Thursday, August 15, 2013

Ramblings of a Rambler

Hello there, buddies.

Well I was unsure at first as to whether I was actually going to post anything today for a start because my mind has been completely blank for the last few days apart from my "inappropriate life rant part two" post (which you can read by clicking back there).

So I thought I would just ramble on about general things that come in to my mind as I type....This will probably turn in to a rambly rant....Yup, new word. *adds to laptop dictionary*

I don't think I have a good sense of humour at the moment (sorry) so I am unsure what turn this might take. For all we know I could be going on about something I saw on Tumblr....Now I have written the word "Tumblr" I think I am going to kick this off with talking about fanfiction. 

For all of you who are avid Tumblr users like myself, you will probably have stumbled across fanfic at some point. For all of your who have never stumbled across it, keep your sanity! I have read so much shit that is just so....disturbing is the only word I can think of...yet I can never seem to stop reading...Fanfic, why you do this to me?! There are various different types of fanfic on Tumblr, and you may have read them about the central person in your fandom (mine being Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil). Yet no matter which fanfic you read, the main subject seems to involve sex. No lie, 90% of Tumblr is sex or porn. Now I am slightly worried as I know various people on my Facebook read my blog and are probably like "holy shit, what kind of fucked up person do I know?!". I assure you, my Tumblr is used mainly for stalking YouTubers, and not for stalking porn. Anyways, I have read some fucked up shit about Dan and Phil (aka "Phan") like OMG you would not believe. The best bit is that I think the majority of Dan and Phil's fanbase are like 13 year old girls. I am not sure whether to be disturbed that they are writing about this sort of thing, or admire the fact they have some crazy imaginations and the patience to write a 36 chapter fic....The mind boggles.

As a bit of a side note....the government needs to find a way of making the price of petrol considerably cheaper.

As I am writing this, I am staring at a wall in my room full of so much random shit it is unreal. I have my You Me At Six posters, a gorgeous post of Tom Daley, my Duke of Edinburgh award, my Welsh flag, a mass of autographs and my world map that I drew a while I am going to talk a little bit about these for a while. Hope you don't mind.

So You Me At Six have been a band I like for a few years now, and if you haven't listened to their music you best go do it now. Listen to the album "Sinners Never Sleep" which is their most recent one. Track one is the best, along with "Bite My Tongue" (such a good song). Josh Franceschi should marry me for that shit. I have been lucky enough to see them twice so far. I saw them once up in Birmingham like 2 years ago where they did an album signing and then a live set which was a bit of a pleasant surprise because we didn't know they were doing that. So I have a signed album stuck up on my wall! Then again at one of the Olympic Torch things in Cardiff where Kids in Glass Houses and Emeli Sande perfomed, too. So I have loooooved that. But go to YouTube and search for them - they are awesome.
You Me At Six - I would post a picture of my album but I can't find the picture I took and my internet is too slow for me to upload a new one.

Not sure I need to say much about Tom Daley. He is just sex on legs. He also lives in Plymouth like me, so I have had the pleasure of bumping in to him on several occasions. I will put a pic below so you can see. I bump in to him quite a bit on nights out, and have met his mum once (totally in there now, you see). He is such a lovely guy, and didn't mind having his picture taken with me despite being out with his friends and being surrounded by screaming girls (I was not one of them!). He also has a nice bum. 
The gorgeous Tom and I. This was taken in Oceana in Plymouth back in September last year, so I no longer look this awful!

Erm, not much to say about my DofE award apart from the fact that I did a lot of work for it, and went camping (ergh) and also discovered I am really badly allergic to ant bites. So that was a lot of fun. 

Ah, my wall of autographs. Now I bet you are thinking that I have a load of celebrity autographs on my wall. Well I don't. I think I have like 4 well known celebrity autographs. Those are Tom's, Nicola from Girls Aloud, Julian Clary (I know his dad) and I have another one but I can't think who it is....The rest are Disney characters. I shit you not....Well that and characters I spotted around Universal Studios. As you can tell, I am a child at heart. Before you ask, yes I have Mickey Mouse's autograph. 

Ermmmmm, ah yes, map. So as you know I am hoping to travel the world after university. Then I got all depressed because it will cost like £10 000 which sucks. But now I have a considerably better and well-paid job that I can come back to during the summer, so travelling has become an option again! So you can imagine I am a happy bunny. Although travelling the world is still off the menu for now, I can afford to travel Australia for about 4 or so months, which is so awesome! So if you live in Australia write in the comments where you think I need to go! Also, maybe I can meet some of you guys?

This (sort of) brings me on to you all know, I love YouTube, and I have been saying for ages that I will sort my channel out properly. Well I have good news! I am going to start shooting my videos in September (ish)! So hopefully I will turn some of these posts in to videos, and do some of the typical YouTube challenges, too. So let me know in the comments what sort of things you want me to do! I would do an "Ask Lovely Chubly" but I am not popular enough to do that *sniff sniff*. I have also roped some of my housemates in to do some videos, too, so you will finally get to meet them properly!

Also, Vikki is currently like half way through her holiday over in Italy where she is staying with her family, so I am feeling abandoned at the moment. I am sending her (almost) daily updates with all the YouTube links in them so she never misses out! I am such a good friend.

I have also managed to get more Pepsi Max in my system, so hopefully I will get myself back to normal soon. I was starting to go a bit funny without it. Stupid addiction.

Finally, I am going to be back in Plymouth on September 10 so I will be back to posting daily! You will also get to hear about all the crazy and stupid things I do in Freshers week. Yes, I am making sure I am back in time to go mental with the Freshers again! Prepare for me to be making a fool out of myself on a daily basis considering last Freshers and first term I think I ended up painting myself about 5 different colours....Anything for a good night out, eh? Also, if you want more posts about my university life then do let me know because I am not sure whether it is something you want to read about. 

Long story short, I am looking forward to being back with my Plym-fam as they are called; I am missing them lots. They keep me sane (ish). So I am counting down seconds now until I am back there! I have even arranged my first night out (September 10) with Louise where I will get my typical dose of Nandos goodness! Stop shaking your head at me, you know how much I love Nandos. (Nandos, if you are reading this - free food?! :D )

I am also trying to think of a name for all of you lovely readers as most bloggers have a name for them. Someone suggested "Chubblies" but I think that sounds a bit harsh....comment below some suggestions if you have any.

So that is my post for today...I am not sure what to make of it to be perfectly honest with you. But you already know what my brain is like.

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That is all for now, peeps.


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