Monday, June 17, 2013

Weekly Whiteboard Weirdness episode one!


As promised every week Vikki and I would be doing a segment called Weekly Whiteboard Weirdness, so here it is! It took us a grand total of 2 and a half hours to sort it all out, but it is finally done! Hope you enjoy, and excuse our drawing because it is really shit :)

Ok the idea is that we have 10 questions, we draw the answers to the questions and send them to each other, laugh hysterically for a couple of minutes then move on. When we are back at uni we will make these into videos for you - don't laugh. 

1. Draw the first thing you think of when someone mentions Disney.

2. Draw your favourite Disney character

3. Draw your favourite Disney film

4. Draw the best villain moment

5. Draw the most emotional Disney moment

6. Draw your favourite Monsters Inc character

7. Draw your favourite song

8. Which Disney prince would you most like to marry?

9. Which Disney animal would you most like as a pet?

10. Which Disney character would you most like to be?

After years of editing, I hope you enjoyed this new segment! We certainly enjoyed making it! Thanks to Connor (@C_Welshy) for helping with the questions!

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See you again next week for this segment, and speak to you tomorrow!

Byeeeee <3

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