Wednesday, June 12, 2013

New weekly segment.....COMING SOON TO A COMPUTER NEAR YOU!


Things got a bit deep-movie-voice there in the title, didn't they?......I don't sound like that....or do I?!

Ok, so I thought to make this all a little more interesting that I would do a weekly segment involving Vikki (uh huh, it's her again!).

We both have these mini whiteboard things that we always send weird and stupid doodles to each other on via Facebook. So naturally, we thought that the internet should be allowed to see the epic loserness that flows from our pens.

So, starting on June 16 (yup this Sunday) we will be doing a weekly segment after 9pm (Dan and Phil's Radio One show kinda takes priority, soz).

Topics that are chosen can be anything!

Now is where we need YOUR help!

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to hop on over to my Twitter, @lovelychubly, and send me loads of suggestions for things that we could both draw. It can literally be anything - keep your dirty minds at bay, you lot - so get suggesting!

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