Thursday, August 01, 2013

Things that bug me

Hello there, buddies.

I am suffering from severe writers block today so I am doing a slightly easier post for now so I can spend the evening planning my other one - sorry!

I am going to tell you about my pet peeves and things that bug me about the world. So long story short, this is going to be a rant. As usual!

People who unfollow you on Twitter as soon as you follow them back
This sort of people really fucking bug me. WHY would you go to the effort of searching through your lists and click unfollow when you see I followed you back? People like this need to not exist. Twitter is about following people who's tweets interest you, not to gain publicity for yourself. 

Bad grammar/English
I am what you call a "grammar Nazi" and I have sort of OCD with it where it really bugs me when people get their grammar wrong. The main thing is the mix up between the likes of "your" and "you're", or the three "there"'s. One of the worst is when people don't capitalise their "I"'s. Gah it drives me nuts. So then my lovely readers, please keep your grammar neat.

The end of a TV series
Don't judge me...when a TV series that I was really in to comes to an end, it is as if my whole world has come to an end. My most recent example of this was the end of 90210. I won't leak any spoilers as I know that the last series has only just started here in the UK, but I watched it with the USA. I was sort of attached to those characters, you know? So naturally, I re-watched a load of it on the internet...happy days.

New Disney Channel shows
Some of my younger readers may be chucking me death glares at the moment, but if you grew up with the likes of "That's So Raven" and "Lizzie McGuire" like I did, then you would understand why I think the new Disney Channel has gone downhill. AND...since when does the Disney Channel have proper adverts?! What the fuck?! Part of the reason why I used to watch the Disney Channel was because I could watch a show without being told about the latest dishwasher soap out.

Running out of Nandos sauce
I think this is one of the worst things in life. This has happened to me once before and I sort of suffered a little bit without my peri-peri sauce on absolutely everything I eat. I love Nandos so much.

Getting out of bed
I am getting ever so slightly lazy at the moment as I don't need to get out of bed - blogging doesn't require me to get dressed! I am genuinely getting out of bed later and later at the moment. I finally got dressed at like 3pm today...Student lifestyle!

Cold showers
No matter how hot it is outside, I would rather have my shower like lava than like snow. I just can't bring myself to do it! I would much rather be too hot than too cold any day.

Who's idea was it to put a gherkin in a bloody cheeseburger?! Sort your shit out, McDonalds! They are gross and no one likes them.

Self checkouts
Oh. My. God. Self checkouts are the most frustrating thing on the entire planet. "Unexpected item in the bagging area. Please remove this item before continuing" I AM SORRY THAT THIS SPECK OF DUST LANDED ON THE SIDE OMG.

Non-iced water
This makes me sound like a snob....but I really don't like it when water isn't ice cold. I have one of those big fridge-freezer contraptions that has an ice and water dispenser so I am so used to the fact all my water is ice cold and it is sooooooo lush.

People on Come Dine With Me
The last few episodes have had the most irritating people on them in the world. I even had to turn it off the other day. That is how fucking annoying those people were. One of them really needed to be slapped. With a bat.

No Eastenders on a Wednesday
I say that they put 'Enders on every Wednesday! Especially as Tuesday's episode usually ends on such a cliffhanger - damn you, BBC!

Slow internet
This must be a sign that you have a severe addiction to the internet, but when my internet gets really slow and keeps dropping I end up in the worst mood known to man. Especially as it means I usually can't access things like YouTube or my blog. That basically means my entire day has been thrown off course because of the fact my internet wants to be a bitch.

Finger clicking
I can deal with back clicking, neck clicking and any other kind of clicking, but as soon as someone clicks or cracks their fingers I go crazy. I hate it so much. It just makes me cringe so badly and I usually end up shouting at the person who did it. Sorry.

People who eat with their mouths open
I am sorry, but I really didn't want to hear you eating. It is so gross - I didn't realise people were brought up in a fucking zoo. Get some manners!

Moths are so horrible - I am genuinely scared of them...and butterflies. Gah they are the worst things ever. I can even deal with bees and wasps, but not moths. They just fly like they are after you. Evil killing machines.

Those people who say things like "that's so cheap" when it is like £15 for a cup of tea. Or people that have overly high standards and won't shop anywhere else other than high-end shops. I am considerably low maintenance so that might be why snobby people piss me off. Sorry, but not everyone is made of fucking money.

Well that is this rant over. Sorry that there have just been a million rants at the moment - I am not in the best of moods (as you can tell).

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Tune back in tomorrow when I have one hell of a surprise waiting for you!


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