Thursday, July 18, 2013

18 things all British people will do in the sun

Hello there, buddies!

In light of the recent crazy heatwave we have had here in the UK, I thought I would make an amusing, but true, post about it.

For a few weeks we have now had temperatures soar in to the 30s. To all my readers from hot countries that will seem like nothing, but it rains here about 80% of the year so this is so lush for us. Now I am posting this, I bet that it is going to get all cold again....

So, there are things that I guarantee you that all British people will do in the sun. 

1. Have a BBQ
I can pretty much guarantee that most British people will grab their BBQ as soon as they see the slightest bit of sun break through these shitty British clouds. I am guilty of this; as soon as it got a bit hot here I did have a BBQ....then I continued to have a BBQ right up until now....

2. Complain about the heat
This is so very typical of us British people. As soon as it gets one degree over the normal temperature all you will hear everywhere is "OMG, it is too hot". Yet people will continue to complain when it is cold. Us British are never satisfied. 

3. Flock to the beach
Beaches in the UK are usually deserted 98% of the year, but for that 2% of the year that there might be a tiny bit of heat, the beaches go absolutely nuts. You literally cannot move on a beach, and you will probably not even find a space. Good luck.

4. Wear no sun cream
Again, when it gets hot we tend to get a little irresponsible and put absolutely zero sun cream on our skin. I mean, can you blame us? All we want is a nice summer tan without having to spend thousands on a holiday abroad.

5. Burn
Every year this happens. Do we learn? No.

6. Buy a swimming pool
Getting the paddling pool out when you see some sun is pretty much a must in the British summer. Doesn't matter if you had one from the year before, getting a new one happens. 

7. Be almost naked all the time
This sort of ties in with the sun cream one. We want to be in the sun for as long as we can, as much as we can. So if we see an opportunity to get in it, we will. Maybe even a quick sunbathe in our lunch break?....

8. Buy sunglasses
I think I buy a new pair of sunglasses every single summer.....This may be due to the fact they either get broken from last summer, or I simply don't have any because I never need them. Even so, British sunglasses shops must go crazy when it is hot.

9. Get a sunglasses tan
Every time. Britons turn into pandas.

10. Complain about the beach
Us British people are fantastic about complaining. So when the summer comes, expect to hear loads of rants about annoying things on the beach. Sand in their sandwiches, sand in their bags, seaweed.....Everything.

11. Eat a load of ice cream
99 ice creams become very popular over summer. Britons buy ice cream in floods and floods when it gets hot (pun not intended). I think it might even be possible to eat too much ice cream....

12. Drink so much Pimm's they pass out
Pimm's is the summer drink in the UK. It is associated with the summer, so Britons drink so much of it when it gets hot. They even sell it in cans now so you can drink it on the go. As Pimm's is alcoholic, people drink too much of it and get a little bit worse for wear....

13. Constant Facebook updates
I don't know about you, but my Facebook is always full of updates about how it is the "hottest day of the year" or "oh my god, it is so hot". This is genuinely a yearly occurrence in the UK....

14. Jump in anything cold...anywhere
People even take to swimming in public fountains. I mean, I saw a guy swimming in the fountain outside Buckingham Palace the other day....

15. Get annoyed it is lasting too long
I have genuinely heard people complaining that the summer is lasting too long....after they complained that summer was taking too long to get here. I mean, what?! 

16. Mess around with sun cream
Usually this involves things a lot more inappropriate than a smiley face....Lesson: never let friends put sun cream on you.

17. Get heat stroke
I know SO MANY people right now who are suffering from heat stroke. This ties in with the sun cream rule! Always stay hydrated, UK!

18. Want it to be winter again
I just think we are more used to the shitty cold winters we get in comparison to this hot summer.

Well there are 18 things we British people so when there is a heatwave.

If you don't think you do any of these....stop lying.

I have just realised how badly I showed British people as.....please bear in mind we live in a cold and wet country. Hot weather comes as a shock to us!

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That's all for now!

Toodle-oo, peeps!

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