Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The reason behind the death of Cory Monteith

I yet again have the unfortunate job of revealing to you more details surrounding the cause of death of the Glee star.

The will be a very quick and simply informative post.

After the autopsy was fast-tracked through the system, it has been reported that a cause of death has been established.

The coroner found that Cory died of a fatal combination of alcohol and heroin. Despite the actor coming out of rehab and staying sober, it was reported that he lead something of a double life. He reportedly was a hard-worker whilst in LA, but as soon as he returned to Vancouver he associated with friends who fueled his addictions.

After a report suggested that drugs were not a reason behind his death, the toxicology report clearly stated otherwise. It has now been reported that evidence of drugs usage was evident in the room.

The investigation is continuing into the tragic death of the 31 year old actor, with more details to follow.

His co-star girlfriend released a statement on Sunday asking for privacy and close sources said that she is devastated and inconsolable.

Glee officials are still unaware how they will deal with the death of the star in the TV series, but are organising meetings to discuss it. It is undoubted that Cory's death will have a huge impact on the show, leaving a massive gap where he used to stand. 

Even as a fan, I found his death very upsetting. There will no doubt be something missing when the awkward but unbelievable cute Finn Hudson doesn't appear in the new series of Glee, set to debut in the USA in September.

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