Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I hate public transport

Hello there, buddies.

After my little jolly over to London, I felt suddenly inspired to write another rant. Shocker.

As you all know, London is the capital city of the UK and is very busy. I am typically British when it comes to the fact that I am very impatient...Because of this terrible trait, I strongly dislike public transport. This is going to be a long rant, so get comfy, grab a cuppa and maybe even a snack....

This doesn't make me a snob as I am very grateful for public transport, especially in a city as busy as London. But I still dislike it. There are numerous reasons for this and I guarantee that you feel the same even if you won't say it!

 First of all, public transport is just so overcrowded. I don't mind crowds as a rule, but I find piblic transport ridiculous sometimes; especially in London. Even outside rush hour and peak times, the tube is always crowded like no tomorrow. It's more people who don't hold on to the rails if they aren't in a seat and end up standing all over you. I think this is more the issue of personal space here as when it is crowded on the tube people just shove themselves in any gap they can find even if it means they are nose to nose with you. Bearing in mind that there are trains every 3 minutes, it really wouldn't kill some people to wait those three small minutes would it?

Public transport is also usually too hot. I find this more so with the tube and buses than anything else as trains and planes tend to have air con. I am pretty sure I almost passed out on the tube the other day because of the sheer amount of heat. As gross as this is, everyone was so sweaty and there was just no air on there. It was a God send when there was a massive gust of air when you get off the tube. Buses get very stuffy also. Especially in this heat (it is like 31 degrees here today) when you just want some cool air then you get on a bus or something which is the temperature of the sun. Fun times.

In slight elaboration of these, I have discovered that people smell. Considerably. Usually badly. When the tube is busy do people decide it is a great idea to shove their stinky armpits in your face. Charming people. 

I understand that people get in a bit of a rush when they want to get home after a long day at work, but is there really a reason to push and shove people so hard? I get that it is every man for himself, but when I get shoved so much that I almost end up flat on my face, I get angry. The worst bit is when you are trying to get on a train or a tube where there is quite a bit of a gap between the train and the platform, so people pushing me makes me panic. So note to all you business people in your suits and long legs: some of us are only 5"5 with quite short legs, so would like to get on the train without falling into the black hole beneath us. I also seem to find it rather irritating when people push on a plane. I mean, the aisle on a plane is one person you really think that pushing will get you there faster? I think not.

I have a large issue with people not giving up seats. If I am in a seat and I see an elderly person, pregnant woman or young child, I will more than happily give them my seat. Or if I am stood up and a seat becomes free I won't take it so it is left for someone with will need it considerably more than I will. It seriously ruffles my feathers when I see people, especially teenagers, not giving their seats up for a person who needs it more. I don't know why, but it really bugs me. I have also seen people make their kids pretend to be asleep every time the doors open so they don't have to get up. Can they not put them on their laps?! Regarding seats still, I HATE it when people put their bags on a seat. Sure, go ahead if it isn't busy, but in rush hour PUT THEM ON THE FLOOR.

As you all know, I am very short. I find is very hard on transport to stable myself because bars are just too high! Have people who make them not thought that everyone isn't bloody Slender Man and might not be able to reach? Half the time I have to either lean on the wall or someone else, or simply wing it and hope for the best (where I normally end up on the floor. Don't laugh). Maybe I should invest in an expanding pole that I can put up every time? Hmmmm, tempting.

I know that kids and babies get stressed on public transport and so you should expect a bit of unhappy whining, but when parents let their kids scream the place down....Gah. I find this more so on a plane. Parents sometimes seem to let their kids run wild and not give a shit. Or they let them kick the back of your seat. I am not a rude person necessarily, but on numerous occasions I have had to turn around and ask a parent to stop their child kicking my chair. I have also had a toddler stick their chewed sticky sweets on my shoulder before. So gross.

I also have issues with people who play their shitty music out loud. Sometimes I might not mind, but if you want to listen to Pitbull or something, please put your headphones in so I don't have to. Or even worse, if someone has their music up so loud through their headphones and you can hear it. Although this sometimes leads to rather amusing situations. I have heard a guy who was dressed as what people label as a "goth" listening to the Spice Girls before....

This point is plain and simple: all these couples need to stop with the PDAs. Wait until you get home, us lonely people don't want to see that shit.

I also hate it when people leave litter on their seats. When you get round the corner there is more than likely going to be a bin, so why leave it about?! It takes almost no effort to pick it up when you are done and drop it in a bin. Seriously people, we don't live in a zoo!

Leading on from that, I hate chewing gum. Seriously despise it. Especially when it is under your chair or stuck all over the place. The worst is when it is on the floor and you stand in it. So gross.

People who talk on the phone so loudly the entire place can hear them bug me. Especially when they are either arguing or having a business conversation. Why would you shout so loud everyone can hear your domestic?! Or people with headsets who think they are the dog's bollocks. No, you are not better than me because you have a little device wrapped around your ear. Get over it.

I really hate it when people don't apologise if they bump in to you, or if they want to get through. Saying sorry doesn't take two seconds, buddy, so don't push past me or walk in to me without taking two seconds of your time to apologise. I am only little, so won't take a minute to get out your way.

Ok I am going to leave this here now because it is lengthy already. So thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If you did like it then please do subscribe to my blog at the top on the left. 

See you all tomorrow, folks.

Toodle-oo, peeps!

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