Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day Two: July 2 - I Forgot Day


Following on from yesterday's UBC post, today is I Forgot Day. I bet you're surprised that I remembered to write it, eh?!

Long story short, today is essentially a day to forgot! Or you can look at it in a different light of using it to try and remember all the things you have forgotten. Did you put the washing out? Have you forgotten someone's birthday? Have you forgotten where something is?

You can look at it in many ways; you could use the day to look through old photos and find events that you had forgotten about. This is exactly what I have done! I spent an hour or so looking through some pictures at my Grandma's house from when I was little about the times which I thought I had forgotten. I must say, this was all very interesting and I found a load of pictures of me that I had forgotten all about - like a picture of me and my cousin when we were younger. It is weird the things you can dig up.

I Forgot Day was apparently invented by Gaye Andersen in the USA. On this note I would like to clarify that these are not all necessarily holidays for the UK, but are definitely things you can use here! There is nothing stopping you!

Here is today's challenge for you: write down 5 things that you had thought you had forgotten! Post them in the comments below, or even tweet me @LovelyChubly with #IForgotDay. These can be anything from trivial things like leaving straighteners on for too long (I did this earlier), to forgetting about it being your uncle's, grandad's aunty's birthday. See what I mean, very random, but at the same time all very interesting!

You could even pass this on to friends and family, and see what crazy things you have all forgotten. I bet this could turn out to be quite amusing.

I am finding I Forgot Day actually quite useful as I am remembering all these things that I should have done - like sort out the header for my blog - that I haven't quite got around to doing yet because I have an awful memory. 

So get your thinking caps on, and start remembering things that you have forgotten! 

All comments are extremely welcome and I will reply to every one (if there are any!).

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