Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List

Summer is fast approaching - as is the end of my degree, thank god - and I am starting to think about the things I want to do. Unlike last year where I spent every waking second at work, I am taking it slightly easier this year. I have a holiday, a trip to a theme park (or two...), and some day trips planned; plus my obvious trips back down to Plymouth.

I thought there would be nothing better to do to get myself in the mood for summer, and distract (procrastinate) from exam stress than to make a bucket list of the things I want to do this summer.

1. Lose weight
I say this as I am sat here munching my way through a pack of Hula Hoops. I have sort of neglected my body over the last few years and put on rather a lot of weight, so I think this is about the time I sort that out. I plan on going to the gym several times a week, and cutting all the crap *echem, hula hoops* from my diet. 

2. Take more photos
I used to take photos of everything, but as soon as I gave up drinking I sort of stopped. I got myself a new camera at the end of last year (mainly in relation to number 7), so hopefully I can put that to more use this summer.

3. Go on more walks
I really enjoy going on walks, exploring new areas, and slowly getting lost in fields. Unfortunately for me, my dog is rather stubborn and doesn't particularly like to walk very far so I don't have the luxury of taking her on longer walks. Maybe I should borrow someone else's proper dogs?...

4. Smile more
The last 6 or so months have been complete hell, and I have found myself on a daily basis being incredibly miserable. Luckily, I have been able to escape back home for job interviews (although I have been rejected on all of them - more of that in a later post). I may actually post about all that in a later post because I think I could share some pretty good advice. But I am hoping being back home in a happier environment, with people who don't hate me, and be somewhere where I am not actually scared to leave my room. Oh, and also having my dog around will be much better for me.

5. Blog more
I have sort of rejected you guys for a little while because of deadlines, dissertations, and now exams. Now that I don't have any of that rubbish (almost) to deal with, I can spend more time blogging and doing things I want to do! That also may mean more rants - possibly another airport/flying themed one in September!

6. Save some money
I am hoping to move out in the next couple of years, so I am hoping to save a significant amount of money towards that. I also owe my parents a rather large chunk of money because I borrowed some to buy a new car - whoops. But it will be nice to treat myself to some new clothes and treats once I have lost a little weight, too.

7. Vlog in Disney
Yes, you read that right. I am hoping to add a little video element to this blog! Panic not, I shan't be turning into a YouTuber; mainly because I don't really have enough confidence to spend all my time in front of a camera. I am hoping to do more of a series of montage-y videos so that I don't have to bore you with my voice! I am in Disney World and Universal Studios etc. for 2 weeks at the end of August, so look out for those coming out around the middle of September.

8. Drink more coffee...yes, seriously
If you follow me on Instagram (shameless self-plug) you will be all too aware that I drink a lot of coffee. But I want to go for coffee more with friends and family, rather than on my own. 

9. Keep in touch with some university friends
There are a select few friends I will put all my effort in to keeping in touch with. Luckily for me, a few of them live quite close so I can drive/get the train to see them reasonably often. Maybe I could do some awesome stuff with them to vlog/blog about?!

So there we have it, 9 things I really want to do in summer. Knowing me most of these will probably just start in summer rather than be completed...but it's the thought that counts!

Tell me in the comments below what do you want to do this summer?

Thank you for reading, and I will see you next time!


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