Saturday, October 19, 2013

Things uni has taught me

So it occurred to me the other day whilst I was sat on the sofa when I probably should have been doing something, that I learned a lot at university last year. I mean, not just educationally related to my course, but also life lessons and other random bits and bobs. 

For any of you who haven't been to university, or aren't old enough yet, then take note. I guarantee you that these little life lessons will become very valuable to you in the future!

#1 - Drinking on a Monday night is perfectly acceptable
Not only is it acceptable, but it is actively encouraged!

#2 - All night library sessions will become second nature
Always a great way to finish that essay due in the morning.

#3 - 40% is the new 80%
I shit you not, if I get anything over 40% I am one happy bunny.

#4 - You can drink in celebration or commiseration 
Passed your exams? Drink! Failed your exams? Drink!

#5 - Missing a lecture is acceptable as long as your best friend does too
I mean, if you miss out then they should too, right?

#6 - You can make any meal with baked beans
They go with everything....literally everything.

#7 - Getting hammered on a tenner is acceptable
Who needs expensive drinks anyway?

#8 - Cheese makes everything taste better
Or you can just eat cheese. Either way.

#9 - Fancy dress is not just for kids
I guarantee you will see at least one group of fancy dress per night out.

#10 - Spending multiple days on the sofa is OK
This is something I actively encourage to be fair.

#11 - Going out in a onesie is encouraged
Uni essentials: ridiculous onesie.

#12 - Flirting with someone to get a free drink is OK
This may or may not be the best tactic to get a free drink.

#13 - Kitchen roll is multi-purpose
Clean the kitchen, clean your room, wear it, sell it, anything.

#14 - Kitchen essentials will sprout legs
The sooner you can accept that your cutlery will grow legs and run away, the better.

#15 - 9am lectures are a myth...right?
What's 9am?

#16 - New procrastination methods will be learned
From watching an entire series of new TV, to tidying the house.

#17 - There is always that one housemate...
There will always be one that you won't get on with all the time.

#18 - Freshers Flu is a given
You will get it. It is unavoidable.

#19 - If you even ask if you should go out, you will always go out
As soon as you question it, you know it will happen. It takes like 5 seconds to decide.

#20 - Drinking to cure a hangover works
I shit you not, this is the best cure.

#21 - First year counts as nout
Get 40% and drink the year away.

#22 - Although actively discouraged, Wikipedia is good background info
Your lecturers will hate it, everyone else will love it.

#23 - Always have a back-up deck of cards
You will lose some to alcohol poisoning.

#24 - Having money is a thing of the past
Watch your money walk out your bank account.

#25 - Food several days past the sell by date is still edible
If it isn't moudly, it is fine.

#26 - Anything can be made in to a drinking game
Films, TV shows, will learn.

#27 - Mixing strong drinks is a spectacularly bad idea
Yet we all still do it every time.

#28 - Wine is a great pre-drink
Gets you hammered in half the time!

#29 - Cheap alcohol will become your best friend
Just get used to it.

#30 - Having breakfast at 1am is acceptable
Don't question it, just do it.

#31 - Learning how to sleep on demand should be on your CV
This is something I am very proud of.

#32 - At least one trip to A&E a year is average
Drunken injuries....

#33 - "I'm never drinking again" is a common phrase you will use several times a week
Even though you know that you will be drinking again...probably the same day.

So as you can see I have learned a hell of a lot...

Just remember if you are going to drink a lot, at least get 40% to pass your year! Remember: work hard, party harder. 

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Speak to you next time!


Please drink responsibly.

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