Thursday, January 30, 2014

Tiny talk - episode one: frenemies

I was thinking the other day that I might start a little daily series on my blog to essentially keep me sane (although that was meant to be the entire purpose of this blog in the first place...). I am hoping that this follows in the lines of Chummy Chatter by Zoella and Sprinkleofglitter where they just talk about things on their mind, or important issues. 

This is only going to be a small post I think - just a little something that's current in my life that I think might be interesting to you guys. But I will try and write these daily, each with a different theme. I will also be corresponding with Little Boots with our posts, starting tomorrow, so that you get two lots of advice and opinions - you lucky bunch!

So today's issue is frenemies. If you don't know what a frenemy is, it's basically one of those people who you could class as an acquaintance or someone surrounding your friendship group who you just don't get along with, or who bothers you in some way. 

I think this tends to affect people more in their teenage years when they are still at school, or when they're trying to make new friends at a new job, or a new environment. 

This is something I found particularly difficult to deal with in secondary school. I shan't go in to details on this, but it was all about finding out who my real friends were, and overcoming the fact I knew I would lose friends because of one person. It actually ended with me moving schools to start sixth form somewhere else because I didn't want to stay in an environment with those people anymore. Luckily this worked out really well for me, and I made a few life-long friends at this different place. 

I think it is always difficult, especially as a female, to ever trust people when it comes to friendships. There is always bitchiness and back-stabbing in most girl groups - it is just something you have to expect I think. But always remember that you will come out the other side a much better person having been through that experience. It won't seem like it at the time, and it sounds extremely cliche, but it does get better. You have to think about yourself in situations like this; if you aren't happy in a friendship group because of one, or even several members of it, then remove yourself. It will be difficult, and you probably won't like the abnormal feeling for a while, but it's worth it. Don't let a few people in your life bring you down. Especially don't let it affect your school work or anything like that, because you only get one shot at it. 

Don't go down the same dark hole I did and get completely caught up in the situation because you will make yourself ill. It's difficult to get back on track once you're that deep in, so please learn from my mistake and remove yourself and deal with the situation right away. You deserve happiness, and if that means losing a few people then you have to do it. More people will come along - you have a lifetime to secure friendships. I always thought I would be close friends with people from my school years, but in reality I now speak to only one of them on a regular basis, but a few more from when I removed myself from the first situation. 

So today's moral is: don't be put off or think too much if you don't get along with someone. You are your number one priority!

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Tune back in tomorrow for more Tiny Talk!

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