Saturday, June 22, 2013

University withdrawal symptoms

Hello there, buddies!

I miss uni :(

I genuinely think I am getting withdrawal symptoms from being there.

For all of you who haven't been to uni yet or just simply don't plan on going this is the sort of thing I mean: you live on your own (actually with friends) for an entire year. This means you can do what you want, when you want. You have all this freedom to do absolutely anything at absolutely any time. For instance, ordering pizza at 3AM (yes, I am guilty of this). You can go out without worrying about waking people up when you get in, or the fact you have to be home by a certain time. I used to stay awake all night then sleep most of the day, and I would have friend round until 6AM. So much freedom!

Then you come home.

Don't get me wrong, seeing my family is nice. But I miss my freedom. I have to live under someone else's house and (slightly) follow their rules. My parents are pretty chilled about this shit to be honest. I still get to do what I want, the when I want is a bit more restricted but they get that I am getting older now and I have my own life. So they don't make me do stuff like be out of bed early like they used to. But, at the end of the day, it isn't my own house or flat. 

Being home also means I need to get a job. I have been quite lucky in that I have managed to get myself 3 jobs for the summer, one being in the area that I want to start a career in when I graduate uni. I have been very fortunate in this, but having been unemployed for a year, going back to work was a shock!

I am also finding myself having a weirder sleeping pattern to what I did when I was at uni. I am going to bed at around 2AM - this is considerably earlier than when I was at uni - but sometimes waking up at like 8AM. For anyone who hasn't experience university life, this will seem probably normal to you, but let me put this in perspective. At uni I sleep from around 5AM until 1PM on an average day, not including days when I am hungover or being lazy (most days). This weird adjustment to working life has messed around my body clock. Weird. I am going to have to readjust come September when I toddle back down south. Oh dear.

My alcohol intake has considerably decreased. Ok, lets address this first. In the first term of uni (September-December) I would be going out for an average of 4 nights a week (don't judge me). Second term (January - March) it decreased a lot as I had a lot of essays and stuff due in so we are looking at about once or twice a week. And in the last term (up until May) I went out like twice. My alcohol intake varied each night. Some nights we are looking at 3/4 of a bottle of vodka....other nights more, other nights less. So my intake was rather a lot - me and my liver no longer are friends. Since I have been home I have been out twice involving alcohol. This was not a normal night out, it was more of a social event with some friends. I am slightly concerned that I am going to become such a lightweight when I am back at uni. Freshers week will be interesting.

I gained several addictions whilst at uni. These were Pepsi max, coffee, tea, chocolate digestive biscuits and curry. Stop shaking your head at me, I am unhealthy. I have already been told I am not to drink any more coffee for a few weeks as it got to the point where I was getting no rush from it anymore. My parents don't really buy Pepsi Max so I am having to try and stop my addiction. Not working. I am shaking like mad all the time. Oops.

I am also getting withdrawal symptoms from my uni friends. Sad face. Having gone from seeing them every single day without fault, to not seeing them at all sucks. God, I am such a loser.....The only contact we have is Facebook, Twitter and text. Bet you're thinking "why don't you just go see them then?". Well, my friend, this is a slight problem as they are all scattered around the place. Panic not, I am organising something, so I won't be a sad mess for much longer.

I am starting to think that this should be diagnosed as some kind of medical condition. All my friends are like "we need to get back to Plymouth", "I am bored of home", "I miss uni", so it is not just me, ok? 

Okies I think I should stop this little rant because it is starting to get out of hand.....

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Speak to you tomorrow! 


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