Wednesday, September 03, 2014

What it's REALLY like going to university

Before you leave you're freaking out, on the way there you're freaking out, and when you finally get there you're still freaking out. It all seems an endless circle of freaking out, calming down, and freaking out again. 

Don't panic.

Moving away to a new city for the first time is an unnerving experience for anyone, especially when you're moving in with a group of people you've never met before, but you have to tolerate for the next year. 

You have these expectations that you never know whether your university will meet, let alone thinking about the fact you have to make a whole new bunch of friends and leave your old ones at home.

Let me tell you now; it's not that bad!

University, although it may be a scary experience at first, will be the best few years of your life. 

You will make lifelong friends in the strangest of situations, do things you never thought you would be doing, slave away over essays, but have some of the best times of you life - even if you don't always remember them all!

Uni is a time to make those silly mistakes, fall hopelessly in love, be completely reckless, and get absolutely trollied as much as you like. 

But at the same time, please remember that it's not all play - you do actually have to do some work! 

University assignments are different from those in A Levels or GCSE's etc. You won't have anyone kicking you up the arse to hand it in on time, no one will be there to tell you what to do, and you won't get constantly pointed in the right direction.

Uni is for establishing your independence and finding out who you are as a person. But it is also about doing a lot of hard work to get to where you want to be in life.

It's not all a walk in the park.

You chose to go to university to get yourself in a good position for a great job in a few years time - well, that's what you're meant to be doing!

The next 3 or so years will be one long slog of hard work, tears, and tantrums; but also of laughs, spontaneous nights out, and perfectly formed friendships.

So if you're panicking about leaving home and moving to go to university, you really shouldn't be!

Live for the moment and enjoy every opportunity that is thrown at you.

Submerge yourself in the university lifestyle, say "yes" to anything that might better you, and manage your time and you will never go wrong!

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