Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Life advice

Hello there, buddies.

Well I was thinking about what sort of thing to write today and I got slightly distracted by pondering you do. Then I thought maybe I could make my ponderings into something on here. So that is exactly what I am going to do!

I thought that it might be fun, and good to read for you guys if I take some things I think and chuck them on to you. Sort of like an advice column...but in one place. 

After chatting to the lovely Sam about this post, it was suggested that I make this a sort of weekly segment. I don't know about you, but I quite like this idea. So, next week I will be doing an advice post on relationships. As this is a blog based on you guys, I want you to send me in questions or things you want advice on. You can do this either by Tweeting me @LovelyChubly or commenting on this post. I will use every question, and include some of my own advice snippets, so get them in! The closing date for that will be Friday September 6 at midnight so get your questions in by then!

Anyways, ramble over.

As always I will just rant and ramble and hope it ends up in one block that makes sense.

DISCLAIMER: everything in the following is of the opinion of the author and is under no circumstance applicable to every reader.

Here we go!

Things always get better
I know this is something that people say all the time, but it is seriously true. You have to remember that no matter how low you feel, there is always time for things to get better. Nothing is instant, and most the time you have to work at it yourself, but things will always be brighter at the end of it. I can pretty much guarantee that you either tutted at me or rolled your eyes at this first one. If you are then I can probably also say you have never been in the position where you are just rock you are one lucky person. Just always remember to keep strong and chin up. Improving things can only be done if you want them to happen, so doing anything can literally help that. Anything from writing (like I do) to taking up a new hobby could make you feel ten times better in minutes. Give it a try - what have you got to lose?

Don't be a fucking idiot
This sounds harsh, I know. But sometimes you think something might be a good idea then you look back several years later and the whole "what the fuck was I thinking?" thing comes up. Well here is a secret life hint from me to you: don't be fucking stupid, moron. I wish someone told me that like 4 years ago, so you might thank me for this in a few years. There are some things in life that you will just thing "yes" straight away, well just think before you do something.

Appreciate what you have when it's there
This can apply from anything from material things to people. Nothing last forever, no matter what you think - it really doesn't. You never want to look back on something and think "why the fuck did I not treat them/it better". Material things, and especially people, should be appreciated for what they are. Time flies by and sometimes some things can be over before they have even really started, so don't be an asshole. 

Listen to yourself
Most people will tell you to listen to your heart, but I am saying your heart is an asshole, so don't do that. Listen to your instincts, and always go with the things you think of. Go full pelt in to something, if it doesn't work then hey ho. My thoughts are: if you decide something else, then you clearly didn't want the first thing at all. If you are making decisions then use this tip: flip a coin - you will be able to see what you want that way. I am not being vague, that is literally how it works. Only you can know what you truly want - don't listen to anyone else because they are probably idiots. Sorry.

Embrace every new opportunity
I think this is just a given really. Just learn to say "yes" more. As someone who doesn't like to move from her comfort zone much, I can tell you that you will probably regret not saying yes to things. I am not talking stupid and illegal things, I am saying things that you wouldn't get offered normally. An example of this for me is this blog you are reading. I was terrified of starting this and it is so out of my comfort zone to write my thoughts down for people to see. But I did it, and now look! But then again I have you guys to thank for that, not myself. Basically, don't turn down things that could really help you out.

Don't be afraid
This links in with the point above - don't be scared to do different things, and just don't be afraid of life in general. There isn't a lot of time to be scared in life. You don't get anywhere in life by being scared.

Be cheeky
I think I am slightly labelled as cheeky by my friends, but you don't get anything without being a little bit cheeky! This stands for anything I guess from people to little things like writing and whatnot. I am just cheeky in general, so be a little bit cheeky - it might get you somewhere.

Stand up for yourself
Don't get someone else dictate to you about something you believe in. If you think you are right, or you really believe in something, don't let people tell you that you should think or do something else. I get told all the time that I shouldn't be a writer or even have a blog, and yeah it gets me down for a while, then I think "fuck them" and get straight back to it. If you love doing something then screw what everyone else thinks! 

Save money
As someone who is quite bad at saving money, try and find something to save for and go from there. I am currently saving up to go travelling in Australia, so I am generally quite good at it. I wish I had saved more money from my old job, but I didn't because I am stupid. So this is probably the most important snippet in my entire post, and you should really listen to me here, folks! Money does make the world go round, and you can't do anything without it. 

Do something
Do something with your life. Don't just sit around and think that things will get handed to you, because they don't. To be honest, it doesn't even matter what it is - whether you start a blog, do some arty stuff or even something else, just do something. You never know where it could end you up.

Be confident
I feel like a bit of a hypocrite telling you this as I am not exactly a confident person myself, but in the last few years I think I have got slightly better. Being confident is quite a good trait to have, I think. This is all about being confident in yourself and then other people can see it. I am ten times more confident in myself than I ever was, I think I just came out my shell a bit after a long time of feeling shit about myself. So just tell yourself little things and soon enough you will feel better.

Don't be cocky
This goes hand in hand with being confident - don't get overconfident and get cocky. It is just unattractive and unappealing.

Don't be a doormat
I am guilty of doing this sometimes, but don't let people walk all over you. This works with the stand up for yourself thing. Stick to your morals, don't give in to peer pressure, and stay true to yourself.

Use common sense
I think this is self explanatory?

Don't over-think things
Like your heart, your brain is also an asshole. You can tend to ponder on things for long periods of time (like I do) then you can be all like "what the fuck" about something that seemed perfectly normal and fine 10 minutes ago. Try not to do this because otherwise life will just get so overly complicated and then you'll panic about everything and trust no one. Which sucks.

Accept advice
This is still something I am learning to do. But take advice from people who know better than you, and accept what people have to say.

Listen in school
This is something I continuously tell everyone I know who is still in compulsory education - I would be nowhere if I didn't get good grades at school. You might not think it is "cool" to be smart (if you think this then you are just fucking ridiculous) but it seriously is. I cannot have a conversation with someone who thinks they are above education. In an economy like this one, you need the best grades you can to get a job - so don't fuck your education up.

Not everyone is going to like you
You can't please everyone in life, and some people are just going to be bitchy. You will probably encounter some serious asshole in life, so remember to not get pissed off or upset by them if they give you shit. Chances are you are a million times better than them in the first place.

Don't try to understand people
This I think is another given that people are just ridiculously confusing? Do any of you think this, too? Maybe it is just me. But my ultimate life tip is to not try to understand everything about everyone because you could probably turn this in to some big mathematical theory and then just go crazy doing it.

You can't be good at everything
As a bit of a perfectionist, I sort of find this a bit of a daily struggle. Something I am trying to come to terms with is that there is no way I can be good at everything. This was more in school where I was really good at English and whatnot, but pretty shit at maths. So if you can learn to accept that there will be some things you will need help or extra work with then you probably will be a much better person than I am.

Don't be afraid to ask for help
I am bad at this. But if you take one thing from this post then take this - asking for help doesn't make you weak! This can literally be about anything. It will probably help you out more than just struggling on your own.

Ok so I am going to stop because this is probably not what any of you want to read.

Please remember that these things are taken from aspects of my life, or of the lives of the people around me. They may not apply to you so don't go nuts at me!

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As always thank you for reading, and I shall see your lovely faces tomorrow!


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