Sunday, July 08, 2018

24 Things I Have Learned From Love Island

1. There is no better relationship than Dani and Jack's.
2. It appears there are only 5 different types of boys. The "new" boys looked just like the "old" boys.
3. I still don't understand thong bikinis. They just look very uncomfortable and they are always picking them out of their asses. 
4. I need to do more squats.
5. Megan changes her man more than I change my bed sheets.
6. A lot of these girls are very insecure and I am glad to see it isn't just me. 
7. Laura needs to calm her tits. 
Image result for love island 2018 laura mad

8. I need to go to the gym.
9. Plastic surgery is more common than I thought.
10. Some boys take longer to get ready than I do. 
11. People get way too serious way too quickly.
12. Girls can be so nasty to each other. I say this after I just insulted Megan. Whoops.
13. I need more tattoos.
14. Georgia is great and deserves better.
15. Suncream is very important - see Dr Alex. 
Image result for love island dr alex sunburn
16. Danny Dyer naming his child Dani Dyer is still the best thing to happen ever.
17. Grace not making conversation with Alex was so very painful to watch.
18. Ellie is not a very nice person. Nor are her extensions. 
19. Not all guys treat girls like crap. Yes, Adam was bad, but look how nice Jack is!
20. Sometimes the most attractive guys aren't so muscly. Bring on the dad bod! 
21. I need to whiten my teeth. Badly. 
22. Kendall and Niall left way too soon.
23. ITV were so mean to Dani when New Ellie came in.
24. Jack's teeth are whiter than the sun.
Image result for love island 2018 jack
25. Old Ellie and Charlie must be related. They look so similar.

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