Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Why Do I Love Disney?

I constantly get asked why I love Disney, why I go to Disney World so much, why I don't go other places? More commonly, I get told Disney is for kids and I am sad for going so much. 

Well, you are wrong.

There are no words to describe that feeling of first seeing the Castle in Magic Kingdom, smelling the smells in Spaceship Earth, seeing the floating mountains of Pandora or that first drop on Tower of Terror. 

Disney is an escape. The second you cross under that archway it is like everything else melts away. No one else matters. It is like my pupils suddenly go Mickey shaped. 

Disney is the one place I feel happy, safe and secure. It is like a comfort blanket and nothing will beat that massive hug from Mickey Mouse. 

Watching little girls in their Princess dresses meeting their idols they never thought they would see in person, watching the smiles of everyone at that point in Happily Ever After where Tinker Bell flies or thanking the phoenicians on Spaceship Earth. 

Explaining why you love Disney World to someone who has never been is no easy task. They have never watched the fireworks, done the 4 parks, 1 day challenge or ridden Flight of Passage. 

Disney definitely isn't lying when they say it is the Happiest Place on Earth. I challenge anyone to go there and not smile the whole time. 

Why do I go back so much? No two trips are ever the same. Disney is constantly opening new lands and attractions. I only went last September and there is already a whole new land that I haven't seen yet. 

I could do the exact same things on every trip and yet it would still feel different. There are still things I haven't done yet or seen yet. There is a whole new land opening next year (yay for Star Wars) and then things opening throughout the next couple of years. 

I probably won't be going back until 2021 for the 50th anniversary so everything is open, but I could go every year and still find something different. 

Is Disney for kids? Probably. Do I still love everything about it? Definitely. 

Disney turns you into a big kid. You will see people walking around in their Minnie Mouse ears, rocking the vibrant Disney t-shirts; adults will wave at characters in the parades and cry at the shows and fireworks. 

There is still so much I need to explore, from new hotels and experiences to discovering new Hidden Mickey's and photo spots. 

Why don't I go to other places? I do! I love travelling, but Disney will always be my go-to holiday destination. I love finding a new country or city to visit, but nowhere ever feels as magical as that big old mouse. 

Disney means something different to everyone. To me, it is home. 

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