Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I hate summer

Hello there, buddies!

Don't judge me.

It's not that I hate summer itself, it's more that I hate the concept of it....that makes no sense.

Basically, I am a university student, which means I spend 80% of the year living away from my family home. I live in Plymouth when I am at university - it is AMAZING. Literally, it is so awesome. There is so much I can do when I am there and my old flat was a 5 minute walk to the sea. My family live in Swindon. For any of you who don't know what Swindon is like, it is awful. Like literally awful. There is nothing to do and I am so BORED.

To make matters worse, all of my university friends live around an hour away from me which means I hardly will get to see them *sad face*. Especially Vikki - she will be a reoccurring presence in my posts, sorry - who basically lived with me. It sucks.

Thank god for Facebook, that is all I shall say.

Also, summer for a student is about 4 months long. I have been home since May; it is only the middle of June and I am already counting down the days until I am back in Plymouth. For all you school people, or college people, or whatever you are doing, 4 months probably seems like the best thing in the entire world. Well think like this: I have no money, all my friends work, and my family all live ages away. It is SOOOOO annoying.

Now it seems like all I do is complain. I don't....not all the time anyway.

Luckily, I have my dog to keep me company. Here is a picture of her to make you all go "aawww".

Don't be fooled, she is more grumpy than an old man.

Aaaaannnddddddd....I have already been on holiday this summer. I went to Benidorm in Spain where I drank the entire week away and spent most of my time at the bar (typical student style of course).

So, yeah. If anyone has any ideas what I can do to make my summer more interesting that would help me a lot. Otherwise I will spend 12 hours a day glued to my laptop just writing more and more useless crap that no one wants to read.

Comment your suggestions, or tweet me @lovelychubly 


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