Friday, July 19, 2013

Lets talk about....cinemas

Hello there, buddies.

Today I want to talk about the cinema. I have to say, as much as I do love the cinema, it bugs me when I do go to the cinema sometimes. There are just so many irritating things! But then there are some awesome things, too.

For starters, does anyone realise how bloody expensive the cinema is? I get a student price, yet I am still looking at like £ exactly am I meant to afford that?! Then on top of that I am looking at breaking the bank with popcorn and drinks. Maybe I should start up a cinema? That would definitely make me rich....I am lucky enough to have a Reel cinema in Plymouth which is a privately owned cinema where prices are cheap enough that I can afford them. But at the local Vue cinema for two of us with a drink and popcorn it came to about £40.....dafuq?!

Also, why do people insist on talking the whole way through a film? You pay all that money to just come and have a chat instead of watch the film? Are these people made of money or something? You get those different type of talkers in a cinema. There is the likes of the person who continuously asks what is going throughout the entire film. How am I meant to know if I have never seen the film? Then there is the person who is always predicting what will happen in the film like "OMG, he is going to die". Then you just have the people who sit there and talk about what they did last night. EVERYONE SHUT UP.

Something which is equally as irritating, and also really ruffles my feathers, is when people munch their food so loudly the whole theater can hear it. I really don't want to hear you eating your popcorn. Sometimes it is as if people go out and find the crunchiest and loudest thing to eat they can just simply to piss us off. Do you want to get any more annoying? Seriously.

Then there is the issue of what film you go to see. If you are with a bunch of friends then it is likely that one or two people in your group have got the complete opposite taste in movies to you. Yet they always seem to be the people who choose the film. I mean, I don't want to go to the cinema to pay a fortune and sit through a film I didn't even want to see. Gah.

One thing I really do not understand is why cinema people get overly shitty when you bring in your own food. I do this all the time, and I really hate it when I get those disappointed looks from the staff. I mean, if you didn't have your prices so high that only millionaires could afford them then I wouldn't need to bring my own food would I? Ever thought of that, cinema staff? I didn't think so. Don't complain next time.

Also, it bugs me when the cinema lobby is really busy when you're late (usually my own fault, I know) but people just won't move out your way. I am generally a polite person and I won't barge through anyone without saying "excuse me" but when I need to get somewhere I will get there, even if it means being rude. So, sorry, but if you don't move out my way it is your fault.

Then there is also the soooooo annoying thing of when people get up in the middle of the film. OK, if you need the loo, or need to get up for a legitimate reason then fine. But when you stand up and dither for a minute or so without moving whilst blocking my view of the screen (which I paid to see) then I am going to get lairy. I don't want to watch my film with your massive head in the way. Thanks.

I also really, really, really hate being sat by a couple in the cinema. I go out with couples if I am with someone, but I am not friends with any who are overly PDA all the time. I don't wanna hear you all kissy fucking kissy all the time, or have your heads in the way if you want to sit that close to each other. Sit at the back. Away from me.

I DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHY PEOPLE BUY SALTED POPCORN. I mean, what the hell?! WHY?!?!?!?! This should not even be sold in cinemas.

Do you ever find that cinema theaters are generally really dirty? There is always popcorn all over the floor, and then it gets stuck to your shoes. So gross. 

In relation to this, there is always litter and rubbish strewn across the theater where people just are plain lazy and don't take it out with them to the bins RIGHT OUTSIDE THE SCREEN. Seriously people, it really isn't that difficult is it?

I also get really annoyed when people sit in the cinema on their phones throughout the entire film. I went to go and see Iron Man 3 a few days after it was out, and there was a group of teenage girls just sat giggling on their phones for the whole film. I swear to God, I almost knocked them out. I really bugs me. Does anyone else think that?!

If anyone kicks my seat throughout a film, expect to find yourself passed out on the floor. Just don't do it.

Following on from things which really piss me off in the cinema, constant sniffing and coughing grinds my gears. I sound like such an intolerant person, don't I? I just really cannot stand the noise. Blow your nose, for fuck sake. It really isn't that difficult. Or if you are sniffing, have a drink!

The best thing about cinemas is the late showing. These usually happen about 11.30pm and you don't get any of the irritating people go, so this is when I am happiest. The cinema is quiet, there are no screaming kids, and no annoying things to piss me off.

Well, I have no painted myself in a very bad light, haven't I? I promise you I am not a horrible person, aha! 

If you get stuck with me in the cinema, I do apologise.

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Toodle-oo, peeps!

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