Monday, February 16, 2015

The Tea Monologues | A Beach Getaway

Over the weekend I took a little bit of a break from university life and jumped on the train to a little town outside Hayle in Cornwall, called Gwithian. 

After a relaxing first evening (sitting on a train for 2 hours then waiting in the cold for a taxi really takes it out of you), we spent the entirety of Saturday walking - yep, you heard right.

In total I think we walked for about 5 hours, and I now have a huge chunk of skin missing from the back of my foot to prove it.

I took some photos along the way, so here they are.

I am still finding sand in my shoes from walking across these dunes. They look pretty, but they have made my legs ache so bad.

Considering it is the middle of February, and the waves were probably about 10 feet tall, it looks so pretty! My panoramas came out considerably better than any of the other photos - and the sky is so blue!

We spent an hour or so shell hunting - we now have a pretty impressive collection. 


After trekking along the beach, then several miles inland to Hayle to grab some lunch, we walked back along the beach as the sun set; trying to find a spot to get back up to the dunes to walk home.

Turns out the sunset over Carbis Bay and St Ives looks so pretty. Although it doesn't show up in the picture, you could see the lights coming on in the village.

So that was my weekend away!

I feel a lot less stressed about uni work, but I still feel like I need a good few weeks away!

 What sort of places do you like to go to so you can relax?

Where is your favourite holiday destination?

Where is next on your travel bucket list?


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