Monday, October 08, 2018

50s Prime Time Cafe Lunch Review

50s Prime Time Cafe is a home-style cooking restaurant based in Hollywood Studios. It is located on the left in Echo Lake, next door to Hollywood & Vine. 

The restaurant is 1 Table Service Credit on the Dining Plan. However, you can sit at the bar just inside the door if you want to go in just for a drink. You can even order one of their signature milkshakes to take out! 

50s Prime Time Cafe is an extremely popular restaurant, not just for their food but for the dining experience. Reservations open 180 days prior to your trip and I definitely recommend making your reservation at that 180 day mark. They do accept walk ins but you may be waiting a while or even turned away in peak times. 

The restaurant is themed to an old 1950s style house, featuring 1950s TVs playing old shows such as the Dick Van Dyke show! 

Check in is directly inside the door on the right. You check in with a Cast Member, dressed beautifully in pink 1950s diner dresses. You will then be asked to take a seat in the waiting room if your table is not yet ready.

You will then be called to your table in traditional 50s Prime Time style - with shouting and ever so slight rudeness! 

We were sat towards the back of the restaurant. Each section of the restaurant is immaculately themed and is incredible immersive. The one thing you should know before you come to 50s Prime Time is that the servers will treat you like you are family. 

We were told to put our "walkie talkie's" away and that they shouldn't be at the table - we would be in trouble! My sister and I were told to set the table and everyone should keep their elbows off the table at all times! It is fantastic. Our server and the server across from us were incredible and I couldn't fault them whatsoever! Although, we did notice they were a bit more lenient with us as Brits, the American family on the table across were absolutely slaughtered! Either that or we were just well behaved. 

The menu is very traditional home cooked food and I love it! There isn't anything on the menu that I wouldn't recommend. They also have a highly extensive allergy menu. 

My first recommendation for 50s Prime Time is any of the milkshakes. They are so worth it for a drink; they are massive and made with real ice cream. I would also suggest getting a water on the side! I had the chocolate shake and my mum had the peanut butter and jelly shake. Both are equally amazing. It is worth noting, that potentially due to the size of it, you can have the shakes for either a drink or a dessert. I'd say get it as a drink, then you can get dessert too! 

The food at 50s Prime time is so, so, so good. I had the fried chicken which comes with an amazing mashed potato and seasonal vegetables, which in this case was sweetcorn. You get three giant pieces of chicken, each on the bone in some way. Now, I don't like chicken on the bone, but I make an exception here. The chicken is so tender and not dry in any way. The mash is also so good that I always sit there wondering if I should ask for the recipe.

Another menu favourite had by my sister and mum was the trio. It comes with a portion of the fried chicken, pot roast and meatloaf as well as mashed potato and seasonal vegetables. It is a great way to try a little of everything. 

Now, let's talk dessert. The dessert menu has a good selection of different options. I, of course, had the chocolate brownie. It is a nice, heavy and chocolatey brownie with chocolate chips. It also comes with both cream and ice cream which I love!

Overall, 50s Prime Time Cafe is worth it just for the dining experience on its own. The servers are hilarious and sometimes it is worth doing something wrong just for the fun experience you get! Everywhere you sit is so amazingly themed it really does feel like you walked through a time machine.

I cannot recommend this restaurant enough to anyone. I would suggest getting a lunchtime reservation to take a break from the Florida sun and sit down to a huge meal. Cindy, the server who was sorting the tables next to us, was so good in including us in the amazing conversations and banter she was having. She even told my grandma off for not eating her greens! You might have seen Cindy on YouTube - I recommend trying to find videos of her, she is amazing! 

Have you ever been to 50s Prime Time Cafe? What has been your best experience? 

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