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Makeup overload - beauty haul

Hello there, buddies!

Well I apologise that I haven't been very active recently. I had several posts planned for today, but I badly burned my hand yesterday at work and was confined to sitting still and not moving it so blogging was off the cards. I am managing a little better today but it is still very painful - it took over 24 hours for it to finally stop burning through my hand, so that was fun. But I am here now and on the mend!

Anyways, today I went shopping after I came in to a little bit of money the other day so I thought I should treat myself to some makeup considering I haven't really got myself anything in over a year. So I spent £60. Yep, £60. 

I thought it would be nice for me to share my purchases with you guys as some of them I would seriously recommend to you! I am taking inspiration from Tanya Burr and Sprinkelofglitter for this one, so go check out their blogs and YouTube channels to see more of them!

I literally went to three stores - Boots, Superdrug and Body Care (a small cheap shop for beauty products). I dislike shopping so like to get in to town, then get out ASAP.

Some of these products are normal bog-standard brands, but then I treated myself and got a couple of high-end bits, too!

First of all we shall start with Body Care, I think. I went in to this shop looking simply for some new brushes as several of mine have basically died over the last few days. But I came out £15 down.

The first thing I got was a new set of eyelash curlers. Mine fell apart on me this morning *sniff sniff* so I was in dire need of some new ones. This is the one problem with having really long eyelashes is that if they don't get curled, they'll end up in your eyes like mine do. So I have no choice but to use them! These were the best ones that I found, and they are quite cheap so definitely affordable for any of you guys with no money! I saw some in Boots that ranged from £5 to £15, but I don't need crazy expensive ones, so I went for these.
Technic eyelash curlers, £1.25

Next I got some new hairspray! I haven't used hairspray for years really, but it is always nice to have some. Especially when I go back down to university and am out all the time - it would be nice to have good looking hair at the end of the night, too! This hairspray claims to hold for 24 hours which is exactly what I needed. I haven't used this one before as I tend to just buy a cheap one in the hope it will work, so fingers crossed!
Schwarzkopf got2be happy hour hairspray, £2.79

I picked up one of these mini powder brush things just so that I can quickly chuck some powder on my face before I pop out so I can keep my foundation in place! It was really cheap as I don't need a proper brush for this so was definitely a good find.
Body collection dumpy brush, £1.09

I have been after some salt spray for ages so took the chance to grab this one! Salt spray is good for hair to get that beach waves sort of thing - which is a look I love - and my hair doesn't curl very well with straighteners or curlers, so I am going to give this a go and see how it ends up. This is only a cheap one, too. 

Derma V10 salt spray, £1.49

The last things I got in Body Care were my trusty two favourite products in the entire world - I literally struggle to live without these two. They are makeup remover and moisturiser by Simple. Their products are amazing so if you don't use them you definitely should. They are perfect for sensitive skin, which I don't have but their products leave my skin almost perfect at the end. Definitely give these a go if you don't already and I can pretty much promise you that you will love them.

Simple eye makeup remover, £2.19

Simple hydrating light moisturiser, £2.19

After this I headed on over to Boots. For all of you who live outside the UK, boots is the typical drugstore style shop in the UK and has pretty much anything in it. 

The first thing I got was this mascara by 17. This is a brand by Boots and is generally really good! My last mascara was by 17 and I loved it. The brushes are really good too. I don't like those plastic ones, but this one has a normal wand on it which is really good. They also last a long time and don't dry up, so go check them out.

17 blow out volumising mascara, £6.29

I then picked up this lipstick by Kate Moss spring collection for Rimmel. This one is in the shade 16 (not sure it has a name...). I absolutely love it! It is a pinky colour which looks gorgeous on and really goes well with my skin tone, I think. It comes in 4 other shades which you can see by clicking on the link above. The Kate Moss lipsticks are all lush, and go on really well too. They aren't like other lipsticks which can get really sticky and not as nice when you put them on, but this glides on well.

Kate Moss lipstick, £5.49

I also needed some new foundation, and the likes of Tanya Burr and Zoella always seem to be recommending the Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation. So I took advice from the pros and got some! I am yet to try this but I got it in the shade Soft Beige and it matches by skin tone almost perfectly (I have a weird skin tone and never seem to get a foundation that matches it). I am very trusting of Rimmel, and would love to buy the whole collection, so I am thinking it will be good!

Rimmel wake me up foundation, £8.99

This is where I went slightly nuts and made a major makeup purchase. As a rule I don't buy high-end stuff as it is far too expensive for my budget, but today I made an exception. I spent about 40 minutes hunting for a highlighter as I stole my mum's one recently. It would appear that no one in Boots sells one - I know NARS does one but I couldn't find a NARS stand anywhere. I then looked at Benefit which has a sort of highlighter-style thing, but then came across this one by Too Faced. They are quite an expensive brand, but I had to. The beads in it blend together so well to create such a nice colour.

Too Faced sweetheart beads glow powder, £26.

Finally, I went to Superdrug which is like Boots for all of my non-UK readers!

The first thing I picked up was this eye shadow palette by Beauty UK. This one caught my eye because I love the natural colours in it (this is in Eden) and the fact that some of them are in a matt finish, whereas others are shimmery. They are quite cheap, too, and brand new out! Take a look at the various colours they have!
Beauty UK posh palette, £5.99

Then I picked up my trusty powder that I use to set my foundation. This one is by Collection and is a budget makeup brand, but the quality is still really good. Every girl should have some of their products in their handbag. Not sure what shade this is in, but it blends well with my foundation!
Collection pressed powder, £1.99

I also picked up this concealer by Makeup Academy. It has several different shades in it so I can make the perfect shade for my skin tone! Also I have quite dark circles under my eyes so the lighter colour can cover those up so easily. This comes in several different shades, too, so you can get them to match your skin colour! 

Makeup Academy concealer palette, £3.50

The final thing I picked up was also from Makeup Academy and is this new gel liner! I have always used a liquid one, so I am quite looking forward to trying this gel one. They have had some good reviews so I can't wait to give it a go!

Makeup Academy gel liner, £3.00

 So that is everything I picked up today on my little shopping trip. I am now back to having no money.

If you can recommend any other products that you use and think I might like, then leave them in the comments below as I am always looking to expand my makeup bag!

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As always, thank you for reading and I will see you tomorrow!


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