Monday, July 01, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day One: July 1 - Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day


Well today marks the start of the Ultimate Blog Challenge, and also the start of my UBC subject of the different and unusual holidays in the month of July! So without further ado, here begins post one!

Today (July 1) is also Creative Ice Cream Flavours Day - did you know that?! I didn't to be perfectly honest. I must say, I quite enjoy this new found holiday!

I think this day is perfectly placed really; it is the start of summer, and here in the UK the weather is FINALLY starting to look up (it is very sunny and warm where I live today!).

The main concept of this day is pretty much self explanatory - create your own ice cream flavour! Could you think of anything better?! You never know, your flavour that you create could be the next big thing!

Essentially just get creative!

Unfortunately, there is no knows record of who created this day, or where it originated from. Because of this, I am going to just say that it was some random ice cream parlour from many years back who thought it would be a great idea to make a day where you can just go nuts with your ice cream flavours!

Here is the challenge for today's holiday! I challenge you guys to get ultra-creative with your flavours. You can literally add anything to any flavour of ice cream and make it your own! So, I would like to see your pictures/suggestions in the comment box at the end of your post and I will post them on my blog! Or you can tweet me them @LovelyChubly with #CreativeIceCream 

I will be making my own after dinner! I am adding chocolate chips, Haribo sweets and popping candy to vanilla ice cream. Not quite sure what the result will be, but it will be interesting for sure! Might top it off with some squirty cream and more chocolate....mmmm....that does sound good now. Maybe some chocolate brownie too?

I tell you what, you could host a crazy ice cream party! This is definitely something I am going to be doing when I get back to uni. Get each person to bring their own flavour of ice cream and a topping each, all muck in and create one giant awesome ice cream! Now that I would LOVE to see on my Twitter feed!

This ice cream here was what I treated myself to the other day, how amazeballs does that look?! It had cream, vanilla ice cream, fudge brownie, Cadbury's Dairy Milk pieces and loads more in it. Now that is what I call a creative ice cream!

That is all for today's UBC, peeps. I will be back with tomorrow's one around the same time in 24 hours!

Don't forget to post your pictures and suggestions in the comment box below, or tweet me them @LovelyChubly with #CreativeIceCream and I will reply to all your comments and tweets!


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