Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have unrealistic expectations of life

Hello there, buddies!

Okey dokey, today I want to talk about life expectations. I don't know about you, but my expectations from my life are so unrealistic, but I keep thinking they will come true! This is going to be a full on rant cause I haven't planned this bear with me!

I dunno about you, but I had this little life plan formulated in my head. Recent events have essentially meant that said life plan has just gone completely down the drain. I am a lost cause.

Theeeeeeen, I decided I would just concentrate on university and getting the best grades that I can - also unrealistic considering I like to drink and go out.....Typical student to be honest.

It is more my life plans after university are unrealistic really. After uni I am going to Florida with my little gang of buddies for two weeks. The money side of this is extremely unrealistic given that I am looking at £2000....but this is happening 'cause it is Disney. You can check up on this in 2 years though.

My plans after uni are just ridiculous. I am hopefully looking at moving to London with some of my uni friends. I know what you are thinking - these are already unrealistic because London is stupidly expensive to live in. I know this already! Having said that, there will be like 4 of us so maybe it will be cheaper? Any good looking YouTuber's living in London? Well heeeeeeey :)

Then I wanna move to New York or somewhere similar after this which is already unrealistic.

In an ideal world I would love to travel the world with a bunch of friends, just seeing the sights and getting some awesome opportunities under my belt because for some reason that is just the sort of person I am. You can already see a trend forming here....essentially I need to win the lottery.....I don't even play the lottery....

I also want to get the job of my dreams! I would love to work in youth justice, and I sort of have these opportunities at hand which is helpful for me. So maybe this one can come true :)

I'd love to get my blog noticed too cause I love to write, but this is so far-fetched as million of people blog now. Oh well :)

Now is when I turn in to a romantic typical girl with the whole I want to get married and have kids thing. Now for anyone who knows me, this is just not going to happen. I have my standards set so high I wish anyone luck fulfilling them. Unless your name is Jack Harries (YouTuber for all those who don't know) cause he is like my perfect man. There is another unrealistic thing cause that is never ever going to happen. Sad Danielle. :(

I have no idea if anyone else can even relate to that really because I just went full on rant there. 

I know a lot of people have expectations from their lives, but to do all mine I need to become famous and win the lottery. Which won't happen.

So comment below your unrealistic expectations so that I don't feel as much as a loser.

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That'll do for now.


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