for about 12 hours before realising I had an essay due in. Genius, Danielle, absolutely wonderful. I still managed to get the work done though. Impressed? You should be,

10. Panic about not having done your work.
I have been victim to doing all of these in one go, then done this one right at the end. This is the worst one I think. It means that your brain goes into "holy shit" mode and you will never get anywhere and will never get anything done. So try and chill, buddies.

Having now said this, I am shocked I passed my first year....

Disclaimer: I am not promoting not doing your work! Please make sure that you actually do your work!

If you do any of these, or have any different ones then leave a comment in the box below!

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That's all for now, so speak laters.


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