Tuesday, July 16, 2013

What a star studded day!

Hello there, buddies!

Well I thought I would do a little bit of a different post today, although I might do a normal post a bit laters!

I am going to tell you a little teeny bit about what I did yesterday! I had a little day out to the lovely city that is London! I went with +Vikki Lamb and Josh - my uni buddies. We went to Madame Tussauds, the science museum, the London Eye and Buckingham Palace. To be honest, Vikki and I entered tourist mode!

So naturally I thought I would post some pictures to you!

Josh, Vikki, Kate, Wills and I!

An awesome picture of Vikki and I with MJ!

We took over Obama's office.

We have now joined the royal family.

On the Spirit of London ride with Vikki.

A slightly reluctant picture with Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner.

With Josh and Vikki waiting for the tube at Hillingdon station.

On the sofa with the lovely George Clooney.

Vikki fangirling over Leonardo DiCaprio, I was forced in to this.

Sat with Julia Roberts.

Going back to the past with Charlie Chaplin.

Whoopi Goldberg! As you can see, I am loving this picture!

My favourite person, Marilyn Monroe.

Be right back, taking ET home.

Breakfast at Tiffany's with Audrey Hepburn.

Vikki and I became Bond Girls!

With Judi Dench.

Happy to see Robin Williams!

We paid Tinkerbell a visit.

Chilling with Shrek.

We took over Stephen Spielberg's new movie.

Then we knocked out Muhammed Ali!

My beautiful baby, Tom Daley.

With Jessica Ennis.

Look at me with the 2008 Olympic torch!

Josh doing the Mobot with Usain Bolt.

Vikki loving Johnny Wilkinson. My Welsh-ness comes out here....

With Princess Diana.

Being in my rightful place with Prince Harry.

So we took over this portrait.

Then I photobomed this one....

Pondering with Einstein.

Says it all. Dickhead.

With my favourite band of all time, The Beatles.

Posing with Kylie Minogue.

Now we are on the red carpet with Justin Timberlake.

Robbie Williams.

Another MJ picture.

Telephoning Lady Gaga.

Bit of a performance with Freddie Mercury.

Listening to some tunes with Bob Marley.

With the bloody awesome Boris Johnson.

Dreaming with Martin Luther King.

Selfie with Maggie Thatcher.

My fangirling commences with Nick Fury.


Fantastic 4.


I hijacked Wolverine.

Captain America.

Holy shit, it is Iron Man!

Richard Branson.

Selfie with Jerry Springer!

That is just Madame Tussaud's (massive shout out to them for an awesome day!). We then headed on over to Covent Garden - my favourite place in London - to go to the Nandos there. That is beyond typical me, I head for Nandos every time, haha! I had the chicken burger with cheese (done medium of course) with corn and creamy mash.

After that we got the tube down to South Kensington station where we strolled on down to the museums. This is where we encountered a dilemma! We had to decide which one to go to! For all your guys who have never been to London before, there are several museums we could have ventured to. Our choices were: the Natural History museum, Science museum, or the Victoria and Albert museum. So being the nerds that we are, we went to the science museum. It was so awesome, and I definitely recommend going there! I shan't bore you with all the details of it as it will bore you to death, and you should go and see it yourself! They also have this Google web lab thing where you get a lab tag and go round and do these awesome things!

Then we got the tube down to Westminster and had a wander around Parliament Square where we snapped many different pictures of Big Ben! Then we sat in the grounds of Westminster Abbey to catch a teeny bit of sun.

Big Ben.

The side of the Houses of Parliament and the London Eye.

Westminster Abbey.

We then had the awesome experience of going on the London Eye, which was so awesome! The views from the top are incredible and you can see pretty much all of London. I shall show you some of my pictures.

Then to finish the day, we took a trip down the Mall to Buckingham Palace. There is so much press down there at the moment waiting for the arrival of the Royal baby. We also saw a drunk man swimming in the fountain which was rather amusing!

Well this has been a bit of a long post, hasn't it?! I shall stop now before this becomes a bit of an essay....

If you have got this far then you deserve a pat on the back!

Thank you for reading all about my day. If you wanna hear more ramble from me, then head on up to the top of the page and click "follow this site" to subscribe to me!

Speak to you guys laters!

Toodle-oo, peeps.

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