Saturday, July 06, 2013

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day Six: July 6 - National Fried Chicken Day


Isn't today the BEST holiday in the entire world?! National Fried Chicken Day!!

Can you not think of a better excuse to grab a massive KFC? Definitely craving one right now.

Fried chicken is really big pretty much all over the world, especially in America. Millions of fried chicken outlets are dotted around the globe, all there for you to enjoy.

National Fried Chicken Day is no better excuse to eat fried chicken for breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper, snack, midnight snack....all day?

Again, no record of the origin or creator. Also no record of it ever being 'National@, but I say go with it!

My challenge to you today is to send me your pictures of your friend chicken to @LovelyChubly #CluckingBrilliant. Laughing quite badly at that hashtag at the moment.....I want to see all your friend chicken awesomeness! You can also post in the comments below all about your fried chicken adventures! 

I have to say, fried chicken is the best cure for a hangover. There is a good tip for all you students out there. 

But the chicken isn't just the most important part of the meal, is it? You HAVE to have the ultimate side chips and gravy....and sweet corn. Oh my, I am hungry now.\

I am going to leave this here before I end up eating my fingers off!


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