Saturday, July 20, 2013

If I took over the world

Hello there, buddies.

So I recently came to the conclusion that I worry too much about ridiculous things, so I thought I could put all these worries in to one massive world domination post....don't judge me.

I started to think about things that I would do if I took over the world, and things that I would get rid of, introduce and whatnot. Expect some crazy things to happen if I took over the world, but there are some more serious things chucked in here because we don't want the world to fall apart, do we?

So first of all, and probably most importantly I would most definitely make universities offer a degree in Disney! Mainly because I would pass with the highest first in the entire world. Can you imagine a better and more fun degree to study? It could be all like the history of Disney, Disney in application, the future of Disney. OK, I am getting far too in to this. Maybe I should propose the idea to like the university board of education? Is that even a thing? Comment below if you would study a degree in Disney.

Then I would make it completely socially acceptable for people to spend hours on the internet. Considering I have only had the internet for like not even 10 years yet, it is a relatively new development in the world so is not widely accepted with every person. So by the time that I get to take over the world, maybe it would be more acceptable?

Having had my car for a few years now, I am starting to realise how bloody damn expensive it is to run a car and make it road legal etc. So I would make petrol (somehow) cheaper and have the likes of insurance and tax cheaper because I know it is all very expensive for some people. Mine was bad enough, all coming in at £1000 for the year. Not to even mention the fortune I paid for driving lessons after having to switch due to getting ripped off and taught badly by one company. Luckily I passed both my theory and practical test first time, but they come in together at £130 ish, which is very expensive. 

As a MAJOR rugby fan, I would make it a more popular sport. I know you're all thinking, ah it already is popular, but the difference in popularity between football and rugby is huuuuuge. So making rugby more popular would be awesome. Then I could meet all the Wales rugby team and make one fall hopelessly in love with me....yep sounds like a good plan.

I would make internet free. It isn't overly expensive now, but it should be free! I mean, we all use it don't we?

As the unfortunate student who has the joys of paying £9000 plus rent to be at university a year, I would reverse the STUPID idea to raise university fees and lower them again. I'd also want to give more options for students who are less fortunate than the likes of you or I so they could go to university also.

I would also ask to get paid to blog. I do love my blog a lot (as you can probably tell) and I put more work in to doing this and making it awesome for you guys, that I would just love to get paid for it. Maybe one day my blog will get published? Who knows? Then that means I would want to get any person who has a blog a little bit of recognition as there are so many awesome bloggers out there who are undiscovered. 

I am a little bit of an anime fan, so I would introduce anime to EVERYONE. People miss out on it because they just don't get introduced to it.

Then (as a bit of a selfish move) I would befriend YouTuber's which would be soooo cool. Especially the ones who I watch now. Do have a little bit of a soft spot for Joe Sugg (you can search his channel ThatcherJoe on YouTube). Deary me. 

Then I would have to lower house prices and mortgages because I know that I will be renting for a very long time before I will even be able to think about buying my own flat. This makes me sad because I would love to have my own house, but I know it is just going to be impossible for at least 10 years yet. Maybe this could help a lot more people become more independent? 

On a serious note, I would offer education to every single person. Whether they choose to accept it is up to them, but I think an education is the best thing you can ever offer anyone. It would then give everyone else such a better outlook on life and allow them to go further. 

I'd also make benefits stricter because there are so many people who just live off of them and don't bother to get a job. I understand that there are circumstances where a person has no choice, but in the circumstances where they do have the option to find work I think that they shouldn't be allowed to live off our money. Obviously child benefits would be kept along with disability benefits etc.

Then I would obviously be able to control the weather (duh) so I would make it warm and sunny everywhere always. Obviously not too hot because we don't want all the water drying up and crops dying and shit, do we? But would be nice to have some nicer weather everywhere for once!

To fuel my addiction to Pepsi Max, I would make it really, really cheap. Like 30p a bottle or something ridiculous like that. Yep that would make Mr Pepsi Max unhappy, but needs must.

Attractions over the world like theme parks and whatnot would offer a student discount. I have found that having not major amounts of money is affecting my summer, with me having to borrow money or just have to say no to things I really want to do. Disney World should do student discounts also, do you not think? Maybe a student discount on holidays? Too many discounts.

Prescriptions for EVERYTHING would be free. I dislike the fact that I am having to pay for my hay fever tablets (which essentially keep me alive at times). I didn't ask to have hay fever, so why should I have to pay for them? I miss the times when I was 18 and had free prescriptions. 

I would make it my priority to sort out this shitty economy. It is in one hell of a state, and someone really needs to hop to it. Hopefully it won't have to wait for me to take over the world for this to happen....

In relation to this....the UK needs someone like Obama to come along and sort everyone out. He doesn't take any shit, and he then gets shit done. That really does need to happen here, people...Then again, I'm not politician, so what do I know?

I'd also chuck some more funding in to youth rehabilitation. Considering the biggest cuts in 2015-2016 are going to the Ministry of Justice, this is an area that is most likely to be affected. That is really bad because I think it is one of the most important areas in the criminal justice system. I am not being biased because this is the area I want to work in either!!

Then I would give more options for students to get more opportunities. Like things such as working abroad, travelling, stuff like that. It is something that I really want to do, but I just feel like it is going to be years before I can even think about doing it. Then if I get a job I won't be able to give it up to go travelling as I won't get another job for a very long time after that. Sad times.

Everyone should be a Harry Potter fan. That would be something I would introduce! 

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Tune back in tomorrow (or maybe tonight) to see what I have in store for you! You won't want to miss it!

Toodle-oo, peeps!

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