Monday, February 24, 2014

A little bit of pixie dust

Something people ask me all the time is why I am so obsessed with all things Disney. So in true style I thought it would be best to do a massive post about why I am so obsessed with Walt Disney World, then probably go on to do something about Disney in general when I have time. I have to admit, the main reason I am writing this now is because I am getting serious withdrawal from it, and have been watching Disney documentaries all day, so I am all hyped up over it...This is going to be a long best grab a cuppa.

For my family Walt Disney World is the main big holiday that we go on - it is very rare that we actually go anywhere else other than the odd trip to Spain every 5 or so years, or my parents will go off on a jaunt in their little caravan (definitely not a holiday for me!). So there has always been that association of Disney with family time away from the real world with no distractions for anything. No phones, no annoying people (unless you count people who simply cannot queue to save their lives - extremely frustrating), and absolutely no internet whatsoever. You might actually be shocked to hear that I thoroughly enjoy 2 or 3 weeks away from civilisation. But I think that this is mainly due to the fact that I am in Disney as when I was taken to Spain last summer I spent the majority of my time attached to either a computer or a cocktail. 

Walt Disney World is known for being the 'happiest place on earth', something I simply have to agree with wholeheartedly. This spans from the anticipation and waiting from the moment we book our holiday, to the moment we get on the plane, to the moment my feet touch Mickey Mouse ground. For my family, our Disney holiday (or vacation!) starts the moment we get on the train to London Gatwick. This may seem weird to some of you who are probably wondering why the hell my holiday starts on a train, but we all take the train to Gatwick (stopping at Reading) and stay overnight in a hotel near the airport. I definitely feel like I am blabbering and have no idea why I am telling you all this, but I have started so may as well finish. It takes between 9 and 10 hours to get to Florida from London so we always end up getting a ridiculously early flight (something like 6am) which means we have to be at the airport for 3am. As someone who cannot sleep until around 3am I think this is a pretty good time to actually have to be awake for, but then I am so excited I don't sleep for about 48 hours before and after anyways. I'll skip the boring bit about the plane where I tell you I watch a million and one movies and complain continuously about the horrendous plane food, and then bask in the amazingness that is that huge wall of heat that hits you as soon as you walk out of the airport and in to the beautiful Florida sun. We stay in Disney's Port Orleans French Quarter Resort near Downtown Disney which is unbelievably awesome, and a boat ride away from the cool Downtown Disney area. Ok I am literally going to skip all this shit and go straight to the good part.

The main reason I am completely obsessed with Disney World is because of the Magic Kingdom. This really is where dreams come true. You walk down Mainstreet USA to be confronted by the most amazing sight of Cinderella's Castle - the main hub of everything perfect. I think it is just that one moment when you see the castle and you realise where you are - everything else, every worry, every little niggling thought slowly melts away and you just completely forget about absolutely everything. I seriously envy anyone who is going to Disney for the first time, because that is the best experience of any Disney park, and a memory that will stick with you forever. I do also love the fact that the park is split into several different themed lands; Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, New Fantasyland, Tomorrowland, and Liberty Square. I, of course, have my favourite attractions in Magic Kingdom, as does anyone else you might ask. I am yet to visit New Fantasyland, so all my favourite attractions are before this was built - although I can promise that I have a feeling I will be adding to this list on my next visit. I feel like I need to go there right now to just de-stress. Many people view it as a stressful holiday as you're up everyday around 7.30am, then out until at least midnight for a solid few weeks but I absolutely love it and would have it no other way than to be wandering around all day bathing in Disney magic. 

The fact that Disney World has something to offer absolutely everyone, no matter what age you are, sort of makes it not only appeal to everyone, but mean that I can go until the day I die. The different parks are all themed to different things, and all carry something a little different. Magic Kingdom is obviously where you find most your classic fantasy rides, Epcot is the home of a more futuristic style of ride, along with World Showcase, Animal Kingdom houses many different animal attractions, Hollywood Studios is home of all the big movies, and the two different water parks, Typhoon Lagoon and Blizzard Beach, offer two completely different styles of attractions. Also Downtown Disney offers many different shops, eating places, and many many more things - especially DisneyQuest which is an indoor interactive theme park. I am also going to add in here that the food is out of this world, and no one can make pancakes like Disney World. Oh and pretzels. I bloody love their pretzels.

Disney World is the one place in the entire world where nothing else matters, and I can live out my childhood dreams through every single part of the parks whether it be through attempting to pull King Arthur's sword from the stone, or exploring the different cars at the exit of Test Track. Every time I have been to Disney I have found something I didn't quite see before, and the constant updating of the parks means that there is something new every time. Especially with the development of New Fantasyland and the Animal Kingdom Avatar expansion - both things I will be able to see on my next visit. Don't let anyone ever tell you that you're too old for Disney, because that is just rubbish.

In Magic Kingdom, Mickey's PhilharMagic has to be one of my all time favourite attraction currently at Magic Kingdom as it's a showcase of all your favourite classic Disney characters. Although Pirates of the Caribbean has to be such a close second for me, yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me! Followed by the trio of mountains; Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, and Space Mountain

In Epcot, Spaceship Earth definitely holds a place in my heart as my favourite attraction. Obviously The Seas With Nemo and Friends takes major priority in feeding my Nemo obsession. There are also two more attractions that I cannot get enough of in Epcot, and they are Test Track and Journey Into Imagination With Figment - two rides at complete opposite ends of the spectrum, but both brilliant all the same.

Animal Kingdom is where things get interesting with a large collection of attractions and shows. My number one must do is Finding Nemo: The Musical which boasts some of the best numbers in Disney World. Although, a close second and third has to be Expedition Everest and Kilimanjaro Safaris. Both unforgettable experiences whether you're hunting yetis, or on a savanna safari. One last awesome thrill in Animal Kingdom is Kali River Rapids...but you will get unbelievably drenched so get your ponchos out!

Last but by no means least is Hollywood Studios where I have several awesome attractions that you must try out. The first takes you on an adventure through almost every movie you could think of, but just watch out the corner of your eye for something mysterious going on - The Great Movie Ride. The next two are awesome attractions full of action, adventure, and lots of fire - Lights, Motors Action Extreme Stunt Show and Studio Backlot Tour. The final of my favourite attractions involves those cute little Muppets in Muppet*Vision 3D.

I have a feeling I should stop blabbering about Disney now because this could get out of hand. 

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This was in no way sponsored by Walt Disney World Resort Florida or the Walt Disney Cooperation, and all opinions are of my own.

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