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1900 Park Fare Breakfast Review

1900 Park Fare is a buffet restaurant located in the Grand Floridian at the back of the main lobby if you are coming in from the main entrance. If you are staying at an on-site Disney resort, the best way to get to 1900 Park Fare is to take a Disney bus to the Magic Kingdom and then jump on either the resort boat or monorail to get over to the Grand Floridian. I definitely recommend the boat, it is such a nice journey and docks towards the rear of the resort. You then have to walk a few short minutes and one of the doors leads directly into the entrance for 1900 Park Fare. 

1900 Park Fare is 1 Table Service credit on the Dining Plan. If you don't have the Dining Plan, the set price for breakfast is $35 for an adult and $20 for children aged 3-9 years old, plus sales tax. 

Check in is directly under this sign. You check in with a Cast Member and may be asked to take a seat whilst they get your table ready. My butt had only just touched the seat when they called us through! Another Cast Member will take you to your set and get you set up.

It is worth noting that unlike most restaurants, you exit through a different entrance than where you came in. The exit for 1900 Park Fare is at the back of the restaurant, opposite the entrance. You will have your last character photo here which is taken by a Disney PhotoPass photographer. The character changes on a daily basis and we had Tigger! 

1900 Park Fare is character dining at breakfast and you can meet Mary Poppins, Alice, The Mad Hatter, Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. What I took from that was that it is the English-based characters. Being from England, I always find this interesting! 

At this point, I am going to give a special mention to Mary Poppins who completely made my dad's day; as you can see by the photo below. She saw me nudge him when she was coming to our table and told him that she clearly has to keep an eye on him as he is trouble! 

As the restaurant is buffet style, I forgot to take photos of my food. They have a large selection of normal breakfast items such as eggs, sausages, bacon, pancakes, waffles etc. They also have some other items such as cheesy eggs, bread and butter pudding and the signature strawberry soup. Then they have a massive bowl of gummy bears. At breakfast. I have no idea. 

There was also a huge bowl of what my dad thought was whipped cream. Upon taking a massive spoonful of it, he discovered that it was Cool Whip. Essentially a bowl of icing. 

The restaurant also has carousel horses decorating towards the sides, splitting up some of the seating areas. I can't help but think of Mary Poppins and the scene where they ride the carousel horses through the horse race. I imagine this is purposeful, knowing Disney! 

There is also an organ that sits at the top of the buffet area on the back wall leading to the exit. At intervals throughout the day this puts on a little show which is so charming! We didn't get to see it this time, but have a search on YouTube to have a look.

1900 Park Fare is such a lovely experience if you have younger kids, or you are a big kid at heart like me. It is also a great way to meet characters that usually have such a long line at a meet and greet location. They have to seating down to perfection. All the characters came round not long after we had been seated which meant that we were able to eat our breakfast without getting up and down for photos, not that we mind that!

They were also great in their interaction with us. The Mad Hatter is incredible anyway, but he told my grandma her her reminded her of a hedgehog. My sister asked if he wanted to sit down with us and he shouted "noooo!" in his amazing voice which had us in stitches. 

I think with character buffets, you pay for the character interaction more so than the food. Although, don't get me wrong, the food is so good and I definitely had almost a whole plate of tater tots as we don't get them in the UK, but the characters are priceless.

I do prefer character buffets to be for breakfast, so if you have little ones and are staying on-site then 1900 Park Fare for breakfast is a must do! 

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