Friday, June 27, 2014

Where do I go from here?

As many of you possibly know, mainly from previous posts, I am having one of those existential crisis moments. I have no idea what career to embark upon when I leave university...which is in a years time *yelp*.

When I graduate in 2015 I will have studied criminology and criminal justice studies for 3 years, which is an extremely long time to stick at something that puts you about £60k in debt and that you have learned to absolutely hate. 

When I first started university I thought it would be a great subject to study, but it fell a close second to my preferred subject of law - something I adored from A Level's but did not think I would get the grades to study. In true form I got considerably more than the required grades to study law but had applied to study criminology so I settled with that.

Over the last two years I have grown very sick of it, and frankly do not wish to have a career in the criminal justice system or any related field. This has now posed a little bit of a problem for me, as I am back to square one; something I thought I had escaped 3 years ago! 

I put logic to this situation and wrote a list of what I enjoy and what I am passionate about. It went a little something like this:

1. Writing
2. My blog
3. Social media
4. The internet
5. Travel

The obvious thing that jumped out to me from all this was that the first and second things on my list essentially combined into one main aspect surrounding writing. 

So where could I go from here?

I thought a career at Google would have been fantastic, then upon further research discovered that there basically isn't an opportunity there for someone graduating with a criminology degree.

I considered other aspects such as Maker Studios - something I have seen from the Shaytards vlogs (take a look if you haven't heard of them, Shay Carl and his family are AMAZING). Yet again I came to a dead end because they recruit talent based on YouTube content - shockingly something I also lack.

Maybe I could go towards a Twitter or Tumblr career? I do not know. The possibilities are endless, I just need help in finding something I completely enjoy doing.

My ideal career would involve travelling and documenting it on my blog, but doing so for a big social media company. Obviously this is such a far-fetched idea that even I am aware it is pretty impossible. But it's worth a shot right?

What would your dream career be if anything were possible? 

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