Saturday, June 22, 2013

My bucket list - things to do before I die

Hello there, buddies!
Ok I am going to tell you aaaallll about my bucket list! This list could grow with time and it is something I will definitely be coming back to all the time so keep an eye out! I also think I will tick things off as I go along.

Be prepared because some of them are going to be ultimate fangirling.......

Feel free to comment in the box below all about your bucket list, or things you think I could add to mine!

1. Move to New York

2. Live in Sydney

3. Raise loads of money for Cancer Research 

4. Travel the world

5. Break a Guinness World Record

6. Get my dream job

7. Live in London

8. Have a theme park all to myself for one day

9. Graduate uni with a good grade

10. Visit Walt Disney World 10 times

11. Go on safari

12. Sky dive

13. Bungee jump

14. Get retweeted/followed by Tyleroakley (Tyler Oakley) 

15. Get retweeted/followed by Danisnotonfire (Dan Howell)

16. Get retweeted/followed by Amazingphil (Phil Lester)

17. Get retweeted/followed by MarcusButlerTv (Marcus Butler)

18. Get retweeted/followed by Pointlessblog (Alfie Deyes)

19. Get retweeted/followed by Jacksgap (Jack and Finn Harries)

20. Meet all of the above!

21. Get my blog recognised 

22. Make YouTube videos

23. Climb a mountain

24. Make a scrapbook with loads of memories in it 

25. Get married

26. Have kids

27. Buy my first house

28. Move out of home 

29. Kick my caffeine addiction

30. Visit every Disney park in the world

31. Personally save a life

32. Road trip across the USA

33. Get retweeted/followed/favourite'd by Tanyaburr (Tanya Burr) ü

34. Go to Comic Con International in San Diego

35. Get retweeted/followed by Sprinkleofgliter (Louise) ü

36. Kick my Nandos addiction

37. Get paid to write/blog

38. Have an out-of-the-box job

39. Meet someone ultra famous

40. Help complete someone else's bucket list ü

I think that will do for now!

Don't forget to use the media buttons to your right! Comment below all the things you want to do before you die too!


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