Wednesday, June 12, 2013

My first post - Introducing me!


Slightly over-exaggerated font usage there.....

Well hi :) this is my first post, ta-dah!

Yeah it won't say much right now....there is a massive rant coming on but I thought an introduction would be handy first otherwise you might think you are just reading something ever so slightly useless (which is true).

Click on the "Useless Information About Me" page. It does what it says on the some crappy ramble about me and the weird random facts about me.

Theeeeen, click on the "Follow Me!" tab to follow me on almost every social network site I have set up to my name. You can stalk me....and then still laugh repeatedly at the trouble I get myself in pretty much every day.

Sooo....enjoy my hilariously boring life and leave comments and suggestions for new posts!

New posts are every other day!

So click follow to get notified when I write something new - if you can ever be that interested.

Tweet me! :D

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