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Disney World Fastpass Plans - August 2018

As of today, I have completed all of the FastPass bookings for my August trip! 

If you stay on Disney property you are able to book your FastPasses 60 days out of your arrival date. You are usually able to do the first 10 days of your trip, with the following days being able to be booked in turn. Outside of Disney property, you are able to book 30 days out. 

FastPasses are available in hour time slots and you can't have any clashes. 

FastPass bookings become available at midday UK time. This is much better than the previous time that required an early wake up call! 

So, on with the plan.

August 23rd

Splash Mountain - 09:35
Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin - 11:30
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - 15:45 

Splash Mountain is my second favourite ride in Magic Kingdom and I am so glad it is open on this trip! I am looking forward to getting drenched! Buzz Lightyear is a great sit down in the air conditioning and we all like to try and beat my dad! Seven Dwarfs Mine Train is a very popular ride, hence the random gap between reservations. We love this ride and have it quite a few times through the trip.

August 24th

The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - 08:10
For the First Time in Forever: A Frozen Sing Along Celebration - 10:00
Alien Swirling Saucers - 12:10

I rode Tower of Terror for the first time on my last trip and absolutely loved it. I am so looking forward to getting my mum on this ride. We all love the Frozen Sing Along and always hope we get Ben, who is absolutely hilarious. This is a show made for kids, aimed at adults. We have a FastPass for Alien Swirling Saucers! We wanted to get Slinky Dog on this day, but it was completely booked. 

August 25th

Frozen Ever After - 11:50
Spaceship Earth - 13:00
The Seas with Nemo and Friends - 14:25

This will be the first time my family will have ridden the Frozen ride. My dad is a closet Frozen fan and I have no doubt that he will be singing along. Then we have 2 old reliables. Spaceship Earth is one of my favourite attractions; I pretty much live for the smell of Rome. Nemo is another good sit down attraction and a good chance to rest your feet. 

August 26th

Kilimanjaro Safaris - 09:45
Kali River Rapids - 11:05
Flight of Passage - 18:10

Kilimanjaro Safaris is always best to have in the morning - there are more animals out! Kali around lunch is a good chance to cool off with a bit of a splash (or the whole wave!). This will be the first time that my family will have seen Pandora. Flight of Passage completely blew me away before and I am really looking forward to do it again. 

August 27th

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad - 16:30
Splash Mountain - 19:05
Haunted Mansion - 20:05

Thunder Mountain is a good classic with us and you always have to try and follow the goat. Another Splash FastPass, this time in a bit of darkness. Finally, my favourite ride of all time - the Haunted Mansion. This is always great in the dark, especially when the Cast Members really get into character. 

August 28th

Rock n Roller Coaster - 16:50
The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror - 17:55
Slinky Dog Dash - 19:55

A good classic for me and my sister is the Rock n Roller Coaster. None of my other family do this ride so looks like we are going on 3 times in a row! Back on the Tower of Terror, hoping that my family like it... We finally got the FastPass for the Slinky Dog Coaster. I am really looking forward to doing this, especially in the dark. 

August 29th

Peter Pan's Flight - 09:25
Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - 10:55
Pirates of the Caribbean - 12:05

Peter Pan is obviously a must-do for any Disney trip. Always ask for Pixie Dust when you get into your pirate ship! Another Mine Train FastPass; can you tell we like this ride? A trip through Pirates to see the new Red scene. Looking forward to seeing that in person.

August 30th

Na'vi River Journey - 09:45
Dinosaur - 10:55
Expedition Everest - 12:00

Really looking forward to seeing my family's reaction to the River Journey ride, especially the Shaman of Songs at the end. Dinosaur is another must-do for us - we're not gonna make it, we're not gonna make it! Everest is mostly one for me and my sister, but we are hoping that our parents do this one too!

August 31st

Test Track - 09:10
Journey Into Imagination with Figment - 10:25
Spaceship Earth - 11:45

Test Track is always best to do in the morning, just in case it breaks down during the day. Figment is another classic for us. I will forever have that song in my head! Another FastPass for Spaceship Earth for a nice sit down with Judy Dench. 

September 1st

Tomorrowland Speedway - 15:15
Dumbo the Flying Elephant - 16:30
Jungle Cruise - 20:00

An evening for classic rides! Tomorrowland Speedway is going to be a good way to hopefully get a quick sight of the TRON coaster construction. Dumbo is a Disney classic and no ride is completely without a spin on the flying elephant. Finally, some classic puns on the Jungle Cruise!

September 2nd

Soarin' Around the World - 16:30
Living with the Land - 17:30
The Seas with Nemo and Friends - 20:00

This will be the first time my family have seen the Around the World version of Soarin! I am excited to see their reactions. Then for a nice sit down on Living with the Land and Nemo.

September 3rd

Na'Vi River Journey - 09:05
Kilimanjaro Safaris - 10:20
Dinosaur - 11:20 

Another trip to Animal Kingdom. We chose to do Na'Vi River Journey just because we are going with my grandparents who won't do Flight of Passage. Then back to two classics.

September 4th

Toy Story Mania - 09:00
Rock N Roller Coaster - 10:00
Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular - 11:30

Toy Story Mania, similar to the Buzz Lightyear ride, really evokes the competitive side in all of us. We all quite enjoy this ride. Then (mostly for me and my sister again) we have Rock N Roller Coaster. Then the Indiana Jones shows before lunch for a bit of a sit down. 

September 5th

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - 16:00
Space Mountain - 17:00
The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - 18:00

The Mine Train in the evening is great fun and you get some great views around New Fantasyland. Space Mountain is mostly for me and my sister again, we will most likely use everyone else's FastPasses for this. Then we have Winnie the Pooh, which I absolutely love. Brings me right back to my childhood!

September 6th

Test Track - 09:05
Living with the Land - 10:25
Spaceship Earth - 11:25

The basic Epcot goodies for a bit more of a chilled day leading to the end of our holiday. As recommended earlier on, Test Track definitely in the morning. 

September 7th

Seven Dwarfs Mine Train - 10:25
Splash Mountain - 11:25
Pirates of the Caribbean - 12:30

The last full day of our holiday will be spent in Magic Kingdom, savouring the magic for another year. Again with the Mine Train, Splash and Pirates. They are great classics for us so the best way to spend our last day.

So, that is our overall FastPass plans for August 2018. 

The next post will be the overall trip summary, including a breakdown of things we are doing on different days like water parks and outside of Disney. 

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