Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Inappropriate life rant part two

Hello there, buddies.

The first part of this seemingly continuing series was very popular and it seems that you guys are relating to it quite well - which I am both pleased and not pleased about as I have gone through a lot of shit and I don't like that you guys had to go through it too.

There is a lot of shit going on at the moment which means I could probably turn this rant in to a like 20 episode long thing. If you think that is a good idea then let me know - if not I think it might be time for me to invest in a diary.

I have a feeling that this rant is going to be even more varied and bloody here there and everywhere than the last one, so if you get to the end and understand what on earth is coming out of my keyboard then you get a fluffy rainbow rabbit wearing a sombrero as a prize.

I have also been writing this over about a month so it really is a few chunks of things that have happened fairly recently. So bear with!

Also, I have had shitty internet for ages now which is why I haven't posted in so long - don't hate me.

First of all I would like to thank a few people for putting up with me over the last few weeks as I think I have been a horror to live with and talk to. I want to thank the lovely Vikki for allowing me to be a pain in the ass pretty much 24/7 and complain about pretty much everything to her, and for giving me advice even though she knows I probably won't listen to it. Lots of love going her way. Also to +James and Josh for being pretty much the only people in the world that I talk to these days. They stop me getting caught up in the inter-web and losing the will to live. Then on a less formal note, I want to thank You Me At Six for making awesome music that has been significantly therapeutic over the last few days when all I have wanted to do is scream at the world. Especially Josh Franceschi for having the most beautiful voice in the entire world. Not that they will ever read that, but hey ho. I feel like I am accepting an Oscar...

Ok, I am going to kick this off with the fact that I just hate people. Yup, I hate people. Ok I think I generalised that too much, but at the moment there are certain people in the world who just make me go like this "kdlaksd;lk;alsk" then scream at everything. That has literally been my mentality for the last few days. On that slightly freaky and abnormal note, lets continue.

Branching off ever so slightly from that, I don't understand why people bitch about one person to you but then go act like they are best friends with that one person. I have discovered that if people bitch about someone to you, then it is likely that they bitch about you, too. Long story short, all girls are bitches. Yes this applies to myself, but I am more of the sort of person who tells you if they have a problem rather than go and back stab you. To be honest, since writing this paragraph (about 3 weeks ago) I am now finding that whole situation far too amusing. People have really proven themselves over the last few months so I am so done with people who are just going to give me shit for every single thing I do. So, sorry, but not sorry.

Something that sort of relates to being a student, I strongly dislike it when people are not understanding and whatnot. I have recently been involved in a conversation about issues such as money and stuff where I have said my opinion on certain expensive things and have been completely shot down because of it. I then went on to discuss the fact my loan barely covers my rent and that I see none of it so I cannot afford luxuries that I used to be able to when I had a steady job. Once again I got shot down. Never have I felt so small in my entire life. I felt extremely patronised by that conversation and I will never be able to look at the select group of people in the same way. I do not take kindly to being belittled over something that I cannot help.(Don't worry, I will babble on to my normal self soon).

Do you ever feel really annoyed at someone because they use stereotypes? This is something I am finding increasingly annoying as I grow older. The main few stereotypes I dislike are tattooed people, overweight people and people with disabilities. I am a strong believe in the phrase "never judge a book by its cover". When I hear someone judge someone else because of how they look my brain is like "what the fuck?". The one I find most annoying is the whole tattoo stereotype. I have tattoos. Do I look like a stereotype? No. So why do it?! Seriously? What the fuck is wrong with the world?

As a rule, I tend to not give two shits about some things in life ‘cause I know that worrying about them is just going to get me nowhere. But when you are there for someone through everything they put you through, then they chuck it right back in your fucking face, but still expect you to be there for them afterwards is just a fucking joke. But wanna know the best bit? I am that fucking mug who will be there, too. It seems that no matter what shit I get chucked through, I will just be stupid enough to go running back. Seriously, what is wrong with me? The best bit is that they clearly know I do it, and know they can basically get away with murder. Especially the shit that has already gone down. Like seriously. I need a fucking medal or something. I just can’t seem to help myself. It is just bringing me down worse and worse every time. I need to stop it, but I just can’t. Anyone help? The worst bit is when they rub it in your face. One thing happens and they either lie to you but make it obvious that they’re lying, or they just continuously drop hint after fucking hint. For example, they say one thing, then consistently reassure you that it is true, yet a week later admit they lied. Then say they don’t know what they will do without you and that they are sorry bla bla fucking bla. Seriously, someone help me because it is just going to ruin me soon. I am literally on breaking point, here.

Or we have the situation I am currently facing – not quite a situation as you will see, but I am seriously lacking words at the mo. I have recently discovered a guy who is so fucking gorgeous it is unreal. OMG I am seriously trying not to drop any hints on who this person is because that would be embarrassing, and he might read this….Oh, God. OK, yeah, hot guy. And he is lush basically. Also note that he is waaaaayyy out of my league and I am definitely punching above my weight, not that I stand a chance in hell, but hey ho. Anyways, so there I am chatting away, being completely obvious in everything I am saying (shock horror, the blunt girl being obvious – I know, I know) but I think it is safe to say I genuinely stand no chance here. Which is annoying ‘cause he seems like such a nice guy, too, which makes a nice change from some of the people I have been with. It is now completely obvious who this person is if they are reading. Awkward. I am just gonna stop on that bit now.

Weird girly shit over, I have recently discovered the fact that I hate it when people don't say thank you. I am not overly fussed on please's but if someone doesn't say thank you then I will seriously resist the urge to say something sarcastic back to them. You all know what I am like with sarcasm - I just can't help myself. But oh my God, some people are just rude.

I feel like I am blabbering on like my last rant.

Another thing I want to add is that I am getting so fucking irritated at my internet. My internet provider (who will not be named to save my own ass) is so shit. I have had no decent internet for about 3 months now. Safe to say, they will be getting an angry phone call tomorrow.

One thing I am briefly going to rant about is Google Communities. I recently got added to a community by the admin because they liked my posts on here. So naturally I post my new one to their page only to get the admin to both criticise my title and tell me to change it, then to get my name wrong. Number one, you added me to the community so you know what my posts are like, so there was no need for you to tell me to change my title. Number two, how the fuck can you get my name wrong when it is right above the post?! I just thought this was ridiculous. Apparently my title was misleading...this is after they had read my posts and liked them to the extent they want me to share them further. I just got offended more so that they got my name wrong. Is that bad? Safe to say I will not be recommending the community, nor posting any more to it. Such a rude admin.

Oh my God, another thing (I will try make this the last one, but no promises) is that my entire Facebook feed is full of soppy relationship statuses. Like all the time. I am not sure if I just hate them, or that they are making me jealous. But it is starting to bug me. 

Anyways I am going to shut up now because I feel like I am boring you.

Don't forget, if you got this far your prize is a rainbow bunny wearing a sombrero. Congrats, you are awesome.

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Until next time, toodle-oo!

PS. I hope you like my new home page - it took me hours!

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