Thursday, May 29, 2014

Year two roundup and summery update

I have realised that this is my 100th post - yay!

First of all I have to make an apology, and a future apology, for my significant lack of blogging. My hard drive on my laptop corrupted *sniff sniff*, so I am currently in the process of stealing different laptops from my family until I have the money to get a new one. It looks like we may be here for a while as I have decided to get a mac *waves goodbye to money*. I am finding other people's laptops increasingly frustrating to handle because of the weird lack of spacing between keys, so this will be fun.

So what has happened in the last few weeks? Well I have finished my second year of university - finally! It has been a significant amount of ups and downs, some worse than others, but here I am still standing! Exams as per usual were living hell and I was so glad to get a rather large volume of alcohol down my throat at the end of it (and a pretty lush curry and milkshake - interesting combo). I am currently waiting on the results of two exams before I decide how well the year went overall, but now I need to start thinking about next year.

I have the joys of figuring out what I want to write my dissertation on (12,000 words of complete bull most the time). Luckily I have a vague idea of what I want to do, so hopefully that will all come together. I've also got to put together an agenda for events to do throughout the year, so I should probably get on that really...

And I go back to work in two weeks for the remaining duration of the summer, so I wave goodbye to spare time, but hello to a hella lot of money, whoopee! So that means new laptop, money towards my after uni plans, and new clothes! Maybe this calls for a haul post...who knows?....

Tomorrow I am off to Bristol for the day, so I may do a cheeky little post about that considering I get to go to one of my all time favourite places to eat - Za Za Bazaar. If you are ever in the Bristol (or Newcastle area for that fact!) go grab something there, it's sooooo good!

Ok, so what do the next few months mean for Lovelychubly?

I have a great few months lined up for you between now and September. I can promise you that you will get at least one post per week, but mostly two. I am starting a new weekly series with the lovely IsThataRedHerring where we have taken up a fitness challenge as motivation to lose some weight ready for next year. So keep up to date with that via both of our pages, we'll link you to each one so you can see how we are doing. Don't forget to comment with any tips on how to lose weight etc because we're going to need the motivation!

I have also got a Disney tag lined up in the next few weeks thanks to LittleBoots so hopefully that will be up soon.

I am also planning on doing a second part to my 22 fictional deaths I'll never get over. Possibly with a few different posts surrounding that as you lot seem to really enjoy that post! 

Also some suggestions of things that you want to see would be lovely so that I can keep my content up to date! I am thinking of doing some sort of weekly "follow me" style post so you can see what I get up to if I do anything interesting. Unfortunately for me, most of my time will be spent at work so only two days a week will be running around trying to be exciting. So I'll try my best to do cool things!

It's also coming up to my blog's first birthday soon - how time flies, gosh! So I might do some awesome funky post thing. There is a possibility I am going to create a Facebook like page where you can find all my things in one place, so if you like this idea do let me know!

I think that is everything for now. Stay tuned for the next few days to see my first annoying fitness thingy which starts on Monday. So I must wave toodle-oo to all my favourite unhealthy things; wish me luck!

As always thank you for reading, and all my little links are over on the right.

Stay cheery and I shall speak to you next time!

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